Complicated Love - Chapter 12

Time for a little dip in the hot tub! Read more of Complicated Love to find out exactly what happens while our favorite characters take a little dip! You really won't want to miss it!
Dinner was amazing! The place was decorated beautifully, the tables were all nice and private. There were bushes and trees to separate all the tables, it was like you were eating in a jungle! But a fancy jungle because there were big chandeliers and the chairs were made out of some expensive wood.

The food was great as well! I had a seafood dish, it had prawns, clams, oysters, and lobster! It was so delicious, but very large so Cam had to help me near the end. Brittney had a salad. Typical right? That's what I thought until it arrived. It turned out be giant and was the biggest salad I'd ever seen in my life. I was surprised she finished it! Grayson and Cam both got steaks for dinner, they devoured it and said it was "the steak of all steaks".

Once we got back to the hotel, Brittney suggested that we all go for a dip in the hot tub. Of course Grayson was in, I bet he just wanted to see her in a bathing suit.

"We're down," Cam said with a nod then turned to me, "Right Angel?"

I was a little thrown off by Cam answering for the both of us, as if the two of us were a package deal. I actually thought it was kind of cute.

"Uhh," I mumbled.

"You don't want to?" Cam asked me.

"I just forgot to bring a bathing suit," I told everyone, hoping they wouldn't pry anymore. I didn't bring a bathing suit because I didn't want people to see my bruises.

"Just wear your birthday suit," Cam laughed and nudged me with a little wink. I shook my head at him and Grayson gave him a look, but Cam just chuckled softly and held his hands up in surrender, "Jokes everyone! Relax!"

"You can borrow one of mine!" Brittney piped up.

"Oh, that's fine really," I tried to protest but Brittney shook her head quickly and interrupted me.

"Come on! Let's find you something!" She proceeded to grab my hand and pull me into her room.

She ran over to her suitcase and flung the top open. She rummaged through all her clothes (which was a lot for only a weekend trip) and finally pulled out a red string bikini. I gulped, it was very revealing, definitely not something I'd wear. It's not like I hated bikinis, I liked bikinis, but I liked ones that weren't just little triangles covering my nipples, I needed more fabric than that!

"Perfect!" Brittney said happily and brought to me, "Cam will go wild when he sees you in this!"

"I'm not a big swimmer, so uhh..."

"Come on Izzy! You've got a banging body! Show it off for once!"

"I'd rather not..." I bit my lip nervously as she put the bikini in my hands.

"You're going to wear it Izzy!" She said and started to lead me out of the room, "come on, we'll have fun!"

And with that she had shut the door in my face. I sighed heavily, this bikini was far from my comfort zone, but I guess, I had to suck it up and put it on.

I walked into my room to find Cam already in his swim trunks and Grayson just about to leave to go to his room. "Hurry up and change sis," he said while messing up my hair, "Britt and I will meet you guys down there."

I made my way to the bathroom and changed into the bikini. Holy this thing was so revealing! It was a simple triangle bikini, the top was just plain red and the bottom was the same color with some synching around the bum, making my ass look really good, not gonna lie!

I stared at myself in the mirror and wow. I looked really good in this! I couldn't believe Brittney was right, but I looked hot, I really did. But, I didn't want anyone to see me in this! It was embarrassing... I really hated my bruises. While wearing this bathing suit all of my bruises were exposed. I didn't want anyone to see those, it was embarrassing. I decided I wouldn't swim, I'd just sit on the side and watch.

I saw a hotel bath robe hanging on the back of the bathroom door and I slid into it, tying it tightly around me. I came out of the bathroom and Cam was holding two towels in his hands and was checking his phone. He looked like he was frowning at his phone, I wondered what he was looking at. A text?

"Everything okay?" I asked him and he jumped a little, I guess he hadn't realized I came out of the bathroom.

"Mmm, everything's good," he said and put a smile on his face as if his frown was never there. "Why do you have that robe on? Let's see this bathing suit," he said and came over to me, and reached his hands out.

"No! Get away Cam!" I swatted his hands away and he laughed.

"Fine," he smirked at me as we walked out of the room, "I'll get to see sooner or later."


Down at the pool, Grayson and Brittney were already in the hot tub cuddled up close together. There wasn't really anyone else in the pool at this time, just an employee collecting towels. They waved us over and we made our way to them. Cam tossed our towels onto a lounge chair and quickly stepped into the hot tub. I don't think he realized that the water would be hot because he jumped a bit and his eyes widened, "God this water is hot!"

