Conquered by Love

My first Movie Script. An African tale of a Rich Father and two grownup Sons who were at war with each other, both heavy weights, yet only one can be the winner at the end of it all.
Noises can be heard in the background.... The scene displays a big compound on a magnificent mansion in Banana Island in the city of Lagos....

On one faithful Saturday Morning, beyond the waves of the rushing ocean and the early morning breeze.... this happens.

The scene opens in one gigantic sitting room painted gold and white. On the walls of the house are beautiful art works and paintings. The fancy wall clock bought from the United States of America displayed the time at 15 mins past 9 am.

The marble on the floor was glowing and like a mirror, one could almost see a clear reflection of one's self on that floor.

In the background one can hear Music playing from the powerful sound system inside the sitting room at a very low volume. The 50 inch flat scene TV displayed a local music video with no audio coming out.

Above the music JUDE and his twin brother PAUL exchange some angry words.


Scene 1

JUDE: Look here, I really don't care. I have said my piece, I strongly stand by my words, I owe no one any apology or an explanation most especially not you.

PAUL: What are you talking about? I mean what exactly are you talking about? What do you even take me for? You think you could just make those kind of decisions and expect me to go along with it? You must be a joker, and you are losing it. In fact you must be dreaming!

JUDE: (stands up in anger pacing around the living room before he stops suddenly and goes towards the window, and then looks at his Paul and says) First of all, I can and I did! Get that into your thick skull. Secondly, I have every right to make those decisions I made and I do not have to explain myself to you for whatever reason. Neither do you have any right to question me here or at the office!

PAUL: (laughs hysterically) Jude, can you now see why I said you are a dreamer, asking a rhetorical question. What gives you the right to even think you can make those decisions? What do you think you are? Wasn't father clear enough about this? Maybe I should spell it out to you. You my friend are nothing but a glorified figurehead!

JUDE: (with his voice raised and visibly shaking with anger) Father was indeed clear about you been a 'no good nuisance', whose head would never be fit for the crown. What you call a figurehead I call the only figure and the head! You are a boy. No strike that, A child is what you are, A child that needs to grow up and grow some senses. Back then I wondered why Dad would give me so much responsibility and you none. Now I applaud his ingenuity.

PAUL: (stands up and walks angrily to his brother) Look here you, never ever you call me a boy! Never ever! When the time comes, I will take what's rightfully mine. I will wear the crown. You are nothing but a temporary guard! A butterfly who thinks himself a bird.

JUDE: Now who's the dreamer? Answer me, who is? You know what, I have work to do. I have better places to be in. I have a company to run. (pointing outside) I would rather be outside the gate, talking to Adamu the gateman than stand here and argue with a block head. And yes, I actually mean the Adamu outside the gate who speaks, (shrugs) God knows what. Even if I have no idea what he says, he is a better use of my time. (walks out)

PAUL: This has got to stop! It can't continue like this. I have had it up to here with this clown and stupid joker. If he thinks, he is more than what he is, then he needs to get his head examined. If he for one second expect me to stomach those decisions, then he has got another thing coming. I will show him who is the boss! I will! (with that he picks up his car key leaves scene)

(The scene fades after Paul picks his car key, leaves the sitting room and drives away).


Scene 2

Scene is somewhere in a Club on the Island later in the evening of that same day. Seated at the vip section is JUDE. He is dressed in a fitted brown round neck polo, and a cream colored Pants, with a black shoe and a gold wrist watch.

Lost in thought even as the loud sound was blasting from the club speakers, he still managed to look lost. One look at this man and you could tell, he was a man deeply bothered by something. This was JUDE a successful investment banker and recently the managing director of TEZA Oils. Until the death of his father Chief DAVIES, JUDE had been the General Manager of CUBA motors where he had worked for the last 5 years. He had been successful and had for the past 2 years been nominated as the Man of the year in an international Magazine known as THE CAP.

He lived a quiet life far from all the noises and drama and enjoyed building his career.

Then suddenly his father had died. He was just 72 years of age but until his death he was the CEO of TEZA Oils, a company he formed over three decades ago. Chief Davids was very connected and had friends among the ruling party of the country. So he naturally got lots of juicy contracts and that he did, regularly.

But Chief Davids stood for one thing. He was a man of integrity. He always delivered. Jude could clearly remember an incidence about this contract to supply some Universities with lab equipment. The government refused to release funding for a very long time and when finally they did, it was about three months to an election. So chief Davids could have gotten away without delivering on that contract because in less than 3 months, the government of the country was changed, yet he did. He would always tell his two sons, "Boys, your word is your bond. If you give your words, no matter whatever happens, keep those words. They are the real you." He shifted in his seat as he smiled at the memories of his dad. He was a loving father and he sure took care of his boys.

