Complicated Love - Chapter 11

Hotel shenanigans! The four of them get settled in the hotel, of course, Cam and Izzy fire up a dispute! It wouldn't be a Complicated Love without their fights, haha! Read on to find out more from Chapter 11!
"You've got to be kidding," I said and looked at Grayson with an angry expression.

"Izzy, please just work with me here!" He begged as we walked around the corner away from the front lobby where we left Brittney and Cameron.

"You're such a pig!" I told him off and smacked his arm. Grayson was pleading for me to share a room with Cam, so that he could share a room with Brittney, so he could you know... have fun. Ugh, boys are pigs.

"Just help me out! Come on, you know I'd help you out if I were you!"

"No, you wouldn't! Are you seriously saying that to me?! You'd never do that!"

Grayson chucked and rolled his eyes, "Alright, you're right, I guess I wouldn't..."

"Exactly! Why do I have to suffer just so you can get laid?"

"Suffer!? Oh come on Izzy, it's so obvious that you and Cam have something going on, I'm not stupid! You shouldn't mind sharing a room with him.... I mean you already did last night!"

"Last night was different...." I mumbled and shook my head at him, "and we do not have something going on!"

"Don't deny it," he smirked at me, "you're lucky I haven't killed Cam by now. All he does is touch you! If he's not grabbing your hand, he's grabbing your butt. Whenever you're in a room together, Cam's right next to you, you two are like magnets."

I couldn't believe Grayson had noticed all that. It really made me wonder, were Cam and I an item? Or something close to that? We never talked about it, I was just so used to him all over me that I never assumed anything. Isn't Cam like that with all his girls though?

He grabbed my shoulders and looked me in the eye, "Please do this for me, I'll do your chores for a month."

I tapped my chin and sighed, "Three months."

"Izzy!" He groaned in annoyance.

"Three months!"




"Ladies first," Cam said with a smirk as he opened the door to our room.

I stepped inside and wow. It was a gorgeous room! Straight away I saw a big king sized bed with lots of fluffy pillows and crisp white sheets. There was a living room area just across from the bed with a big couch and a gorgeous glass coffee table. There was a desk and a little fridge for food, but the best part was the view! I walked over to the balcony and stepped outside onto the deck. We had a great view of the city! It was breathtakingly beautiful!

"Cam! Come look how pretty it is!"

"Nah, I'm alright," he said and jumped on the bed.

"What?! Come look! Seriously! It's so gorgeous!"

"I'm good here babe," he snickered, "I've got the best view of your ass from here."

I spun around to stare at him with my mouth open, "What did you just say?"

He laughed loudly and I ran over to him and started to smack his arm over and over again. How rude of him! He laughed even louder and pulled me down onto the bed too. Soon he had me on top of him and his hands were on my waist. Cam smirked at me, ugh that famous smirk of his. He eyed me and gave my ass a small squeeze while replying innocently, "I said nothing about your amazing bum!"

I glared at him and pulled myself off him and sat next to him, "You're just another pig! First Gray is a pig and now you!" I rolled my eyes, "you know else is a pig? Chris."

I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted at Cam. He sat up next to me and suddenly his smirk was gone and replaced with a frown.

"Hey, I'm nothing like that guy," he said angrily, "don't ever compare me to that piece of scum!"

He was just angry because he really was a pig, it was the truth. I climbed off the bed to get away from him, he always lost his temper so easily, and that made me angry. "Well, you are a pig! You're a pig just like him! Don't you remember when you just about did the same to me at the party?!"

He looked at me quite shocked, and he seemed to get a lot more angry. He started to yell, "I would NEVER do anything like that to you! Yeah, I fucked up that night, but I wouldn't ever do this to you!" He grabbed the hem of my shirt and lifted it up to reveal the big bruises on my stomach.

As soon as my shirt lifted, I smacked his hand off and pulled the hem back down and yelled at him, "Don't touch me Cam!"

"Geez Angel don't be so bitchy!" He yelled back at me. Bitchy? Pft, he was just being a dick. He was just so disrespectful! He can't go around and talk about my bum and then go ahead and squeeze it like it's no big deal! I didn't like it.

I was angry, so I left the room, slamming the door in his face. After Grayson forced me to share a room with Cam, of course, Cam turns into a dick again. This was Grayson's fault, if only he and Cam shared a room. I mean, I really do hate Brittney, but right now I'd rather have her talking non-stop about clothes and shoes than fight with Cameron.

