Complicated Love - Chapter 6

Grayson and Cameron don't seem too thrilled to find out that Izzy has befriended Chris, Izzy goes to Jen's to help her get ready for her date with Gavin, and Izzy's dad thinks up a great plan for the upcoming 4 day long weekend! Want to find out more? Keep on reading Complicated Love!
I was sitting under my tree waiting for Grayson and Cameron to finish their soccer practice. Cameron seemed pretty annoyed at me for being so stern about our study session tonight, so he never came over to talk to me the entire time. Maybe I should get him annoyed with me more often, it was a lot more peaceful without him interrupting me while I was reading.

Their practice had finally finished up and the boys went into the changing rooms. I heard my phone beep and I pulled it out of my bag to look at what it was. It was a text from Chris.

C: I saw you staring at my butt ;)

I laughed out loud and shook my head. Chris was funny. We had been texting back and forth for a bit since we talked the other day and I learned that he was funny and quite nice. He was easy to talk to; we always found something to talk about, even if it were as random as why fish don't ever blink.

I: I wasn't staring!! Don't flatter yourself ;P

C: If you say so... but we both know the truth Superstar.

I: You're just jealous you couldn't look at mine ;)

C: You caught me red handed, I'm pretty bummed about that. ;)

I: Ha-Ha... very punny

C: I aim to please

I got up from my spot and walked over to the Jeep. Grayson and Cameron came out of the changing room with the rest of the team and I quickly spotted Chris. He was looking at me too and he waved. I smiled and waved back at him and he held his phone up, indicating that he'd text me. I shot him a thumbs up and leaned against the car waiting for Grayson and Cam to get to the car.

"What was that Izzy?" Grayson said with a frown.

"What was what?" I asked.

"You're waving to Chris Carter? Since when you were two friends?" Grayson asked while he unlocked the doors. I hoped Grayson wasn't going to get all weird and protective just because of this.

I shrugged and climbed into the car, "We chatted in the changing room the other day."

"The changing room!?" Cameron said quickly and whipped his head around from the front seat. Grayson did the same and had a huge frown on his face.

"Grayson, don't wrinkle your forehead so much," I pressed in between his eyebrows to flatten his skin out, "it'll get stuck that way one day."

Grayson swatted my hand away and raised his voice, "What the hell was he doing in the changing room with you!? Was he watching you change! Fucking pervert! I'm going to kill him!" He opened the door and got out. My eyes went wide and I jumped out of the car too.

I pushed on Grayson's chest as he tried to push past me and get to Chris, "Stop it Grayson! I wasn't changing! Get back in the car!"

When I said, I wasn't changing he relaxed and got back in.

"Then what happened?!"

"I was practicing for my audition in the changing room because it was empty and he just happened to hear me. See? Not a big deal!"

"I don't know Gray..." Cam said and I rolled my eyes at him.

"Stop it! Both of you! We're simply friends! Cam and I are friends and you don't mind that Gray."

"Oh no, no no! If you and Chris are the same as you and Cam, then I don't like this at all." Grayson huffed and started the car.

"What? Why?" I looked at Grayson confused.

"Cam is already too friendly with you. How many times has he felt you up? And tried to make out with you? Not to mention you two are equally stubborn and you fight all the damn time!"

"Yo, I'm right here," Cam said offended, "I can hear you."

"And like I've said a million times, that's my sister!"

"And like I've said!" Cam argued back, "I can't help it sometimes."

"More like all the time," I mumbled and leaned against the window.

"Don't pretend you don't like the attention," he said slyly and turned around in his seat as we drove off.


Ring! Ring! Ring!

I was currently watching Netflix on my laptop when my phone started to ring. I jumped up and listened for where my phone was. I looked in my school bag and couldn't find it. I ripped my sheets off and it wasn't there.

"Holy hell! Where are you phone?" I said out loud, I finally checked my closet and there it was sitting on a shelf. I rolled my eyes and shook my head, how did it end up there?


"Izzy! You need to come over!" It was Jen, she sounded frantic.

"Oh my gosh! I almost forgot! Your date with Gavin is tonight!"

"Yes! Get over here! Violet and Leah are on the way, I need you guys' help!"

"I'm on my way!" I said as I grabbed my purse and hung up.

I ran into Grayson's room where he was yelling into a headset and playing some shooting video game. I waved at him, hoping he'll peel his eyes off the screen.

"What?" He said when he had a second.

"Where are your keys?" I said while looking through his desk drawers.


I finally found them and walked out of the room, "I'll be back later."

