Completely Lost Without You - Prologue and Chapter 1

This is my new story... based on a true story!! It's true but I added some twists in it. Hope you all like it!

Life isn't always fair. Especially not in my house. I'm a fifteen-year-old girl who lives in Miami and only depends on her mom, dad, and older sister. The rest of my family lives in Venezuela. In my house there are rules. Like one rule... that I'm not allowed to date until I'm sixteen. Do I follow that rule? Nope.


Chapter 1

First day of high school. As we roll up to the entrance of Reef High School, I'm amazed that I even got accepted to that school. It's one of the best schools in Miami. But I got in because of my sister who is now a senior. The day starts off good. I see all my friends from middle school and we all scream with excitement. We hug and laugh and share stories blah, blah, blah. The usual. Time go by faster in first three classes. I also meet a few people. The hallways are a complete and utter hell. They are just terrible. I bump my shoulder against others and get pushed. But hey, I guess that's the high school life, right?

Finally it's lunch time. I meet all my friends by the Barracuda and we sit on a bench in the courtyard. I stand up and look around to see if I can find my best friend but she's nowhere to be found.

"Omg, there he is!"
"Thomas, the hottest freshman."
"Lol, the hottest? where is he?"
"Stephanie, he's right there." She points toward his direction and our eyes meet. His eyes are so dark and mysterious. She wasn't kidding, he definitely is hot... He's gorgeous.
"Valentina, he's not that hot. Calm your hormones." I just said the biggest lie.
"Stephanie, what is wrong with you?"
"Nothing? I just don't find him attractive." I look away and start talking to Emily. The bell rings and I turn around and catch him staring. I stare back and walk away. He's going to be mine soon.
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Published: 10/28/2013
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