I walked over to their room and pounded on the door, "GRAYSON! OPEN UP!"

Cam wasn't far behind me. He ran over to me and kept trying to get me to come back to the room, but I didn't want to, so I kept banging on the door until Grayson opened the door. He opened the door just a little and popped out, shutting the door behind him, as if he was hiding something... or someone. Brittney. They were probably fooling around; I mean Grayson's hair was all over the place and his shirt looked as if it had been thrown on quickly.

"What the hell is going on?" He questioned, looking at the two of us.

"He's being a pig and staring at my ass! Then he grabbed it! He's always so disrespectful and rude!" I whined and pointed at Cam.

Cam sighed heavily and shook his head, "She's overreacting! She compared me to that fucker Chris! I'm nothing like him!"

"Holy shit you guys," Grayson groans and spits out quickly, "you two fight over the same fucking thing every time! Izzy, you know he's a perverted tool, you should be used to his idiocy by now! Cam, ease up on my little sister, stop touching her ass! Now leave! Brit and I will see you for dinner!"

And just like that he went back in his room and shut the door in our faces. I stood there staring at Cam and Cam stood there staring at me. We were both pretty hot headed, so we frowned at each other for a good minute before I walked back to our room and locked myself in our bathroom.

Sure, I was being childish by locking myself up, but Cam was just so annoying. He couldn't go one second without saying something inappropriate! We had been doing so well all day together and he had to ruin it.

So I sat in the bathroom, actually I sat in the bathtub, it was much comfier than the toilet. I sat in there silently until I heard him come into our room. He was mumbling something, I think he was looking for me. When he realized, I had locked the bathroom door, he sighed heavily and walked off.

I started to hum the tune of the High School Musical song that I was going to audition with when I heard a big thump from outside the bathroom. It sounded like Cam had situated himself on the floor right outside the door. All of a sudden I heard singing...

"Living in my own world, didn't understand."

What the hell??

"That anything can happen. When you take a chance."

"Cam?" I said through the door, I was absolutely confused with what was going on.

He interrupted me, "It's your turn! Come on, sing with me."


"Just sing!"

I smiled a little and shook my head, what the heck was happening? Cam was singing? How did he even know the words? It was cute either way though... I cleared my throat before taking the next line, "I never believed in what I couldn't see. I never opened my heart to all the possibilities, oooh."

And together we sang. "I know that something has changed, never felt this way, and right here tonight this could be the start of something new! It feels so right to be here with you ohh! And now looking in your eyes, I feel in my heart the start of something newwwwww!"

"Ooooh yeahhh!" Cam belted and both of us were laughing by now. Cam wasn't the best singer in the world, but I started to applaud anyway, for the effort.

Once our laughs had died down a bit, I saw a little piece of paper slip under the door. I got out of the tub to grab it and a pen rolled through to my side.

'I'm sorry, I'm a dick.' Was scribbled on the paper with a little frowny face.

I sighed softly, the gesture was really cute. He sat here and sang with me and now this little note. Surely I had to forgive him, we were going to be spending a lot of time together this weekend, so I guess, it was best that we were on good terms.

Maybe I was overreacting.. Maybe I was being bitchy. I hated admitting it but he just got me so angry sometimes that I just lashed out at him. It was easy to be mad at him, so I took advantage of it.

I grabbed the pen and wrote back, 'I'm sorry, I'm a bitch.'

After I sled the paper out, he spoke softly, "Open up Princess."

I unlocked the door and popped my head out to find Cam leaning against the wall.

"We suck a being friends," he said with a laugh.

"You suck at being friends," I said and pointed my finger at his chest.

"You're right, I can't keep my hands off you," he smirked and put his arm around me, pulling me close to his side.

I leaned my head on his shoulder, "I'm sorry, I overreacted..."

"No babe, I shouldn't have said that..."

"You really shouldn't have." I nodded my head then smiled, "but it's okay, I should be used to your comments by now."

"You really should," he smirked and chuckled. He looked at me and spoke again, "But hey, like in the song... maybe there's the something new here..."

Did he just say that? No way. Is this happening? Okay Izzy, relax! It's just Cam, he's also a player, remember?

"I don't know Cam..."

