Cool Websites for Kids

The websites for children are becoming more and more specialized with information about interesting stuff being presented. Some of the cool websites for kids mentioned below would add to the knowledge base of children and also act as a means of entertainment.
The development of the Internet has eased the access to information. With the Internet reaching every nook and corner of the world, people are seeing it as an opportunity to carry out business, market products, obtain information, etc. The kids websites are one such component or probably a 'link' in the chain of different types of websites. The fun cool websites for kids have grown in number along with other sites. Here is an attempt to provide information about kids websites.

Cool Websites for Kids to Check

Here are some really cool websites for kids. These websites not only provide children with knowledge, but also entertain them.

The 'National Geographic Kids' is one of the best children's website that provides education in a fun-filled manner. Kids are provided information about the current happenings in the world. The site also has games which entertain children. The sections like People & Places, Animals, Stories, Videos, Photos, Activities are the important links that could be used by children to obtain knowledge.

Yahoo! Kids
This is another website which keeps children engaged in constructive and meaningful activities. The site not only educates, but also entertains children. The variety of things that are offered by the Yahoo! Kids website includes music, jokes, movies, sports, e-cards and horoscopes. The 'StudyZone' section of the website provides reference material and information on animals. The child-friendly search engine offered by Yahoo! Kids provides search results and links which are appropriate for kids. The Parents sections which is a special feature of this website presents information required by parents in dealing with children. Various topics including that of online safety are included in this section.

The Webkinz cannot be termed as an educational website. It is a commercial site primarily aimed at providing entertainment for children. The site is loaded with entertaining stuff like games, stories and Webkinz news. It is thus, one of the cool websites for kids to play. The Webkinz news feature helps kids to be in touch with happenings the world over. Being a commercial site, children can purchase things like food for their pets by means of Webkinz. In order to use/enter this website, one has to first purchase a stuffed Wenkinz animal toy; this toy comes with a secret code used to unlock the online world of Webkinz. The website's services can be used for one year starting from the day the stuffed Webkinz animal toy is purchased.

The AboutKidsHealth website is an initiative of Toronto based 'The Hospital for Sick Children'. The site provides information related to kids' health in a simplified manner. The various topics dealing with kid's health covered in the website include nutrition, diseases, body functioning, etc. Animation related to the information which suit the children's understanding capability are used.

Children and the Internet

In this age of information technology, one cannot keep children away from the influence of children. There are both pros and cons of using the Internet. Since, it is an all-encompassing technology which affects our daily life, the Internet is going to have some good and bad effects on children. However, just like any other new technology, the Internet Technology should be understood properly. Parents should explain both the positive and negative effects of Internet to the children. This way, the kids can learn a lot.

The names provided in the article are just a snapshot of the numerous websites available for kids. The cool websites for kids mentioned above will help in making the children knowledgeable and entertain them.
By Shashank Nakate
Published: 2/4/2010
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