Complicated Love - Chapter 17

In this chapter, you'll read all about the night before the car ride and even the car ride itself! Find out if Izzy can control her emotions while confined in a car for 6 hours. I'm sure Cam can brighten up the trip one way or another!
"Come to bed Angel," Cam called over to me with a yawn.

I waved my hand at him in a shooing motion, indicating for him to leave me alone, and looked back at the table. Sprawled all over the tabletop I had put out my book, my iPod, and Cam's soccer sweater. I had to be prepared for tomorrow. I had set out all the things that would distract me during the car ride. As for Cam's sweater, well, that just made me feel safe.

"You should get some rest," he said to me again after I ignored him. He pulled himself out of the blankets and sauntered over to me clad in his plaid pajama bottoms. He wrapped his arms around my stomach and rested his chin on top of my shoulder, "What're you doing?"

"Preparing," I mumbled softly as I tried to think of other things I could use to distract me tomorrow.

"For the drive?" He asked even though we both knew that's what I was preparing for.

"Yes," I said in a hushed tone. Even speaking about it scared me, I didn't want to think about it but at the same time my brain wouldn't let me stop thinking about it.

Cam moved himself to sit right up on the table and he flashed me a big grin, "Well, add me to the list babe," he winked, "we can play thumb wars again, and cards, and kiss a little... or a lot."

"We can't kiss in front of Grayson," I scolded him but broke out in a smile. It was so sweet of him to want to help me.

Cam grabbed both my hands and pulled me towards him so that I stood between his legs. He bent his head down and planted a sweet kiss right on my lips. He pulled back before saying, "Aww, but I love kissing you. Don't you love kissing me?"

"No," I shot at him with a teasing smile dancing on my lips. Whenever he kissed me, I got lost in a haze. I forgot about everything around me and the only thing that mattered was him. The feeling he gave me was phenomenal and so hard to describe; I loved it.

"Oh, come on," he smirked at me, "don't you want to spend our 6 hours together making out?"

"I know you do," I teased and slid my hands around his back, which was very smooth and muscular, might I add.

"I do!" He laughed, "And I'm sooo willing to spend the entire car ride kissing those sexy little lips of yours."

I blushed at his words and shook my head at him, "No, we are not doing that."

"At least think about it?" He said playfully with a chuckle and then hopped off the table. Then he slid his arms around my back and my thighs and lifted me up. He carried me in bridal style to the bed and I honestly thought he'd drop me since he was such a goof, so I held on tightly around his neck.

"Let's get some rest, yeah?" He said and kissed my cheek.

I nodded with a smile and he instantly flung me onto the big bed. I bounced into the pillows laughing. I looked up at Cam and he was laughing too. He stepped back a few feet and then started to run towards the bed. He jumped up and leaped on top of me.

"Holy shit, you're heavy as hell!" I yelled as he toppled over me.

He pulled himself off, pouted at me and then said in a high-pitched voice, "Don't you know not to call a girl fat?!"

"I never called you fat," I rolled my eyes and laughed, "you big drama queen!"

"Says you."


The words slipped out of his mouth so fast that I'm not even sure he realized. Obviously, he was referring to my crying and panicking when I got the news that I couldn't fly home. My face fell from a happy grin to an embarrassed frown. Instantly Cam's eyes widened as he realized what he just said.

"Oh my God, I didn't mean that baby," he sputtered out and came closer to me, "I'm sorry. That was a stupid thing to say."

"It's fine," I said softly. He was right though, even if he didn't mean it. I knew I was overreacting about the whole car thing, I was well aware. The thing was, I couldn't help it. I couldn't help feeling the way I felt, no matter how much I wanted to relax about it.

"Are you upset with me?" He winced and scooped me up into his lap, "I'm an asshole. God I'm a fucking prick."

"I said it's fine Cam."

"You're upset."

"I'm not upset."

"Yes, you are."

"I'm tired Cam, let's go to bed." I said and slid myself into the soft blankets. I pulled them up to my chin and turned sideways to face the wall. I could hear Cam's sigh as I turned away from him.

I was mad, but not at him. I was mad at myself for being this way. I was overreacting about it but I didn't know how to stop.

Soon I felt the bed shift and he slid under the covers too. His hand sailed over my hips and around my waist. He brought his body close to mine and moved my hair to the side. He kissed the back of my neck softly and whispered, "I'm sorry I said that baby..."

His quiet deep voice sent chills down my spine and his arm around me felt warm and comforting.

"I didn't mean it at all... It just slipped out. I'm sorry Angel."