"What? Really? You don't think so?" He sounded a little hurt, but tried to blow it off.

"It's just that I'm not one of those girls..."

"Those girls...?"

"... Who just fools around with someone... you know... casually."

He looked at me a chuckled softly, "I know, that's why I like you."

He likes me?
"You like me?"

"Mhmm," he said softly and pressed his lips to the side of my head, "you're my girl, you always have been. You just keep denying this thing." He pointed to him and then me, "Say no, all you want, but we both know that there's something here."

"Cam... I..."

In a split second, Cam's face moved lower and he kissed my cheek. I felt my cheeks flush up and he smiled, "You're so cute when you blush."

"I'm not blushing," I shook my head and put my hands on my cheeks.

"Yeah you are!" He laughed and poked my sides.

"Cut it out!" I squirmed as he tickled me and I pouted at him.

"God Angel, don't pout like that. It's so hot, you drive me crazy," he laughed softly. He had definitely used that line on me many times before. I giggled and rolled my eyes at him, he annoyed the hell out of me but there was something about him that I couldn't get mad at.

"Oh stop," I laughed and pulled myself up off the ground. I held my hands out to help him up, "Come on, we should get ready for dinner."


Brittney had chosen Anton's for dinner. It was a really nice restaurant that was a little more fancy than anything I've ever been to. She told me to wear something nice, so I put on my black jeans, a beige blouse and borrowed her wedges to dress everything up a little. She also let me borrow her big necklace, it had black jewels and pretty sparkles, it was quite the statement. After she made sure I was all dressed up nicely, she curled my hair, which looked really pretty I had to admit. I had no idea why Brittney was being so nice to me, usually she was snarling at me and shooting me crazy glares. It was a nice change though, so I thought, I'd better enjoy it while I can.

I was putting on some makeup back in my room when Cam walked out of the bathroom from his shower. He had the towel wrapped around his waist and that was it. While putting on my lipstick, I couldn't help, but stare at him through the mirror. Dannnnng he was looking good. He was muscular, but not in a gross way. And his hair was all wet and sexy. Sexy? Oh God Izzy, you did now just think that. No, I totally did. He looked pretty dang sexy.

"Like what you see Angel?" He called over to me and through the mirror we made eye contact. Of course, he was smirking at me. Ugh. I thought, I was being discrete!

I blushed but to cover it up I shrugged, "You're alright."

"Alright? Oh come on," he chuckled. He could totally see through me, he knew, I liked what I saw, he just knew. "You're just as into me as I'm into you."

He winked at me and I shook my head at him, "Sure Cam, whatever helps you sleep at night."

"Sleeping next to you would be a big help," he smirked and pulled on a nice shirt, "You're gonna let me sleep with you tonight right?"

"No way!"

"But last night," he smiled at me, "You sure slept soundly cuddled up next to me."

"I was only cuddling you because I was scared," I told him softly and bit my lip. I was embarrassed, I was such a mess last night.

"Maybe," he laughed and came over to me once he was dressed. He put his arms around my shoulders and leaned on me, "Wow, you look gorgeous."

I elbowed his side and rolled my eyes, "Shut up Cameron."

"Why? I can't tell my girl how beautiful she is? Is that really a crime?"

"I'm not your girl," I said, although it wasn't as solid as I had said it in the past. Before I'd basically spit it at him, but tonight I was like I said it out of habit but I don't think I really meant it. Did I want to be his girl? Maybe... Yes... No! ... Maybe.

"You keep telling yourself that babe," he smirked and grabbed my hand to pull me out of the door, "Come on, we'll be late."

We walked into the elevator and I let go of his hand, so I could press the lobby button. The elevator moved down one floor, but stopped and opened to let other people in. Two guys who were around our age, maybe older, sauntered in. They walked in and way too obviously looked me up and down while flashing me smiles.

These two guys were really attractive. One of them was very muscular, more muscular than Cam. He was the right amount of muscle though, not gross looking. He had short light brown hair that was messily styled, it looked awesome. The other was taller and less muscular but his piercing blue eyes and long eyelashes made him equally as attractive as his friend. Who would've thought I'd be in an elevator with all these cute guys!

Immediately after Cam saw them enter the elevator, he put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Do we have to go to dinner baby? Let's just go back upstairs, we'll have more fun in our room than at dinner."