"You just went in too fast!" I said and laughed at him.

He shrugged and continued making his way down into the water, "It's all good, I'm fine now!"

I kicked off my flip-flops and sat down on a lounge chair that was near the tub.

"Come in Izzy!" Brittney said and splashed some water at me.

"I'm okay over here," I said with a nervous smile. I didn't want them to pry, especially Brittney since I don't think she knew about what had happened.

The two guys understood why I didn't want to come in so they just went back with their normal discussion.

"So, tomorrow we should be up by 8 and out of the hotel by 8:30 because the tour that we have booked is at 9 am," I told them.

"8 am?!" Grayson complained, "Seriously?"

"Yes! Do you not hear me Gray! The tour is at 9! If we want to get dressed, have breakfast and drive to Brownstown University by 9, we need to get up at 8. Or even earlier."

"Don't worry Gray," Brittney said to him seductively, "I know the perfect way to wake you up."

Grayson's eyes lit up and he smirked at her, "If you're thinking what I'm thinking, I'll gladly wake up to that."

"Oh god, please don't do this here guys," I said bluntly.

Cam laughed at my reaction and shook his head, "You're cute Angel."

After about half an hour longer of random conversation in the hot tub Grayson and Brittney wanted to head upstairs.

"I think we're gonna head up now," Brittney said while grabbing Grayson's hand and pulling him out of the water with her.

"Night guys," Grayson said and quickly followed after Brittney.

"8 am! Don't forget!" I yelled to them as they walked out.

"I hope you know that they're going to forget," Cam laughed.

"I'm well aware. I'll knock on their door at 8:05."

"Oooh an extra 5 minutes! You're so generous babe," he said sarcastically.

I rolled my eyes at him and looked at the clock. It was about 10:30 pm, "Did you want to stay longer or head back to the room?"

"I want you to come in the water," he said while leaning back in the tub. He held his hand out and motioned to me with his finger.

"I don't want to Cam," I blushed furiously, "I don't want to disgust you."

"Stop it," he said and frowned. He swam over to where my chair was set up and said to me, "Nothing about you will ever disgust me."

"My bruises look gross Cam..."

"I don't care," he said and looked into my eyes, "It's just you and me now baby. Please come in."

I sighed heavily, the water looked so nice and warm. I wanted to go in, but I was afraid that Cam would judge me. The look in his eyes was friendly and honest though, I felt that he was being genuine.

I took a deep breath before consciously slipping the robe off my shoulders. I turned around to make my way towards the hot tub when I saw Cam's face. His eyes were big and his mouth was open a little, he was just staring at me.

I self consciously put my hands over my stomach where my big bruises were and walked towards the entrance and slowly stepped in. "Don't cover yourself," he said softly, "you're so beautiful."

Soon I had fully emerged into the water, and it felt really nice. It was very relaxing, even though I was tense because I was so nervous in this bikini. Cam came over to me and put his arm around me, pulling me over to where he was sitting. He lifted me up and sat me right on his lap, "Wow," he said while letting out a big breath, "you're fucking gorgeous."

I blushed deeply and a smile crept up on my face. He laughed loudly at my reaction and I put my hands on his face and covered his eyes, "Stop laughing at me Cam!"

"You're just cute, that's all!" He said while my hands still covered his eyes, "Can I please have my sight back? I really want to look at the beautiful girl in front of me."

"No!" I laughed and kept his eyes covered. But then he stuck his tongue out and licked my hand. It caught me by surprise and I jerked my hands away.

"Ew! Cameron!" He just laughed and slid his arms around my back. In the water our skin was silky smooth. He started to rub and massage my back lightly and I had to admit, it felt amazing.

"I'm sorry, he did this to you," Cam said in regard to my bruises, "I wish I could have done something..."

"Cam, you stopped him," I said seriously. I didn't know why he sounded so disappointed in himself, he saved me after all.

"But if only I had gotten there earlier... I could have prevented this..." He mumbled and looked in my eyes sadly.

"It doesn't matter when you got there," I said softly to him and put my arms around his neck, "You did everything you could, and I'll never be able to thank you enough for saving me."

"I know how you could thank me," he said with a smile and then he puckered up his lips.

"Cameron!" I shook my head at him and he laughed.

"Alright, alright," he sighed and turned his head, "maybe just a little kiss on the cheek? I am your hero after all."

I rolled my eyes at him before coming in close to peck him softly on the cheek, "Mmm thanks Angel..." he mumbled.

