Complicated Love - Chapter 18

An expected surprise is waiting for them when they arrive back home. Can they deal with the visitor or will things end up twisted? Find out how they handle these events by reading Chapter 18!!
"Hey Angel... Wake up... We're home!" Cam whispered into my ear and gave me waist, a little nudge. My eyes slowly opened to find Cameron beaming down at me. Apparently I had fallen asleep on his lap with the seat belt buckle jabbed into my back.

"We're home?" I asked, a little disoriented. I looked around and realized that we were in fact home. I had made it all the way home in the car for 6 whole hours. I smiled to myself and said happily, "We're home."

"I'm so proud of you babe, you did great! I think this calls for a victory kiss!"

I started to move my body to sit up straight; I needed to stretch out because that position wasn't very comfortable at all. He smiled at me and then came in to kiss my lips. I smiled and returned the kiss before realizing that Grayson had to be somewhere nearby, I mean he wasn't in the car anymore but he was probably close.

I pulled back quickly and turned my head in both directions to look for Grayson.

"Relax," Cam said with a smile and came in to kiss me again before saying, "he and Britt went into the house."

And as soon as he said that, I heard yelling from in the house.

What the absolute heck?!

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" Grayson roared. Cam and I popped out of the car to see Grayson through the window being held back by my dad. I gave Cam a strange look before we both ran through the front door.

"What's happe-" I couldn't finish myself because as soon as I walked into the living room, the biggest gasp escaped my mouth. My jaw dropped open and I froze on the spot.

Let me paint a picture for you guys.

So, a typical living room with 5 people within it. First we've got Brittney who is sitting on the couch clutching her little cell phone but looking quite confused. She's also got her other hand out trying to get Grayson to sit down next to her. But Grayson is trying to get past my dad who is holding Grayson back. Grayson's pushing really hard but my dad is a pretty strong guy, so he's doing a good job of keeping him in place. Then turn towards the other couch where my mom is sitting with a very confused and exasperated look on her face. And next to her, you'll never believe who it was.

Chris Carter.

Yup. That's why I gasped so loudly. Because there he was. Chris was sitting on my living room couch next to my mother and about to be pummeled by my brother who was desperately trying to swing free from my dad's grip.

"There's my Superstar," Chris said to me with a normal yet creepy smile.

Looking at Chris made the memories come back. They flooded my mind, the dark spooky forest, the way he looked at me, the way he touched me, the way he hit me. I felt tears prick my eyes as he looked at me.

"Grayson, calm down, will you! It's just Izzy's boyfriend Chris!" My mom scolded my brother but then smiled at Chris.

"Boyfriend?! Mom are you crazy! He's a fucking shithead!" Grayson screamed and lurched forward again trying to get to Chris.

"Grayson stop it! Izzy, why didn't you tell us you had such a handsome boyfriend?" My mom asked me. I felt sick to my stomach, why the hell was Chris here?

Grayson put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me behind him. He kept his hand behind his back and my hand intertwined with his. He held my hand before stepping up and saying, "Veronica, Chris isn't what you think. Grayson's right! He's a shithead!"

My mother gasped, "Cameron!"

"I'm sorry, but it's true! He's a psychotic asshole who hurt her! I don't know what he's told you but they're all lies!"

Chris started to speak up, "Izzy is the love of my life! We got into a fight before you left for your trip and I called her and texted her a million times but she never answered. So I came here to wait for you to get home but only found Mr. and Mrs. Weaver. I simply introduced myself."

"You tried to contact her?" Cameron asked confusedly. Chris simply nodded with a little smirk on his face.

"Baby, come here I missed you," Chris stood up and came towards Cameron. Instantly Cameron squeezed my hand and stepped back, pushing me behind him again.

I pressed my body to Cam's back in fear as my heart started to race. I didn't want to be anywhere near Chris.

"Cam... I'm scared..." I whispered nervously with a shaky voice. He scared the absolute shit out of me. All those things he did to me were disgusting, not to mention he had tricked my parents into thinking we were dating! We were NOT dating!

"Back off Carter," Cam said and held his arm out to block Chris, "Leave her alone. She doesn't want to see you."

"Why don't you back off Hart? She's my girl after all!" Chris countered and came closer.

Cameron's jaw tensed up as he said that. I was Cam's girl, no way in hell I'd ever be Chris' girl.

Grayson finally got free from my dad's hold and he rushed over to Chris. He grabbed him by the collar and shoved him up against the wall. Again, my mom gasped as my dad followed him and tried to peel him off but this time Cam stood in, letting go of me.

"Seriously sir," he said in a loud, demanding voice, "This guy's scum! He deserves it after what he did to your daughter!"

"What did he do?" My dad asked cautiously.

"He..." Cam tried find the words to say but couldn't. He looked at me and I desperately shook my head no. I didn't want my parents to find out. Even if they could help me in some way, I didn't want them to know. They'd never trust me with anything, ever again. Cam looked back at my dad and then said, "He cheated on her."

My parents strongly believed in marriage and monogamy. They believed that one person should be with another and only with them. If you're in a relationship then there's no reason to be with other people, and no reason to cheat. I guess that's where I get it from, I thought like that too.

