Confucius Thoughts on Life - Part 1

Famous thoughts and quotes of Confucius
• To learn and then do, is not that a pleasure?

• Thrice daily I ask myself: In dealing with others, have I been unfaithful? Have I been untrue to friends? Do I practice what I preach?

• Put faithfulness and truth first, have no friends unlike thyself; be not ashamed to mend thy faults.

• Not to be known is no sorrow. My sorrow is not knowing men.

• He that rules by mind is like the North Star, steady in his seat, whilst the stars all bend to him.

• Guide people by mind, aline them by courtesy; they will learn shame and grow good.

• He that feeds his parents is now called a good son. But both dogs and horses are fed, and unless we honor our parents, what is the difference?

• To keep old knowledge warm and get new makes the teacher.

• A gentleman is broad and fair; the small man takes sides and narrow.

• Learning without thought is naught; thought without learning is dangerous.

• To know what we know, and know what we do not know, that is wisdom.

• If thy words seldom give offense, and thy deeds little to rue, pay will follow.

• Lift up the straight, put away the crooked, and the people will be won. Lift up the crooked, put away the straight; and the people will not be won.

• A man without truth, I know not what good he is.

• A man without love? What is courtesy to him? A man without love, what is music to him?

• A sin against Heaven leaves no room for prayer.

• I do not speak of what is ended, chide with what is settled, or find faults with what is past.

• Rank without beauty ceremony without reverence; mourning without grief, why should I cast them a glance?

• Love makes a spot beautiful: Who chooses not to dwell in love, has he got wisdom?

• Loving men find peace in love, the wise find profit in it.

• Love alone can love others or hate others.

• A will set on love is free from evil.

• Wealth and honors are what men desire, but do not go from the way, to keep them. Lowliness and want are hated by men; but not go from the way, to escape them.
Published: 6/20/2016
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