Cool Bedroom Designs

While everyone wants their bedroom to look like it is straight out of an interior design magazine, not all of us know how to go about doing so. Cool bedroom designs for your space are easy to follow, if you keep some basic tips in mind.
A long day at work and an equally long trip back home in rush hour traffic; the only respite from this tiring monotony on most days is the vision of your bedroom, where you can crash as soon as you reach home. And if this sanctum of yours is as boring and routine as your day is, then the appeal of even that oasis is lost. Maybe this is a situation when you need to refurnish the interiors of your bedroom and think about bedroom decorating. A bedroom that is decorated in such a manner with the help of a design that uplifts your mood, refreshes you at the end of the day and caters to your aesthetic sensibilities can be the perfect solution to the end of the day blues.

While copying the design off an interiors magazine may seem like an easy way to have a beautiful bedroom, most interior designing professionals always prescribe personal touches to a room to make it feel more lived in. After all as well kept a room of a five star hotel looks, having a bedroom resemble one is not all that attractive.

Designs for Master Bedrooms

Most bedroom designs that are seen in interior magazines seem to appeal to the feminine sense of style and designing. While choosing designs for a bedroom for a couple, it is essential that you keep in mind that the interiors of the room need to be neutral and needs to tread that fine line between being overtly masculine or feminine. While determining decorating ideas for master bedroom, the first decision that needs to be taken with care is choosing the right color for your room. Choose a color that both of you like. Avoid a color that is associated with either gender; therefore banish shades of pinks and blues to either the nursery or your own personal space, if you have one. Most professionals agree that when it comes to bedroom color ideas, the best colors to adorn the walls of a master bedroom are shades of green, brown, darker shades of blue and if you are feeling adventurous, then even black. Alternately you could have white walls with just one of the walls painted a bright color, making it the accent of the room. Decorate this wall with family photographs or paintings. You could also use this wall as the wall against which your bed is placed or as the wall on which your plasma TV (if you own one) is mounted. Try to avoid having the windows in the room directly opposite this wall, as the reflection may take away from its beauty.

The next important step is selecting the bedroom furniture. Again for this you need to decide upon which kind of interior decorating styles appeals to your aesthetic sense. This will determine the kind of furniture that you need to buy for your house. If you have minimalist sensibilities, then you would probably prefer to opt for furniture that uses chrome, steel, aluminum and your room will have sleek strong lines. On the other hand, if you prefer more earthy designs for your room, then wicker furniture will be right up your alley. While deciding on cool bedroom designs for your room, the most important thing to keep in mind is your comfort, because you will be spending a lot of your time at home in this room.

Accessorizing and decorating your bedroom will now become a lot easier. Interior decorating, when you think about it, is a very systematic process. Once you have decided upon the basics of the room's look, like the color and the style that you want, then accentuating it with knickknacks is a completely stress free process. All you have to do is personalize the things you want in your room and match it with style you are aiming for. For example, in case you want a Moroccan themed house and you have decided to have one of the wall in your room painted an earth shade of rust, then that wall could have as the central feature, either the frame of an ornate window or if you want a more purposeful decoration, a large oval shaped mirror with cane framing.

Bedroom Designs for Kids

Most parents are at a loss for ideas when it comes to a problem like how to decorate a bedroom for their child, especially because the interests and choices of the kid is going to change as fast as the changes in seasons. Every phase in the child's life is going to bring with it a demand for change in the interiors of the rooms, so while as a young boy or girl, they would have been more than pleased with a Sponge Bob Square Pants theme or a Barbie theme, as they move into their teenage phase, there are probably going to want black walls and death metal bands posters all over the room. This is the reason why, according to me, bedroom designs for kids should not be theme based unless you are okay with the idea of redecorating it every couple of years. Try to play around with colors in order to make it more personalized.

If you have a son and are searching for designs for his bedroom, then here are some things that you should keep in mind. Select colors that are predominantly thought of as boy colors. Opt for shades of blue, green, yellow or even brown. For girls, while selecting the colors, try to choose shades of pink, red, purple or other colors that your daughter likes. Another room color idea that you can try is to combine two different shades with a more basic color and play with textures. Whether you are choosing bedroom designs for boys or for girls, always remember that storage space is of extreme importance in a kids' bedroom. Have designated storage space for toys, books, arts and crafts material and any other interests that your child may have. This will make the room more tidy. If you have two kids sharing a room, then getting bunk beds for the room is a brilliant idea, as this will allow you to save space and also make the room look more spacious.

If decorating bedrooms on a budget is your priority and you want some cheap alternatives, then you could always opt to make changes to your bedroom designs over a period of time. Also most of these designs will not cost you much, especially if you decide to paint the rooms yourself instead of calling in expert help. To search for furniture that is cheap yet classy and in sync with your aesthetic sense and the design you have chosen for your room, you could opt to shop at flea markets where you may find antique and vintage furniture at cheaper rates. Give a free rein to your creativity and even with the lowest of low budgets you will be able to come up with bedroom designs that will leave your guests awestruck.
By Tulika Nair
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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