My dad's eyes went big and so did my mom's. Then my dad's eyes turned hard. He turned to Chris and said, "You need to leave."

Desperately Chris shook his head at my father, "No! Sir, they're lying! I didn't do anything to her!"

"Get out!" my dad yelled angrily, "I don't want you near her again, do you hear me?" He said and pointed his finger at Chris.

Chris gulped and actually looked pretty scared. He nodded slowly and Grayson pulled him off the wall and pushed him out the door. Grayson went outside with him and even though I couldn't see, I could hear the punches.

"You fucker!"


"Fucking bastard!"


"Don't you ever go near my sister again! Do you fucking understand?!"


"And don't even think about coming to practice anymore. You're off the fucking team."

Once Grayson had come back in, my mom came over to me and said, "I'm so sorry honey, he seemed like a good guy."

I nodded and my voice cracked when I said, "I thought so too at first."

This conversation was quickly turning awkward and Cam sensed it. He looked down at me and offered me a little half-smile.

"Let's go unpack your stuff Angel," Cameron said softly to me before pulling my bag over his shoulder and climbing the stairs.

Once we reached my bedroom, Cam dropped my bags and shut the door. He came over to me and put his big hands on either side of my face. He bent down to look at me, "Baby, are you alright?"

I had wiped the tears away by now and my heart rate had returned to a normal pace, "Yes, I'm okay."

"What did he mean by calling and texting you? Is that true?" Cam asked me. I felt my cheeks flush up and go hot in his hands.

"Is it?" He asked again, trying to pry an answer out of me.


"What? Angel, why didn't you tell me?!" He seemed to start getting angry, "you should have told me! How could you keep this from me?!"

"I don't know Cam!" I shot back at him. He had no reason to be getting mad at me!

"Let me see!" He said and dived for my phone in my bag. I came over and tried to get to it first but he had better luck finding it than me.

He started to read the texts out loud, "I'm so sorry baby. I don't know what came over me. It won't happen again."


"I love you Superstar! Please answer me!"


"I miss you so much! I miss kissing you and touching you. I want you here with me babe."

Cam looked at me in disbelief.

"How could you keep this from me?!"

"It's not even a big deal!"

"Yes, it is!"

"No, it isn't!"

"Stop being difficult Izzy!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Izzy I'm being serious! Why did you hide this from me?"

"I don't know Cam! I don't know!" I said and felt more tears pool up in my eyes. All the yelling was overwhelming and when I was in these yelling matches with Cam, I always cried because it was all too much.

He saw the tears in my eyes and his face softened. He was about to say something but I was still worked up and I yelled in his face, "I hate this! Do you think I like the fact that Chris still texted me every day we were gone?! I hate it! I was fucking scared Cam! I didn't want to open the texts or even acknowledge them because I wanted to forget it! I wanted to forget everything! I wanted to forget all those things he did to me and the way he hurt me! So stop getting mad at me! Stop yelling at me! I was scared! I didn't know what to do!"

And by now the tears were streaming down my face. Cam instantly pulled me in and wrapped his arms around my body. He held me closely and tightly as I cried on his chest. His hand trailed up my back to the base of my neck and he lifted my hair and cupped the back of my head as he held me.

"Baby I'm sorry," he said to me, "I didn't mean to get angry like that."

I didn't say anything; I just put my head on his chest and kept my arms around his torso.

I knew he didn't mean to get angry. He was just an easily frustrated person and he tended to blow up a lot when he was irritated. But the mix of emotions I had been feeling was like riding a roller coaster ride. First seeing Chris and hearing how he tried to tell my parents we were dating, then Cam yelling at me. All of it was too much for me, so I broke down and let the tears take over. I hated that about myself, I cried so easily.

He rubbed my back slowly in circular motions and held me tightly until my crying died down a bit. He sat down on my bed and pulled me onto his lap. He wrapped his arms around my back so I was straddling his lap, this seemed like a very common position for the two of us lately.

"Are you okay?" He said calmly.

"I'm better now," I told him. I lightly ran my fingers through his hair and said, "Thank you for sticking up for me down there."

"I'd do anything for you," he replied with a cute smile on his face.

I smiled back at him and kissed his lips. He kissed me back tenderly.

"Please tell me next time something like this happens... knock on wood that it doesn't happen again though," he said and moved to knock on my wooden desk.

I smiled and put my arms around his neck, "Okay, I'm sorry I hid it from you."

"It's alright," he said, "I just want to know these things babe... So I can be there for you... So I can protect you from losers like him."

"Yeah, he is such a loser."

"Biggest loser I've ever met," he chuckled.

"Bigger loser than you," I stuck my pointer finger and thumb out to make an L. I stuck the L on his forehead and teased, "Which must be pretty big since you're a huge loser."

"I'm not a loser!" He protested with a playful laugh.

"Yes, you are," I said and giggled in his arms.

He pressed his forehead to mine and kissed my nose, "Fine. As long as I'm your loser."

My eyes lit up as he said those words. It made me ecstatic to think that he was mine and I was his. I'd never been in a legitimate relationship because Grayson kept all the guys away from me all these years. It felt nice to have a boyfriend who I knew I could always count on.