So what had put them in such dilemma after his demise? He had insisted that Jude be the made the M.D. of his company but was careful enough to point out that Paul was the CEO with 27% of the share of the firm, but on the condition that he could not make any decisions! Paul had worked with their dad for over 15 years and knew a lot about this company. He was dad's right hand man, but he had a problem. He lacked the only thing dad respected the most. He didn't have any integrity. That hurt him and the company's image so badly.

At his death, he had left them both with the estate, few houses and the company. This company was the only one he told them to figure out and run together. He was even careful enough to state it in the will, not that he needed to because he had drummed it into their ears for nearly five years.
As Jude sat there and wondered deeply he remembered his father word of advice.

CHIEF DAVIES: "Jude and Paul, I love you both. You mean the world to me. I have made this tough decisions knowing that you would respect my wishes even if it kills you, but it won't. Don't you worry, Love will conquer and fix the deficits in you. You will figure this out. One more thing. You two must marry strong passionate and God-fearing women. You would thank me later."

This was over 7 years ago.

Scene fades away....


Scene 3

Having calmed down, Paul turned his car around and returned to the house. This had been his Father's house for as long as he could remember. It had also been where he and Jude had lived for many years. Before his father's death, Chief Davids had insisted that his two sons reside with him. He parked his car in the garage and decided to go sit by the garden and figure out what he was going to consigning his twin brother's arrogance and strong head.

As he sat there, he thought about all his efforts he had put in the film. He had worked with his dad for about 15 years. He really loved working in this organization and enjoyed the genuine respect showed him by his colleague and clients. He had earned it because unlike anyone he had heard of, he had refused the position his dad had offered him at the beginning when he decided they were to work together. However he chose to work his way up the ladder and that he did diligently. It had taken him over 8 years to get to a place of authority where he could make decisions for the company and where he wanted to be.

And that was when he had started having problems with his dad. His dad was just too straightforward for his liking. If a deal wasn't clean, his father would never touch it. Paul couldn't understand this. No matter how much amount involved, father wouldn't touch such deals even with a long pole. Paul wasn't of the same school of thought. If the money is right, do the deal! That was his belief. There were times his dad had turned down deals their competitors were dying and had lobbied for.

His dad loved him much and he could tell, but couldn't stand the fact that he was a "complete businessman". This is how PAUL calls himself. He remembers one incidence that happened at home one day.


Scene 4

Chief DAVIDS: My son, my son, (pointing towards him, he said) Paul the only businessman I love with a passion, but can't trust with my transactions.

The two of them laughs before Paul reaches for the remote control and reduces the volume of the TV....

PAUL: Father, in this country, this is how we survive. We don't have to stereotype and discriminate against good bargains. This is a business place, not a church. Even in the churches there are good and bad people there.

Chief DAVIDS: Now you are killing me son. (his dad replies after he had laughed for a while) Discriminate indeed. Look, I worked all my life in integrity. Even if everyone else is doing it, it's not right and I don't have to. My word is my bond. I am not doing too bad in business and also God has blessed us. You are a staff of the company, you know what the books says. We are top of the log and yet we haven't compromised.

PAUL: Father times are changing real fast and business is about opportunities. We need to flow with the trend. I know, how well the business is doing, but I also know that we had let go of ten, dad, not one, not two, not even five, but ten mouth-watering deals that would have taken us out of the top ten organizations in this country and place us among the top eight firms in this continent.

Chief DAVIDS: Businessman I love, but don't trust he said, referring to PAUL. You do realize that there are over a thousand and one organizations who would give an arm and a leg to be in our position at the moment. Money is not everything. Those deals could have turned sour at any point and spoiled and soiled my name and the reputation, I have built for decades.

PAUL: Dad let's call a spade a spade, how many organizations out there are as clean as you want to be. Those deals I brought and you had us turned down was accepted in a flash by our competitors and they keep growing and reaching out to the poor while fulfilling their purpose and maximizing their potentials.

Chief DAVIDS: So are you saying without those deals they won't fulfill this mandates and purpose? Reach out to the poor at what cost?

PAUL: Yes and No. Money is required to meet needs and without adequate finance they won't and can't do anything. In fact, Dad, we can take this deals strictly to fund our charity. Dad let my name and reputation be on the line. I will take those deals and not drag any other name in the mud, because I know, for a fact all I have to do is do exactly what others are doing and we will be fine.

Chief DAVIDS: No son. My family name precious to me. I refuse to allow you soil your hands or get the name dirty. I will always make sure of this. Growth doesn't have to be superficial. We are growing at a fantastic rate. I don't like unnecessary deals and we won't do it. As far as this company is consigned, we will always be known for integrity. Let's go to bed my son, know I will try all I can to make my desire come through.

And with that he rose and walk upstairs towards his bedroom.