After I kissed his cheek, he turned his face to face mine, our lips were inches apart. His hands on the small of my back pulled me in a little closer, now our foreheads were lightly touching. He stared deep into my eyes and I nervously bit my lower lip. "I want to kiss you so bad," he said to me with so much desire.

I blushed deeply, I definitely wanted to kiss him too. I looked down at his lips before looking back at his beautiful eyes. I leaned in a little closer and so did he. All of a sudden his lips crashed down on mine and my body felt like it was on fire. He tightened his grip on me and I did the same, I never wanted to let go of this moment.

After the initial kiss, he slowly started to kiss me deeper, our lips started to move in sync and our bodies pressed so tightly together. He was an amazing kisser! He kissed me like I'd never been kissed before, not like I'd had a lot of experience kissing before but you know what I mean!

We sat in the hot tub and made out for... honestly, I'm not sure how long. We were just lost in each other and never wanted to stop. Kissing Cameron gave me the most amazing bubbly feeling but we were interrupted.

"Excuse me, the pool is closed now..."

I pulled away from Cam to find a woman standing at the door, looking embarrassed that she had disturbed us. But I was much more embarrassed. I blushed the reddest I had ever blushed before, I didn't even have any words to say, I was stunned.

Cam turned to her and apologized, "Sorry! We'll be leaving now!"

She left the room and he turned back to me with a smile. I buried my face with my hands and Cam just started to laugh.

"Oh my god!" I shrieked. That was completely embarrassing!

"Relax baby, it's fine," he laughed and reached for my hand. We got out of the pool and wrapped the towels around our bodies.

"But she saw us!"

"Oh well," he laughed and put his arm around me, "I bet she's walked in on worse."

"Oh god!"

Cam just couldn't help but laugh at me as we made our way to the room.

Once we were in the room Cam looked at me, "You drive me insane," he smiled, "Did you know that?"

I laughed softly, "I think you were just born insane."

He came over to me and cupped my face in his large hands, "Nope. It's definitely you," before I knew it, his lips were on mine again, but not as hungrily as before. This time it was soft and sweet, a little kiss that kept me on my toes wanting more. But he pulled back, pulled his towel off and whipped my bum with it before heading into the bathroom, "Dibs on the shower!"

"What!? No fair!" I stood there in my towel and frowned, "You distracted me! Whatever happened to ladies first?"

"All's fair in love and war!" He said while shutting the door in my face.

"Ugh! I hate you!" I yelled at him through the walls and his reply was a bundle of laughter.

"No you don't," he shot back and turned the shower on.

Ugh. Cameron. He was the one who drove me insane. But holy shit, we kissed! And not just a little kiss. We like.. properly made out! In a hot tub! Holy shit! It was amazing.

But what did that mean for us? We had never really determined our relationship status. Were we even in a relationship? Well, to be fair, he hadn't asked me out on a date yet. But on the other hand, we had just made out for like.. ages.

This was confusing! But I didn't want to ask him about it because you know.. he's not really a relationship kind of person. I didn't want to scare him away with a discussion about commitment.

I sat there on the couch ringing out my hair, thinking long and hard. If we were to have the talk though... did I want to be in a relationship with him? Of course, I didn't want to be one of those girls who he fools around with and tosses on the side when he's done. So maybe that meant, I really do want a proper relationship with him? Hmmm... I guess it did.

Cameron's girlfriend. I wanted to be Cameron's girlfriend. That was something I never thought I'd want. What would Grayson think? What would Chris think? What would my friends think? What would my parents think? What would the student body think? More importantly... What would Cam think?

I decided I was thinking way too much and that I should just let the chips fall where they may. We were far from anyone back home, so I told myself to just enjoy the weekend with Cam and then deal with the serious shit when we get back home.

I smiled thinking about Cameron and about kissing him. I really hoped he would kiss me again soon.


Hello Everyone!

Oh my goodness! Cam and Izzy finally kissed! This was a long time coming, I never knew when to fit it into the story. It was hard for me to judge when the right time was for them to finally let their feelings flow and take control rather than their brains. But I thought since they were on a mini vacation, it would be a great time for them to just test the waters and discover their feelings for each other since they don't have many other people or things that can get in the way.

Please let me know what you all think about this chapter and the story in general! Your comments are so motivating and really do make me want to write more! Thanks for everyone who has kept up with the story so far, I'm glad you are all still sticking around with me!


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