Complicated Love - Chapter 13

First full day in Brownstone! Read Chapter 13 to find out what happens! The four of them go on a tour, meet few new people, and visit a frat house! Tension continues to grow between Izzy and Cameron! All they ever seem to do is assume things about each other and that leads to arguments, will they ever be able to fully open up to each other?

I jolted up and reached my hand out to look for my phone.

"What the fuck is that!?" Cam groaned loudly next to me and covered his face with the blanket.

"Time to wake up," I yawned and turned my alarm off. Once the beeping stopped, Cam turned over and flung his entire body on top of mine.

"Cameron!" I whisper/yelled, my voice was too raspy in the morning to fully yell at him. He was so heavy, and I wanted to shove him off, but I couldn't. He was just so heavy! "You better get your fat ass off me this instant!"

"Never!" He laughed sleepily and yawned loud and dramatically. "You're way too comfy for me to get off."

"Seriously Cam! Move!" I said as I pushed him, but of course, he didn't budge.

"Only if you give me a kiss..." he smirked at me and puckered up his lips.

"No! I need to get up!"

"Kiss me first," he pleaded, "It's not like you haven't done it before," he wiggled his eyebrows at me and smirked.

"Jesus Christ..." I rolled my eyes at him and in response he simply propped himself up on his elbows and put his hands on either side of my face to stop my face from squirming.

"Don't pretend like you didn't like it babe," he smiled at me, "I wasn't the only one doing the kissing!"

"Nooo! Shut up Cam! I've got morning breath... It's nasty."

"I really don't care Princess," he said softly and kissed my nose. Then he bent his head a little lower and his lips hovered over mine, "Can I kiss you?"

I looked into his eyes and something inside of me got all warm and bubbly. That sounded so cliché, but it was the honest truth! The way he was looking at me just made me smile.

I sighed over dramatically and rolled my eyes, "....Okay."

Soon, his lips were pressed down onto mine lightly. I kissed him back and put my arms around him. He kissed me for a couple of seconds before backing up and moving to kiss my cheek. He pecked my cheek all over and then kissed lower at my jaw. He kissed down right under my ear and onto my neck, it tickled a little. I giggled and he smirked down at me, "Alright, I think I'm ready to get up now."

He smiled and pulled himself off me. He held his hands out, pulled me up and said, "Let's see you take those pajamas off!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I said with a dumbfounded look on my face.

"Well... Aren't you gonna change?" He said with a little smile.

Ugh. This guy gave me hell. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, "I can't handle you in the morning... Get out of my sight," I said and walked into the bathroom.

"Babe!" He whined and walked after me. He was too late though, because I shut the door right in his face.


"Welcome to Brownstone University!"

I was standing in a little crowd of people as a tall red haired girl who was smiling from ear to ear. She proudly stood at the front steps of the main building of the university and began the tour.

"My name is Larissa and I will be your tour guide for today! If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I'll do my very best to answer you! This tour is our deluxe tour and will last roughly between 2 to 3 hours, so if you must leave earlier, just come let me know and I'll direct you to the parking lot. Now, please follow me and stay with the group! The university isn't that big, but it is pretty easy to get lost around here, trust me!"

Everyone followed Larissa through the campus. The first place we visited was a lecture hall. It was big, a lot bigger than expected. Larissa got everyone to sit in a seat and she spoke about the various programs that the university offered.

I looked over at Cam and he had his cheek resting on his fist, as if he was about to fall asleep. I knocked his elbow over, so his head suddenly was unsupported. He quickly woke up and saved himself from slamming his head on the desk. He bolted his head up with wide eyes and looked around. He saw me snickering and he instantly shot me an icy glare.

I stuck my tongue out at him and he smiled while stretching his arms out and yawning. While he stretched his arm moved behind my seat and around my shoulders. He rested his arm on back of my chair and looked back up at Larissa. How sly. I looked at him from the corner of my eye and he was smirking that famous smirk of his.

After the tour of the classrooms and lecture halls, Larissa directed us to the gymnasium, pool, and other various outdoor and indoor sports fields and courts.

