Confused Consternation

Gender confusion.
Her circuits are wrong,
She's tuned to the moon,
She's gonna blow a fuse,
She's wired to a wet spoon.

She's been to Venus and back,
She went there in a clam,
Now she wants to go back,
But her circuit's jammed.

She's got space-age sexuality,
She don't know if she's a boy or a girl,
She's scared by her new age mentality,
Wired to the fear of a weird world.

She's been to Hell and back,
Flew there on a Dragon's breath,
Blew a fuse in her circuit,
Made herself a burning berth.

Her circuits are wrong,
She's got a chip on the brain,
She wants to be recognized,
But her talent's too strange.

All the right bits in the wrong places,
Make for harrowing conversation,
Her wires are crossed in different phases,
Stirring up confused consternation.

Published: 4/20/2019
Bouquets and Brickbats