Conquering Fear

The best way to conquer your fear is to challenge it.
Every living person on earth has the fear. You have to know exactly what is the kind of fear that is tormenting you over the years. You have to be prepared to face it when it is coming back at you. For instance, back in 2007, I was afraid to take the IELTS exam because of the fear that I have to face the interviewer one-on-one for my speaking section. I was afraid for my pronunciation of every word in English. I was really afraid to take the test. Therefore, I failed in the exam thrice. I got good scores in listening, reading and writing, but my speaking section always turned me down. It was on my fourth attempt that I finally got a passing band score of 7. My friends were telling me not take the test because if I took it, I would only be hurting myself to see the failing band scores, especially on my speaking section. But then I became more confident about myself than ever before despite what happened to me, that's why I took the test.

See, this is what I am telling you that in life, there are so many obstacles and challenges. Even though I have problems in my pronunciation, I keep on trying... Even though I am not raised in the English world country, it is not an excuse for me to succeed. But sometimes, I have so many questions that need answers. What if my upcoming interview in the U.S. Embassy will be delayed because I did not take the IELTS test to renew my Visa Screen Certificate? What if I will not fulfill my dreams of working as a registered nurse in the U.S. soil? What if something happens to me and to my family? So many what ifs.

But now, I have realized that you only lose in this life when you do not have self-confidence. I have come to know that you need to be bold and never fear the word disappointment. You have to have a fighting spirit that never gives up so easy, no matter what the circumstances. I know that everyone has ups and downs, but you need to have a great hope in order to save yourself from failure. You have to keep believing in yourself. Because in the end, it is the only way to conquer the fear inside of you. You have to be positive all the time in everything that you do and you have to give an extra effort in order to get what you desire in life. There are many negative thoughts and energies that surround us, but you have to get rid of them. You have to stop thinking that it is too difficult to accomplish and you have to face the fear in life.

Yes, I have realized that when you have failed once, twice, thrice or even many times, you have to get up because life does not end there. You have to build yourself again. As I have said earlier on, you have to keep on trying and believing that something beautiful is going to happen. You have to believe that there is always a chance to succeed. You just have to trust yourself and believe in God. Life is a series of tests. A failure is not the end of the world, but it is the beginning that would make you strong and reach your ultimate goals in life. You have to face the fear because in facing the fear, you may realize that fear is created in order for us to stand up in life. It is your fear that you become who you are. If you let it ruin you, then the fear defeats you. But if you come and challenge it, the fear will definitely salute you.
Published: 7/22/2013
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