"This is what I'm talking about," Cam said happily to me as we walked onto the large grassy soccer field.

"Not gonna fall asleep this time?" I smirked at him and he shook his head, a smile still painted on his face.

"No way Angel, my eyes are wide open," I looked at him and he really looked happy. He was looking around the field as if it were already his to play on.

He and Grayson started talking nonstop about how beautiful the field was and how they so badly wanted to come and play for Brownstone next year. I smiled because they seemed so happy, and maybe now that they were actually experiencing what it's like to stand on this university field, they'll get more serious about their grades.

Brittney came over to me and pointed to the other end of the field, it was the football team.

"Izzy, look at these guys! They're so hot. They aren't boys, they're men!"

I laughed softly, Brittney couldn't keep her eyes off the guys, "Have you forgotten about my brother that quickly?"

"Oh hush," she laughed and shook her head at me, "I can drool over Grayson whenever I want, this is an exception!"

Soon, a three of the football players started to look our way; they had caught us staring. Brittney smiled at me and said, "Oh my god, they're coming this way!"

"We should get back to the group..." I said nervously. Guys had never just come over to me like this, I didn't know what to expect and I didn't really want to know.

"Oh relax Izzy! Stay!" She held onto my arm and eyed the guys who were coming over to us.

"Hey ladies," the guy with brown hair said to us with a smile. He was tall and muscular with pearly white teeth. From far away he looked intimidating but up close he seemed normal... and cute!

"Hi there," Brittney said and twirled her hair around her finger, "I'm Brittney and this is Izzy."

"Nice to meet you guys," the brunette said again. He pointed to himself, "I'm Shawn."

"Hunter," the guy to his right said. Hunter had black hair and had the same body type as Shawn although he was slightly shorter.

"And I'm Ian," said the last guy. He had dirty blonde hair, it was shaggy, but looked really good somehow. Again, this guy was muscular and had a great smile and happened to be just as tall as Shawn.

"You girls on the tour?" Shawn asked while resting the football between his hands.

"Yeah we are," Brittney said, "you guys have a beautiful campus."

"Thanks," Shawn said. Then Hunter stepped forward and smiled, "Hey, if you guys are staying in town tonight, there's a frat party. If you wanted to come that would be cool."

At the exactly the same time Brittney and I said, "We'd love to!"
"I'm not sure.."

She looked at me with pleading eyes and a furrowed brow. Then she put her arm around my shoulder and patted me, "We'd love to come! Do you think we could bring our friends?"

"Yeah sure! I can't wait to see you guys there," Hunter said with a charming smile. He held his phone out for one of us to put our number in, so he could text the address to us.

Brittney took his phone and popped her number in. While Brittney was giving her phone number to Hunter, Ian came over to me and said, "Please tell me you'll be coming tonight?"


"It'll be fun," he smiled at me and shrugged.

"I don't know..." I said nervously, "Parties aren't really my scene."

"Aww, well if you decide to come, just look for me and I'll keep you company," he winked at me and walked away with the rest of the guys.

Brittney smiled brightly as we walked back to the tour group, "We're gonna have so much fun tonight!"


After the tour was over and I made sure to grab as many brochures as possible we got back to the car. We decided to grab a quick lunch at McDonalds. Classy right?

We were all sitting in a booth, eating our french fries and big macs when Cam's phone started ringing. Everyone turned to look at the screen and Amanda's face popped up.

Brittney smiled, "Tell my bff I say hi!"

Cam looked at Brittney and the phone and then at me. As soon as Cam looked at me I turned back to my food and chomped on another french fry.

I fucking hated Amanda. She was such a bitch, and remember when she poured burning hot soup on me? Yeah, she did that! Ugh! I hated her and Cam knew it. I prayed that he would let the phone go to voicemail, but to my dismay Cam got up and walked off and answered the phone, "Hello?"

I rolled my eyes quickly, hoping no one would see how annoyed I was. Did I even have a right to be annoyed? Why would Cam answer that call? Right in front of me? To rub it in my face?