Scene fades away.


24 months after the incident at the house in banana Island, involving the twin, voices can be heard.....

Scene opens in Pauls new house somewhere in Lekki. Laughter can be heard coming from the direction of the sitting room....

PAUL: This woman who can cook. See I would say this categorically, no wonder you were able to tame the beast in this boy over there. (pointing at his twin brother Jude) He only behaves when he tastes good food from a woman. His concussion rise, never for once came without a comer, either get over salt or too much pepper or not enough groundnut oil or no go done. The thing been affect his brain well, well those days.

(Laughter all over the place.)

JUDE: (makes a face and pretends to be angry) You know if not for the fact that my father promised me he's your dad too, I would have thought you were adopted. So I am the only beast here right? Have you taken a look at the mirror lately? See your belle like say no, you carry the pregnancy. Person know say your own, no fast food. I no blame you.

(Another Round of Laughter)

Hey boys one of the twins spoke, "We are only doing our jobs. Cooking is something my sister and I love doing. Let's face it, you both are identical even with your pot bellies."

(Laughter Everywhere)

BALAKE: A beg tell them oh FOLU. For their minds, they feel like body builders when the only thing them sabi build no family trees pointing to their respective protruding stomachs.

(Laughter Continues)

FOLUKE: Well, I thank God for our shapes now (gesticulating an arc above the stomach) and back then (gesticulating a figure 8 shape with both hands). Back then can you remember about 2 years ago, why your husband nearly killed me? No shape attract them no, or should I say distract them.

The laughter fills the house....

BALAKE: If I hear say I forget. He ran you over on his way from the club on a Sunday morning! You had to go very early to church that morning because you were leading the workers service! How time flies.

FOLUKE: Yes, indeed. Although in his defense, I would say he stopped and picked me to a hospital and stayed there even after the doctor told him it was a minor cut and I would be discharged after check up.

BALAKE: Why won't he stay? When he was busy toasting me on a Sunday morning! Kai. Men, na wa for una o. I remember I was so mad at him back then, you had just knocked down my twin sister and I rushed down to the hospital to see her only to learn that you are both the one that knocked her down and the one who stood by her all through the scans. Suddenly, you begin they eye me like person who never see woman before.

Both laughs hard.

FOLUKE: My husband nko? You don't forget him own abi? Oya let me remind you. We had a thanksgiving to thank God for sparing my life from the accident. We asked bros, please come along with your twin brother. That's all o.

BALAKE: (giggling) Ehen, but he did na. They both came to church that Sunday and relatively on time too.

FOLUKE: Yes, to bring me flowers with a card in it. To a church! He couldn't even wait till after service, he called an usher to call me outside and even with the bandage on my hand and all that, he went on. "hello, I am so sorry about your accident. I saw your picture and was sorry he knocked you down, so I decided to get you this." Then he gives me a flower and a love poem inside the house of God. In his mind, he was at a club.

The four of them laughs so hard, one of them spills drink on the floor.

Now Jude speaks up......

JUDE: See, you can say whatever you like now, back then it was a different story. A messed up one.

PAUL: Yes, very true. Back then we were unsaved, unholy, unwashed, materialistic, didn't value the beauty of brotherhood and had just had a major misunderstanding the previous day.

JUDE: The argument was what was on my mind, the day I knocked you over while coming back from the club and was the sole reason why I left very late... that was around 6 am. Naturally I would have been home for about 3 am. But unlike my brother, who's sorry I hit you, I am not. That incident was orchestrated by God. It changed our lives forever.

PAUL: True talk bro. We sorted out our differences after meeting the Sanya's daughters (winks) and learned what true love, forgiveness and fellowship meant. And for me, personally I learned about integrity and honesty. But Folu haba, I saw your picture on Jude's phone no. You were the most angelic beauty, I had even seen. You radiated and glowed like the early morning sun. Your shape was God at his finest moment.

JUDE: (nods head in agreement) Your coming into our lives has been a blessing from above. I learned to let go and let God heal after I met you. Balake, As you hurried into that Hospital, that morning, My heart melted as I saw you. It was then I realized, I hadn't been paying attention because you guys were twins. Your lips was beautifully red and rounded and your smile got me drunk. You were by far the most beautiful lady, I had ever seen and I couldn't help myself but say it the way I felt. That was my turning point.

PAUL: It was mine too because when you got back home and told me what happened and then showed me her picture, bro, I no go lie give you, I no see any bandage for my mind. I only saw sparkling and ravishing beauty. From her hair which was newly made to her feet and all I could say was, wow!

On the TV a song "All of me by John legends" comes on air and one of them quickly grabs the remote and turns up the volume..... Let us enjoy this moment for truly all things, works together for good to them that loves the Lord.
Published: 2/27/2015
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