Complete Silence

You know,
By the sentimental value of how our lips act,
Saying goodbye,
Till our lips speak in words of complete silence.

The feeling of your control,
Embracing the inner part of my lips,
Till the sensitive touch of your index and middle finger
Gracefully across my face.

Don't leave me in wanting more.
Don't just complete the partial goodbye,
Fix what's already broken.
Save that one tear before it happens,
Don't let it drain me sore.
Don't let the course take over my body.

From this moment,
Just heal what hurts,
Glancing in your eyes,
Hopping for an inner power,
To explore in me,
Where even you seem like the supernatural.

As we meet again,
Waking up to the next morning.
Arms surround me,
As he grasps my lower back.
Closer and closer,
Laying on top.
The pulsing repeating of my heart
Suddenly comes to an ease.
As he finished,
He whispers.

"Perfection is in the eyes of my beauty,
Living everyday,
Creating moments that makes us stronger,
I can't tell you my description of my love for you,
You can already feel inside."
Published: 10/7/2011
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