"I know you didn't mean it," I whispered back, "it's okay."

"Forgive me?" He said in a husky voice. Damn he sounded so hot when he was whispering, how could I be angry with him?

"Of course," I said and snuggled myself into him.

He tightened his arm around me and he sighed in relief, "Goodnight Angel."

"Goodnight Cam."

And then we fell asleep.


Yawning I rubbed my eyes and woke up to the sound of the loud beeping alarm clock. I twisted my body to reach for it but Cam's arms had a tight grip on me and his feet had intertwined with mine. I heard him groan as the beeping continued and I smiled, he was so adorably grumpy when he heard the alarm every morning.

He blinked a couple of times and then groaned louder, pulling my body in closer. He buried his face in the back of my shirt and mumbled, "Turn that stupid thing off."

I laughed a tired laugh and shook my head at him, "I would if I could move."

He let out a low, husky chuckle as he realized that he had me a tight hold, "Oops, sorry Princess," he let go slightly and finally I was able to wiggle over to the alarm clock. I shut it off and he sighed happily, "Thanks babe, now come back to bed."

"Cam, it's time to get up," I laughed softly at his cute sleepy face.

"Nooooo baby please come back, I'm cold!" He complained and reached for my hand.

I turned to face him and I kissed his cheek softly, "Time to wake up sleepyhead."

"A kiss on the cheek? That's all I get?"

"Yep," I giggled teasingly, "Nothing more until you get your lazy ass out of bed."

"Okay, okay, okay I'm awake now," he said as he tried to pry his eyelids open. He failed miserably and slumped back into the pillows.

I laughed at him and ruffled his hair lightly. I swung my legs out of the bed and stood up, "I'm gonna go shower."

This time Cam's eyes shot open and he sat straight up in bed, "Shower? Can I come?"

I laughed loudly and rolled my eyes, "Now you're awake eh?"

"Yes ma'am," he said and crawled over to the edge of the bed, "if it means I can join you in there."

"You cannot join me," I told him sternly. He started to pout and I decided to pull his own line on him, "God Cam, don't pout like that. It's so hot, you drive me crazy!"

Cameron's pout started to turn into his famous smirk, "You feisty little thing!"

I laughed and stuck my tongue out at him, "I guess you're rubbing off on me."

"I'm not rubbing on you at all because you won't let me hop in the shower with you!"

I smacked his arm, laughed out loud and like I've said before, "Oh my God, I can't handle you in the morning!"

"Aw come on! You love my lines!"

"Absolutely not," I grinned at him playfully, "You're too slutty for me, I don't think we'll be able to be friends any longer."

"Too slutty?!" He gasped mockingly, "I'm the perfect amount of slutty!"

"I don't date sluts," I said seriously.

You guys know how I felt about Cam's past. It worried me. He had been with so many girls casually that I was so afraid that he wasn't ready to be with me for the long haul. Because that's the only thing I'd be down for; the long haul. I was not some girl he could toss around however he pleased. Nope. Not me.

"You're right baby," he said and came over to brush the strands of hair away from my face, "I'm yours now."

"And only mine," I said softly, putting my hands on his chest.

"Someone's possessive!" Cameron sang playfully.

"Shut up dork."

"You're the dork," he smirked and started to pretend to read a book, mimicking me.

"I may be a dork," I said proudly, "but at least I'm a cool dork."

Cam laughed loudly, "You? Cool? Nuh uh!"

"Jerk," I said and sauntered into the bathroom to take a shower.

"So can I join?" He joked as soon as I shut the door.

"In your dreams Cam!" I yelled back and laughed, turning the faucet on.


The moment I'd been dreading finally arrived. We were walking towards the car in the parking lot and my heart started to race. My hands clasped into little fists and I let my nails dig into the palms of my hands.

Grayson put his arm around me which took me by surprise. I jumped a little but then relaxed as I realized it was only him.

"I promise everything will be okay," he said to me. I believed him, I knew Grayson wouldn't let anything happen to me. He'd been protecting me ever since we were little kids. Despite my unconditional trust in him, I was still nervous.

I nodded meekly and felt my breath catch in my throat as we got closer and closer to the car. Cameron, who was holding both my bag and his, turned around from in front of me and smiled at me. His smile was really comforting. I knew he'd be there for me, like he always had been. Honestly, I was so lucky to have Grayson and Cameron in my life, they held me together.

Once Grayson unlocked the doors to the car, Cam slid our bags into the trunk. He quickly grabbed my bag and pulled out his soccer sweater. He came over to me and pulled me behind a big van while Grayson and Brittney were busy loading up the rest of their things.