Cam was always like this. He played girls all the time, how could I think that what we had was different? He kissed me when Amanda was still hanging onto him, of course he didn't want to be serious. Him answering that call confirmed that he didn't want to be serious with me, so whatever. I didn't need Cam, I didn't need someone who constantly hurt me.

Shortly after Cam left, he came back to the table and sat down. He wolfed his food down and then sat in back in his chair looking rather pissed. Why the hell was he pissed? I'm the one who should be pissed.

"Soooo," Brittney said as she took a sip of her drink, "Izzy and I got invited to this frat party tonight and they said we could bring you guys."

"I'm down," Grayson said with a smile, "I've always wanted to go to a frat party!"

"Sure," Cam said flatly, "I'm in."

He was such a weirdo. If anyone should be angry right now, it should be me.


We hung out at the hotel for the rest of the day. Despite how annoyed I was with Cam, I helped him study for history for about two hours. He seemed to be in a weird mood too and we hadn't kissed again since this morning.

It's insane how quickly everything changed between us. First we basically hated each other and we always argued. Then we kissed and we're all over each other. And then now we were here, awkwardly working on history together with a very dry conversation.

I didn't know what was up with us, we were both stubborn and didn't want to confront our situation, so we just let it float around us. We didn't say anything about our kisses, we just were both in bad moods. I was angry because he answered Amanda's call and he was angry because of god knows what. He was just in a bad mood too.

Later that night, Cam and Grayson had gone down to the gym to work out before we went to the frat party. Brittney had forced me to show her the clothes I brought, so she could find me a 'raging hot getup'. Her words, not mine.

"Is this it Izzy?" She said with a gasp as she stared at my bag.


"Where are your slutty clothes?"

"I don't have any..." I said with a strange look on my face. Why would I have 'slutty clothes'?

"Oh my..." she said worriedly. She tapped her chin and then tugged on my arm, "Well, you'll have to wear something of mine!"

"Brittney... I don't really want to go."

"You are going! Don't argue with me! Just let loose and have fun for once Izzy!"

Without another word Brittney brought me to her room and started throwing clothes at me. She forced me to try on so many outfits, short shorts, tight dresses, little skirts, crop tops... why the hell did she bring so many clothes?!

After about a half hour, she finally decided that I should wear this black dress that hugged my curves. It came down to about half my thigh, the straps were really thin. It would have been a really simple outfit, but Brittney threw some necklaces on me to jazz it up.


"I feel uncomfortable in this..."

"Don't worry, it's only one night!"

"Alright fine..." I rolled my eyes and she laughed softly.

"Trust me Izzy, you look smokin' hot! The guys won't be able to stop staring at your ass!"

"Exactly what I was going for..." I said sarcastically.

I went to my room to fix up my hair and put on a little bit of makeup. I curled the ends of my hair and then put on some eyeliner, mascara, and blush. Finally I popped on a nude pink lipstick. I grabbed the same wedges from last night and bent down to slide them onto my feet.

The next second I heard the door shut and Cam yelling, "Holy shit!"

"What?!" I said and jumped around, thinking he saw a really big spider or something, "Oh my god! Get it off me!"

"No Angel," he shook his head and came over to me, "You look ...."

"Ridiculous? I know, okay? Don't rub it in."

"No, you look absolutely amazing," he said and not so secretly checked me out. "I mean, yeah, it's not something you'd normally wear, but it doesn't look bad at all."


"Yeah," he said slowly and let out a shaky breath, "you look insanely sexy."

I felt my face heat up as a blush crept up onto my cheeks. I didn't know what to say...

"You're cute when you blush," Cam smirked at me and touched my cheek with his finger softly.

"Stop it," I said and pushed his hand away from me.

"And that ass of yours," he winked at me while coming closer.

"Don't you dare," I warned him, but he didn't care. He brought his hand out and gave my bum a little squeeze. "Cameron!"

"Oh come on, lighten up Angel," he said with a smile, "come here and give me a kiss."

He leaned his head in closer and I pushed back. I stumbled back in my heels and landed my bum on the bed.


