Cope With That

A pleading defense. It's familiar to most of us if not us all.
I know I've tried you in the past,
I know I've been more than a little mean,
For if truth be told, I've been a cunt at times,
And perhaps, should hold my head in shame.
And so it is that I hold my head,
As I bare my heart before your decree,
I sacrifice myself to your judgment,
In the hope you will take pity on me.

To err is to be human, they say,
We all make mistakes, fuck up at times,
It's my only defense. I rest my case!
Now it's over to you to pass judgment on my crimes.
But first, may I ask you one last thought,
That you think of the good times we've shared?
For it seems such a waste that one foolish mistake,
Should be allowed to destroy our affair.

I love you now as I always have,
As is into the future I should,
For I don't plead for what's gone in the past,
I simply pray for a future with you,
For I love you now more than ever before,
And to lose you would break my heart,
So honey please, don't judge me bad,
For I don't think that I could cope with that.

Published: 1/2/2019
Bouquets and Brickbats