Console Me, My Lover

This is one of my free verse poems that I conjured whilst discussing the broken lives of my friends and mine at dinner, the other night. It's not one of my best ability to be poetic, but I digress, I did try half-heartedly. Feedback please.... Enjoy.
You're holding me at gunpoint,
There are pot plants outside my window,
Console me, my lover.

Slippery rocks, it's a shallow world we live in,
I believe in love,
Love is dead, humanity is doomed,
Objects and products are all consumed,
Console me, my lover.

I am cynical at best,
But what more from me in a world like this,
Console me, my lover.

You're all that I've got,
The end draws near,
But hold me close, and I'll have nothing to fear,
Console me, my lover.

We're drifting apart,
Hold me again and steal away my heart,
My lover, I'm dying a tragic death,
Slowly but surely, deep down into the pits,
But console me, my lover.

And I might gain a hint,
That faith still exists, if only for repent,
Console me, my lover, in our darkest days,
Before the whole crumbles,
And our spirits fade away.
Published: 4/8/2013
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