"What's wrong?" He asked as if he had no idea why I wasn't responding the way I did before.

"I've told you countless times Cam," I said sternly, "I'm not some toy that you can play with whenever you want."

"Of course, you aren't babe," he said confusedly.

"Then stop playing me," I said, getting angrier and angrier by the second.

"I'm not!"

"Yes, you are! Today was proof that you are!"

"What the hell are you going on about?"

"McDonalds!" I yelled, "you answered Amanda's fucking call! You told me you didn't care about her!"

"I don't!"

"Then why the fuck did you answer her call? What was so god damn important that you had to answer her?"

He stayed silent, he was trying to think of something to say, but the only thing that came out was, "I don't know."

"Fine," I said angrily. I started grabbing my things, ready to walk out of the room and get away from this conversation.

"I know what's going on," he said suspiciously and leaned against the wall.

"What?" I paused and shot a confused look at him.

"You're jealous."

"Excuse me?!"

"You. Are. Jealous." He said slowly as if I couldn't speak English.

"I'm not fucking jealous!"

"Yes, you are babe," he said with a small smile on his lips.

"I'm not jealous of some desperate hoe like Amanda!"

"Angel! There's something green on your face!" He said with wide eyes and came over to rub it off. He smirked at me, "Oh, never mind, it's just jealousy."

"Fuck you Cameron." And with that I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

Jealous? Yeah right. I was not jealous! I'll show him jealous. Tonight. I'd make him jealous tonight. He better buckle his seat belt because he's in for a ride.

To be honest, I've never made anyone jealous before, so I wasn't sure exactly how far to go. But all I knew was that I wanted to get him back. I wanted him to be jealous, so that's exactly what I'd do.


All four of us took the bus to the frat house. Grayson wanted me to be the designated driver, but I told him no because tonight I was going to need some liquid courage, in order to follow through with my plan to make Cam jealous. Cam hadn't spoken much to me since our little yelling match, but he kept looking at me like he wanted to say something. Whenever we made eye contact, I'd pretend I wasn't looking at him and then carry on.

At the party, there was a guy at the door and asked if we had an invite. Brittney took control from there and told them that Shawn, Hunter, and Ian had invited us. Immediately the guys at the door let us walk in, maybe Shawn, Hunter, and Ian were important around here.

Brittney held onto Grayson's hand while she lead all of us around the frat house. We looked around for a while, seeing lots of people already pretty hammered. There was loud music, a lot of strobe lights and sweaty people bumping into us because everyone was dancing, everywhere. It wasn't like there was a specific dance floor, the entire place was the dance floor.

Once Brittney found the kitchen, she spotted Hunter. Hunter came over to us and smiled, giving Brittney a big hug. Grayson's jaw tightened as this guy put his arms around her, but he didn't do anything else.

"You guys made it!" He yelled over the loud music.

"Yeah! Thanks for inviting us!" Brittney said and then introduced the guys, "This is Grayson and Cameron."

Hunter fist bumped both the guys and said, "What's up?"

The three of them got talking, but I'm not sure what about because right after that someone put their hand on my waist and spun my around.

Flustered, I looked up and it was Ian who had a big smile on his handsome face.

"Hey!" He beamed at me with a smile.

"Hi!" I said and he came in and gave me a huge hug.

"Wanna hang?"

"Yeah!" I said and flashed him a smile back. On any other day, I would've declined but tonight was about getting back at Cameron. He was going to pay for being a douche all the time, he'd see what he was missing out on.

"You want a drink?" He asked and I nodded. Ian grabbed my hand and pulled me away from my friends who didn't really seem to notice, "Come with me."

I looked up at Ian. He was really cute! He was tall, tan, muscular and had a great smile. He would do, Ian would work. I'd hang out all night with Ian, have some drinks and dance a little, all to make Cameron jealous! Ha! Revenge is sweet!

Ian pulled me through the crowd and asked what I'd like. I didn't drink much, so I really had no idea about different kinds of drinks. So I just went with something typical, "Rum and coke?"