"Yes, you're my loser," I smiled and kissed his lips happily.

"I KNEW IT!" Grayson said and popped into my bedroom, pointing his fingers at Cam and me.

As soon as I heard his voice I jumped up and pulled back away from Cam. I scurried off his lap and stumbled onto the floor. Grayson looked down at me and then at Cam.

"I knew it!" He said again slyly.

"Gray, this isn't what it looks like," I said to him in hope that he wouldn't beat up Cam like he did with Chris.

"To me it looks like my best friend and my little sister are talking about how he," he pointed to Cam, "is your," then he pointed to me, "loser and then kissing. Am I incorrect?"

Cameron and I both went to speak but Grayson cut us off.

"You guys are thinking I'm going to blow up, right?"

"Uh..." I mumbled awkwardly.

"Yes?" Cameron said and gulped nervously.

"Well, I'm not."

"You're not?" I asked, absolutely confused.

"Are you sure? Cause you can punch me if you want to, I can take it," Cam said and winced a little as he realized he had just given Grayson permission to hit him.

"Look I'm not gonna hurt you dude," Grayson said and sat down at my desk chair, "To be honest, I've been preparing myself for this for a while. Maybe that's why I'm not freaking out."

"A while?" I asked from the ground. Cam looked at me and held his hand out to pull me up. I grabbed it and he lugged me up onto the bed with him.

"Yeah, okay listen... I knew it was coming, you two were always going to happen. At first I didn't like the idea. Cam, you're a player. And Izzy, you're my little sister. And yeah, that's kind of weird, but then the whole Chris thing happened..."

Both Cam and Grayson's jaws tensed at the mention of Chris. In a strange way, their protectiveness made me happy. It was just nice to know that people cared about me, and they were on my side.

"And after that, it made me realize that there are so many fucking weirdos out there who are just like Chris. I don't want you with anyone like that. I mean, part of me won't want you with anyone, but I know that's impossible. What I'm trying to say is... If you're going to be with someone, I'd hope that I'd get along with him and we'd be friends. I'd want him to protect and care about you just as much as I do, and I'd want him to respect you and treat you like a fucking queen."

As those words left Grayson's mouth, I smiled widely up at him. That was such a cute thing to say! I always knew how much Grayson hated to think about me dating anyone, but I never thought he'd actually put this much thought into it. The fact that he wanted someone to treat me right and protect me made me happy because I'd never thought he thought like that. I always assumed he just despised the idea of me dating and that was it. I guess I thought wrong.

"Cam," he said and turned to Cam who was pretty stunned right now, "You're like a brother to me, you're my absolute best friend. But, I have no problems throwing our friendship into the trash if you ever do anything to hurt Izzy. If you ever disrespect her we're through. Got it?"

"Yeah Gray," he nodded nervously, "Of course. I'd never hurt her, I swear."

"You better be doing this for the right reasons. If you're just going to mess with her and then drop her like it's nothing, I'll rip your throat out. No more of this player bullshit, got it?"

"I'm done being a tool," Cam told him, "I'm all in, I promise. I'd never hurt her, she's important to me too."

"Good." Grayson said, still trying to seem like the Alpha despite the fact that he and Cam barely ever got into arguments. It must be kind of weird to talk to him like he was trying to scare him off since Cam wasn't really too afraid of Grayson.

I was so extremely lucky to have both of these guys in my life. It amazed me at how sweet and sincere they could be at times, it was a side that they never really showed before. I really liked it though, now I could see that they were truly amazing guys all around.

"Aww, you guys," I gushed at the sweet moment that had just happened.

The boys turned towards me and I ran over and pulled them in for a group hug. They were significantly taller than me so as I wrapped my arms around their bodies, my head rested between their chests and they laughed.

I was so relieved, Grayson's reaction was so much better than I expected. I felt like a big weight was ripped off my shoulders, it felt like I could breathe again. This meant that Cam and I could kiss in front of Grayson and not worry about hiding! Although I'm sure Grayson would still be telling us off.

Now all we had to worry about was school tomorrow... Oh god...

I had a feeling that the next day at school would be a little difficult. Cam and I didn't hang out in the same crowd. Cam and Grayson hung out with the popular crowd since they were on the soccer team. They were friends with all the jocks and all the preppy cheerleaders and all those people were pretty judgmental and rude. I hoped that they'd be accepting of our relationship, or else things could go south pretty fast.


Hi Guys,

I hope you guys are doing well! I've been working loads again since I've gotten back from my little vacation so it's been hard to find time to sit down and write without getting distracted or falling asleep! I've managed to scrape up this chapter though! Tell me what you all think of it! Can you believe the whole Chris ordeal? And wow Grayson took Cam and Izzy's relationship pretty well!!

Don't forget to leave me a comment and tell me what you think of Chapter 18!


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How do you think people at school will react to Izzy and Cam's new relationship?
Everyone is going to hate it! They're going to try to rip the two of them apart!!
Everyone will love them! How can you not love their relationship? They're golden!
Everyone is going to be weirded out at first, but after a while they'll realize they're great together!
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