A short poem about truth.
As I peel back the layers of uncertainty and trepidation,
My heart lies still,
I realize I was searching for a meaning without flaws,
An untested explanation, an unclear vision,
Followed by a lukewarm decision.

Honest words deserve gratitude in obscene amounts,
Separating those insane random thoughts from a perfect account;
I mean a perfect description of what things are or what they will be.

You know stuff that makes sense,
Like you in an engaging conversation,
Exchanging information without any false pretense.

This is an effortless try,
An understanding much more deeper than,
Who, when, and why would you compartmentalize your truth,
The understanding from within that makes you.

A trace amount of sincerity infused with losses innuendo,
Or an intricately woven story over a smooth instrumental,
It’s all the same energy turned into unapologetic action,
Unadulterated passion for truth.
Published: 5/30/2018
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