He pulled me to the side of the van and pressed me against the metal door. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me. His kiss was firm and strong, almost dizzying. He pulled back ever so slightly, our noses barely touching. He looked down into my eyes and said quietly to me, "You got this babe."

Then he held up his soccer sweater and smiled his cute little half-smile at me. He helped me slide it on and soon I was enveloped in Cameron's aroma. The sweater smelled just like him and it made me feel safe. I smiled up at this handsome boy and leaned up on my tippy toes to kiss his lips again softly.

Once we pulled away again, I looked up at him from under my eyelashes and said nervously, "Will you sit with me in the back?"

"Of course I will," Cam grinned at me and pulled me in for a big hug, "That wasn't even a question Angel."

After hopping into the car with Grayson and Brittney up front and Cam and I in the back we started up the engine and roared off. At first I was panicky. I kept flinching when other cars would come near or merge into our lane. It frustrated me because I'd driven with my brother all the time and never had too many problems. I think it was because the idea of a 6 hour-long drive was stuck in my head and freaking me out.

I was so relieved to have Cam sitting in the back with me because while I read my book, trying to keep my eyes away from the road around us, he put his warm hand on my knee. His thumb slowly moved back and forth and the rhythm soothed me. It was comforting to have him touch me, something about it made me feel relaxed. And thankfully his little gesture was just short from Grayson's view. I'm sure Grayson would have a hissy fit if he saw Cam's hands on me.

After a bit of reading, I started to get fidgety. I loved to dive into a good book, I could sit there for hours and read until the early hours of the morning, but I was still on edge because we were in the car. I couldn't fully concentrate like I usually did.

I put my book down and Cam raised his eyebrows at me as if he was asking 'you okay?'. I nodded to him with a small smile but I knew I wasn't convincing enough. He fuzzed up his brow and pulled his phone out of his pocket. Quickly he typed something and then looked back at me. I felt my phone buzz from in my pocket and he smirked at me. I wedged my phone out of my pocket and read the text message that he had sent me.

To: Never Call Me Izzy

Was that book about anti-gravity? .... Because it was impossible for you to put down.

To: Never Call Me Izzy


I literally laughed out loud after reading that. I couldn't help myself! I loved puns. Honestly, they were the best kind of jokes! And the fact that he sent 'bazinga' afterwards made it all the better.

Cam and I loved The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon always said bazinga! We'd always watch it together, which seems weird because Cam is Grayson's friend, not mine. Well let me explain. First of all Grayson didn't like The Big Bang Theory. Why, you may ask? Who the hell knows! He's an idiot, that's all. He doesn't know humor! Secondly, Cam and I would usually only watch it when Grayson wasn't home. Sometimes Cam would come over and Grayson would be out with a girl or at the mall, or getting food. So Cam was stuck with me and during that time we spent our time watching The Big Bang Theory, laughing our asses off at Sheldon and all his friends. So, 'bazinga' was our little inside joke I guess.

I saw Grayson look back at me through the rear view mirror as I started to snicker. Then Grayson looked at Cam who was trying to suppress a laugh. He gave us a strange look but then turned his gaze back to the road.

Cam and I looked at each other and quietly enjoyed the joke he sent. Then Cam started to look out the window, as if he was thinking about something. I was going to ask but then he grabbed his phone again and started to type.

To: Never Call Me Izzy
Guess what Forrest Gump's email password is?

To: Never Call Me Izzy

When I read it, I couldn't help but laugh out loud again. Honestly, these jokes were so funny... to me at least! And again, Grayson looked back at the two of us who were laughing together.

"Alright, what the hell is so funny back there?" Grayson said to us.

"You wouldn't get it," Cam said with another laugh.

Grayson furrowed his forehead and grumbled, "Inside jokes without me? What the hell guys!"

I smirked at my brother and said, "Sorry, Cam's my best friend now, not yours!"

"Hell, yeah I am," Cam said proudly and then proceeded to scruff up my hair.

Laughing, I swatted Cam's hands away, "Stop! You're ruining it!"

"I like it a lot better like this Angel," he said and then ruffled it so that my hair hung in a frizzy mess over my face.

"Oooh yes, 10 out of 10?" I laughed and posed with my awesome new hairdo.

Cam snickered and then joked, "Yeah, 10 out of 10 for sure. I'd bang you in a heartbeat with your hair like that."