I drove to Jen's house and when I got there Violet and Leah were already up in her room roaming through her closet. I ran up the stairs after saying hello to her parents and made my way to her bedroom, which was blaring loud music. I walked in and laughed, Jen was standing in the middle of her room while Leah and Violet were holding up different pieces of clothes against her and she didn't look very impressed.

"Guys! Will you pick something already?" Jen said as they ran all over her bedroom.

After 30 minutes of choosing an outfit, we all finally decided on some light wash jeans with a few rips in the knees and a flowing white shirt with a long black cardigan. We gave her some cute sandals and told her to bring her black handbag.

We sat her down and I fixed Jen's makeup while Leah painted her nails, and Violet curled her hair. In another half hour, Jen was all ready to go. She looked amazing!

"Voila!" Leah said as Jen was finally able to look at herself in the mirror.

"Wow guys, you did a great job," Jen beamed, "I look... beautiful."

"Jen, you're beautiful without all this makeup," I smiled at her and gave her a hug.

"It's true," Violet agreed. Then she clapped her hands together and jumped up, "Well, we better get out of here before Gavin comes."

"You better tell us everything tomorrow!" Leah said while grabbing her purse.

The three of us had finally made our way downstairs and were about to leave the house when we heard a knock on the door.

We all froze and looked at each other with wide eyes. Jen whispered, "He's here early!"

We all straightened out our outfits and fixed our hair before I opened the door to find Gavin looking quite handsome.

"Hey Gavin," I smiled at him.

"Izzy," he said and returned the smile, "Hey, how's it going?"

"Good," I said and urged him to come into the house, "Come on in."

"Jen," he said excitedly when he saw her. He came over to her and gave her a hug, "You look great!"

"Thanks Gavin," she blushed deeply. Then Jen introduced the girls, "This is Violet and Leah... and of course you know Izzy already."

"Nice to meet you guys," he said to them and they replied back timidly. They were probably stunned by how cute he was!

"Well, we better head out," Jen said and pulled Gavin out of the house with her. Once they left the three of us squealed happily while jumping up and down.


After dinner that night, I grabbed my math stuff and brought it down to the dining room. Cam better be here soon, I thought. Actually, why did I care? It's his future and it's his responsibility to do something about it. If he didn't show up then it was his fault, not mine.

"Amanda! I just fucking can't tonight!" I heard Cam come from the front room. Cameron actually came, which surprised me a little. This was a good sign, however he was talking to Amanda. Which wasn't good, because I hated her.

"What am I doing? I told you I'm studying! ... Don't laugh at me! I'm being serious."

He walked into the dining room and rolled his eyes at the phone, "I'm actually studying, okay? This isn't a joke or some excuse to ditch you!"

I started laughing loudly. She was clingy, just like Cam said the other night.

Then I heard Amanda's screech come through the phone because it was so loud, "ARE YOU WITH IZZY?!!!?"

Cam groaned into the phone and gave me a look that told me to shut up. But to me, it just made the situation even funnier, so I kept on laughing. "Yeah I am Amanda, calm down alright? I gotta go... bye."

He hung up and I shook my head at him, "So those were your big plans eh?"

"Yeah," he sighed, "her voice gives me such a headache sometimes."

"You and me both," I agreed. I was about to say something about why he kept seeing her if he annoyed her. "I don't kno-" then I cut myself off, I didn't want to start another argument. These never ended well, so it was best to avoid a fight altogether.

"You don't what?" He looked at me confused.

"Nothing," I said quickly and sat down with him at the table.

"You definitely had something to say Angel," he urged me on and eyed me.

"It wasn't important," I smiled and then pointed to his book, "let's get started."

For the next two hours I helped Cam with math. We worked on the basics, the first lesson of the year. I couldn't believe he was this behind! But if we wanted to do well on all the other units then we had to start at the beginning.

The method I used to really get him to understand the concepts was repetition. First I did the problem without telling him what I was doing or why I was doing it. Then I asked him to try to explain what I had just done. After, I'd do the problem (or a similar one) but this time explain my steps out loud for him. Then I would get him to do the question that I had just done.

After two hours we started lesson 2, he was doing great so far. I knew he was capable of it, he just needed a different learning style because Mr. Grout was hard to learn from. He never explained anything out loud, he would tell us to read the explanation from our textbooks, which weren't always clear. I learned that sometimes listening and seeing things simultaneously (especially for math) was a more effective way to learn a concept.

"Hey you two," my dad said as he came into the dining area, "what are you up to?"

"Math," Cam sighed, "it's really hard."

My dad chuckled and patted his back, "Good thing you've got a good tutor," my dad winked at me and held up his hand for a high five.

I high fived him and Cam nodded with a smile, "Yeah, she's pretty amazing."