"Sure thing," he smiled and poured me a glass, with quite a bit of rum. I patted his arm and laughed, "Oh god, that's a lot! Are you already trying to get me drunk!"

"Oops! Sorry!" He laughed along with me and winked, "Just sip it slowly."

He passed me the red cup and I took a sip, yeah that was strong! I decided to take small sips and go slowly.

Ian grabbed himself a beer and we walked off into another part of the house. There were tons of people dancing in this room, it seemed like the living room because there were a few couches along the walls.

He pointed to an open spot on a couch near the corner and pulled me to it. There was only room on the couch for one person, so he pulled me right onto his lap and turned me sideways, so I could look at him.

It was a little quieter in the corner than the middle of the room, so I heard him a lot clearer when he said, "You look incredible tonight."

I blushed slightly and smiled, "Thank you!"

"No problem," he said and took a drink of his beer, "So you're a senior in high school?"

"Yeah," I said timidly. I felt a little embarrassed for some reason, maybe because he was a college guy.

"Nice," he smiled, "hopefully you choose to come here next fall, I'd love to show you around."

"Yeah, I'm not sure where I'll end up, but this is a really remarkable institution!"

Remarkable institution? Oh god Izzy why did you say that. You sounded like a dork and not even a cute dork.

He chuckled and I took a big gulp of my drink, hopefully this drink would wash away all the dork in me.

"You're cute," he said and his hand that was around my waist gave my side a little squeeze. I giggled and decided to just build the courage up and say, "So are you."

But then I felt like it was strange to call a guy cute. I know he meant that I was cute in a girly way, but I didn't want him to think I saw him like that too. I didn't want him to get the wrong idea about what I said, so I blurted out, "I mean.. Cute in a manly way. Not in a girly way, because obviously you aren't girly. You're manly, you know, big muscles and stuff."

He started to laugh out loud at me and I blushed. I shut my eyes in embarrassment. He shook his head and smiled, "You're really cute."

"I'm also embarrassing myself," I said and sighed loudly.

"It's alright, I think it's cute."

I laughed at myself, so did he and together we took a sip of our drinks. He looked out at the people dancing and whispered into my ear, "Wanna dance with me?"

I smiled and nodded to him. He lifted me up from his lap and grabbed for my hand again. He pulled me into the middle of the room and spun me, so we were face-to-face. He put his arms around my waist and mine went up around his neck. We rocked from side to side with the beat of the music. He was a lot taller than me, so he bent down a little and smiled at me. I smiled back and we danced a little while longer.

I felt his hands slowly inch their way lower and lower, down my back until they were landed on my bum. I didn't exactly like it, but I didn't protest. Tonight was about getting Cam jealous, and I know he'd get angry if he saw me allowing another guy to grab my ass. I looked around, where was Cam anyway?

After looking to my left, I looked to the right and low and behold Cameron was standing on the other side of the room staring at me and Ian. I don't know how to describe his face... He was definitely mad because his jaw was tense, his lips were pressed in a straight line, and his hands were balled into fists.

He made eye contact with me and I looked at him for a good few seconds before making a very irrational decision. Wanna know what I did? I don't even know if I want to tell you because it really goes against everything I've been against. Oh alright.. I'll tell you.

I turned back to Ian, lifted myself up on my tippy toes and kissed him! I fucking kissed Ian with Cameron watching! Holy shit! Yeah, holy shit!

Ian instantly kissed me back, and hungrily too. I guess he was down with it, which at the time I was happy about. He kissed me back and rubbed my ass as well, not gonna say I enjoyed it, but I didn't hate it either guys! I pulled myself in closer, but in a flash Ian was ripped off me and flung to the ground.

Fucking Cameron.



Sorry, I haven't posted all week, but to make it up to you guys, I wrote a little bit longer than usual. Maybe it's not a great way to make it up, but I tried! Sorry again! Each chapter is about 11-13 pages on a word document, but Chapter 13 was about 17 pages. Sooo anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this one!

Izzy seems to be taking more risks, can you believe that she kissed Ian right in front of Cam?! What do you think will happen next?


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