My eyes widened a bit and I looked at him questioningly. He wasn't looking back at me though, he was staring at the two guys who seemed to now look uncomfortable. Well, I wonder why!? Ohhh right, cause Cam was giving them death glares! Ugh, he was honestly such a weirdo.

Once we got out of the elevator, the two guys from the elevator immediately walked out of the hotel and I moved away from Cam. I spotted Brittney sitting on Grayson's lap in the lobby twirling her hair at batting her long eyelashes at him.

I started to make my way to them when Cam came up beside me and huffed, "Those fucking pricks..."

I turned to him with a confused face, "You're fucking insane Cam, they weren't doing anything. Why did you go and make that awkward?"

"They were staring at you Angel," he argued back, "I wasn't just gonna stand there and watch them stare at you like they wanted to jump your bones!"

I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes, "Because you're the perfect gentleman around me right?"

"It's different," he tried to reason.

"No, it isn't," I laughed, "you do the same!"

"I do not!"

"Yes you do, you absolutely do!" I shook my head and walked over to Gray and Britt.

We made our way to the car Grayson hopped into the driver's seat while Cam was heading for the front seat.

Since we were in a different city, I was a lot more nervous in the car. Back at home I knew the roads, I recognized areas where people went really fast or where most people didn't stop for the stop sign. Back at home, I could prepare myself, but here everything was a big surprise, which was not good for my anxiety.

I didn't want to sit alone in the back with Brittney. I wanted to sit with Cam because he'd make me feel more comfortable. He had seen my worst anxiety attacks, and as much as I don't want to admit it, he can calm me down. I caught up with him and grabbed his hand but looked away awkwardly and embarrassed. He looked down at me and I came close to him.

"Will you sit in the back with me..." I mumbled softly. Right after I said that I let go of his hand because I was embarrassed.

He put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. He nodded and whispered in my ear, "Of course baby."

We all climbed into the car and Grayson zoomed off down the street towards Anton's. The drive was going pretty well, I wasn't freaking out as much as I thought. Cam kept looking at me, probably to make sure I wasn't going crazy. All of my calmness faded away when we were passing through a green light wand I saw someone driving pretty fast on the road to the left.

I had no idea if the guy was going to stop and my whole body tensed up and I gasped loudly. I quickly shut my eyes and held onto the side of the car. Everyone in the car turned their heads to look at me since I had made such an abrupt movement for no reason at all. Because When I opened my eyes I saw that we had passed the intersection and the car had come to a full stop normally.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry guys! Don't worry about me, I'm sorry..." I rambled and looked down at my lap. God I hated this. I couldn't help being anxious and I was so embarrassed because it always disturbed everyone else in the car.

I bundled my hands together and squeezed them tightly but as soon as I did I saw Cam's hand rest on top of mine. He rubbed his thumb on the back of my hand and slowly I unclenched my fists. He slipped his fingers with mine, still rubbing his thumb over my hand soothingly and scooted over in his seat, so sit right next to me.

I looked up at him to find him already looking down at me. He smiled at me and I smiled back. He brought his lips to my hair, just near my ear and asked softly, "You okay?"

"Yes," I nodded while a blush creeped up on my cheeks because I could see Grayson watching us in the rearview mirror. I looked back at Cam and said quietly, so only he could hear, "Thank you Cam."

Cam looked at me and something in his eyes was different. He was looking at me so differently. He was so compassionate and sweet, he gave me a bubbly feeling in my stomach. I had been feeling this a lot lately with Cam, was it a good thing? I had kept trying to push it away all this time, but it was so powerful. He made me feel safe, protected, important.

Did I want to be with Cam? Cam always called me his girl, all throughout the past few years and a lot more now. Despite him always being all over me, he also hung out with other girls, like Amanda. It made me nervous and scared to think that I could be one of this hook ups. I didn't want to believe it, but all the evidence pointed towards that.

He never dated girls. He never had a girlfriend. He was never a gentleman. He was a player and everyone knew it. But when he was around me, I could feel that he was different. I could sense that deep down Cam wasn't that guy because he was different with me.

In that moment, I realized something that I didn't want to admit. Something that I was almost ashamed of saying. Something that was too late for me to change because I was so far in. Something I had held back for so long... I was falling for Cameron Hart... I was falling for him, and I was falling for him hard.


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