"Have you guys started thinking about colleges?" My dad asked and pulled out a bag of chips and poured them in a bowl.

"I've searched up a few online, some nearby and some a bit farther away. I've narrowed it down to 5 that I'm serious about," I said to my dad.

"That's great kiddo," dad smiled at me and then turned to Cam, "how about you son?"

"I haven't looked into it too much. Fingers crossed I can get scouted," Cam said hopefully, "or else I'm not sure if I'll go to college."

"Oh don't be so sure Cam," my dad patted his back, "you're a smart guy. And with Izzy's help you'll be on the right track."

"Thanks George," he said with a smile.

"Maybe you guys should go visit a few of the campuses, it would be good to go see what they're all about." My dad suggested, "Hmm, yeah, I've got a great idea! Where's Grayson? GRAYSON COME HERE!"

Grayson came into the room, "Yeah dad?"

"You three should go visit some colleges since it's a long weekend coming up, what do you say? It would be great for you guys to see what colleges you're compatible with."

"Yeah, that seems like a good idea dad," Grayson beamed, "Brittney can come too."

"No she can't," I said immediately.

"Why not? She's looking into colleges too!" Grayson whined, "Why do you hate her so much?"

"You know why I hate her so much," I rolled my eyes and grabbed some chips from the bowl.

"Anyway, I'll call some places and get you all sorted. I'll book you guys a room and fill up the car with gas for Friday. I wish, I could come with you guys, but I've got huge meeting on Saturday and your mother is working night shifts at the hospital all weekend. I really want you three to get serious about colleges... well, I know Izzy already is serious about school but you boys," he pointed at them, "you need to get ready for college."

"Can't we fly? Do we have to drive?" I asked my dad pleadingly.

"Darling, you'll be fine. Grayson is a great driver," he said encouragingly.

"It's not him, I'm worried about," I sighed heavily.

"Cam is an excellent driver too," dad argued.

"It's not Cam either Dad. It's everyone else on the road. What if they aren't paying attention. What if they crash into us? It's a long drive, who knows what could happen..."

Cam put his hand on my back and rubbed it up and down. I saw Grayson give him a look and he made sure to stay near the top of my back, not any lower, "Don't worry Angel, it'll be fine. Gray and I will drive extra carefully, okay?"

"Yeah sis, a road trip will be fun," Grayson pitched in and offered a smile.

"I don't want to dad," I whined as my chest got tight and my body tensed, "I really don't want to."

"Izzy, come on," Grayson begged me.


"Izzy!" Grayson raised his voice a bit more.

"No! I can't do it Grayson! You don't understand! You didn't get hit by a car and almost die! It didn't happen to you so you don't know how I feel!" I busted and shouted at him.

"You didn't almost die! You barely came out with a scratch! Why are you so crazy about this?!" He shouted back stubbornly.

"You don't understand. No one does! I can barely make it to school sometimes, how am I going to survive a 5-hour-trip? I get anxious and tense and I sometimes I can't breathe!"

"I thought your anxiety was fixed! I thought Sue was working!"

"Sue?" Cam asked and scrunched his eyebrows together confusedly.

"Izzy's therapist," Grayson blurted out.

"Therapist?" Cam said surprised, "you have a therapist?"

"Grayson!" I groaned loudly. I didn't want Cam to know about that. It was private, no one knew except for my parents and Grayson. Jen didn't even know! It was embarrassing. When people find out you go to therapy, they think you're crazy.

"Alright enough yelling!" Dad said and clapped his hands together, "the boys will drive down Friday morning and you can fly out Friday evening and they'll pick you up from the airport."

I sighed in relief, Dad always had my back. Since he was in the accident with me, he was the only one who had an idea of what I was going through. I couldn't help the anxiety, I was working on it though. I smiled at Dad and he flashed me a smile back before he got up and left the room, "Make sure to clean up the kitchen before you guys go to bed."

I couldn't believe Grayson said that out loud. I didn't want anyone to know about Sue. It was personal and he had no right to talk about Sue. She was my business, not his!

"I can't believe you!" I glared at Grayson, got up and stormed up to my bedroom. I slammed the door and jumped right into my bed and covered my entire body with the blankets and groaned. This was so embarrassing.


Hey Everyone!

I hope, you've all had a good weekend! Here's Chapter 6, I hope you enjoy it. I'm going to include Cameron's POV in the next chapter, I just put the poll out there to find out what you guys would like to see. I already had this Chapter planned out and written before I got most of the results in, so for Chapter 7 or 8, I'll be including Cameron's POV. I'm quite excited to dip into his mindset, hopefully it'll shed some light.


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