I laughed out loud because I knew we were joking, but I also blushed because I had a slight flashback of the intense make out session we had yesterday. Just thinking about Cam's hands all over me made me get butterflies in my stomach.

Through my strands of hair that draped over my face, I saw Grayson's grip on the steering wheel tighten. I put my hand on his shoulder and rubbed it slightly, "He was just joking brother-dear!"

"Ugh," Grayson grumbled and shot a glare at Cam.

"Come on Gray," I laughed, "Cam said worse things. And obviously he was kidding! With my hair like this, no one would want to bang me."

"I just said I was down!" Cam chimed in. Of course, his line didn't help.

"Hell, I'd bang you too Izzy! That hair looks hot as hell!" Brittney added with a laugh. Grayson wasn't thrilled at all.

"Let's just stop talking about anyone banging my sister, okay?"

"Yeah, sorry," Cam looked at me nervously and then nodded at Grayson. Cam's gaze was quickly back to mine and he smirked at me then mouthed the words, "I'd still bang you."

I blushed deeply and lightly smacked his hand that was still resting on my leg, which I should mention had moved up from my knee to the middle of my thigh. Cam was such a dang troublemaker sometimes... Okay, you're right. He was a troublemaker all the time.


Hi Everybody,

Honestly, your comments make me so happy. I find myself constantly refreshing the page, anxiously awaiting for a new comment to pop up! And trust me when I see a new one I get so excited. So thank you guys for commenting and talking to me! Your comments literally make my day so much brighter!


Comment Replies

Annie Brown: THANK YOU! Haha, it means a lot that you liked it so much!

Brittney Tracey: Thanks girl! Hmm, yes Chris added into the mix makes things a little sticky. We'll have to wait and see if Izzy decides to tell Cam about it!

Miha: Haha, aw thank you! I'm so happy that you liked the chapter and I'm glad it made you laugh too! Wowowow, your words are so kind, thank you so much! I try really hard to add in all the details that I think are important to the story, but the thing is with me is that I find that I want to add in ALL the details and the story moves slower than most. For example, we've been on this long weekend trip for like 7 chapters! Haha, it's something I've really got to work on.

Oh, wow! Yeah, I really loved Toronto! I stayed downtown for a couple of nights, which was awesome and the rest of the nights I stayed with family, which I was so happy I got to do. I love when I got traveling to see the hustle and bustle of the city but then I also love to see the suburbs and get a real feel of what it's like to live there. You should absolutely put Vancouver on your bucket list! I love living here! I don't live in the city though, I'm 45 minute drive away (roughly). And I just love everything about it; the city, the suburbs, and especially the nature/scenery! I've lived here my whole life but even after traveling to the USA, Toronto, Europe, Asia, I've just never felt more connected to a city like I have in Vancouver! Although, I would probably love to live in London, it's one of my absolute favorite cities in the world!

Faezeh: No worries! Thank you again! And trust me, the story is long from over!!! I'll feel so lost when it comes to an end! Haha, I was just saying that I can see how I want things to piece together already!

Reader: OMG, YESSS! Hahha, I love Friends! It reminds me of that scene too but only because you brought it up! Haha, oh gosh that's funny! Aw, thank you so much! Like I said to Miha above, I feel like I include too many small details like that, which makes me take longer to move along with the storyline. I didn't know if anyone was bothered by that, but maybe I'm the only one who noticed haha! I feel like I need to include everything that happens so the story isn't broken or seems confusing by jumping to a different day unexpectedly without any transition or explanation. Haha, I have no idea if that makes sense but I hope you get me haha!

Your theories are the best! Haha, seriously you've even put new ideas in my head now! I wanted to include all these elements. Amanda, Chris, Grayson, Cam failing classes, college, Cam's parents, Izzy's anxiety, and the musical because I feel that so many writers who write love/romance stories cut all that stuff out. I mean, in reality, people have tons of stuff going on at once, they aren't just focusing on trying to get a boyfriend or trying to solve their problems with their parents. People do it all at once and so many authors leave stuff like that out. That's why I go so slow with my timeline because I know that every detail is important; as long as it somehow relates back to the story and the characters. It's also why I'm extremely picky when it comes to what I read. I love reading stories on here, and on other sites but it's so hard for me to find an author who writes the way that appeals to me. Once I find a good author, I obsess over them and purge all their books in a matter of months!!

And I totally agree! Cam and Izzy's friendship is the biggest reason why they somehow work together so well. Sure, they fight a whole lot but at the end of the day they genuinely care about each other. And now that they're starting to open up and trust each other more, I can tell both of them are going to start changing in one way or another.
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