Creative Thinking Activities

If you are looking for some creative thinking activities for kids and children, you can take a look at the following article to find some. These can be very helpful and should be included in every kid's curriculum.
The definition of creative thinking is the ability of creating something new or original from scratch with an assurance of the product being one of a kind. Creativity is something which involves your abilities like originality, elaboration, modification, imagery, associative thinking, metaphorical thinking, and the will to create. When kids develop this at the mere age of 1 to 3 years, their instincts stay for a lifetime. Even though some part of this creative thinking is inbuilt, there is another part which can be induced into the brain by carrying out some mind stimulating activities. These activities are very basic to the art of creative thinking and test their level of creativity.

Mentioned in the coming up paragraphs are a few creative and critical thinking activities for kids and students, and can be carried out in schools as well as at home. So, find out which of these are important to you.

Activities that Help Increase Creativity of Children

The human brain develops till the age of 20 to 22 years but the basic development has been completed till the age of 8 years. Thus, if you want to explore creative horizons, you can surely use some great creative thinking activities for this purpose. These activities and exercises help toddlers, students and professionals to develop unique skills and abilities which guide them to look at things differently. The creative thinking exercises mentioned in the coming up paragraphs, gives you an overview of some very easy and basic thinking activities, which require presence of mind and quick, smart thinking. If you like teasing your brain and using your intelligence quotient to the maximum go ahead and find ways to explore and build new things.

Relating Activities
This is one of the best thought provoking activities for kids, as all you have to do is relate to two very different things and give an idea to match them. For this, you can use two objects like edible or non-edible things which can be related and write down their relationships with each other. For e.g.: A fruit and a baked product. Firstly describe them separately and then note their connections to each other in a time limit. This will let you know, how fast the kids can think.

Word Games and Puzzles
Another great option for some great creative thinking activities for students of all ages and other individuals who like brain teasers, there are many word games which you can play. These great activities include games like Scrabble, word puzzles and sentence formations. This collection of brain exercises can be used because they allow your creativity to flourish in the form of making and breaking new words, as well as using random alphabets to give sensible words. Using prefixes and suffixes to the already existing words on the board to make other words can be very creative and it uses your problem solving abilities as well.

Take and Make
Have you ever asked some questions that make one think about certain things which can be used in different ways? This can be a great exercise for your brain, as thought provoking uses of certain items which are wasted can turn out to be very useful. Therefore, make a list of 5 to 6 items which are everyday items that we use, like bins, lace, plastic bottles, folders, shoe laces, etc., and try to come up with one item you can make using all of them. Such activities prove to be some great critical thinking exercises for children of young ages. These help in making them sharper, more alert and quick in thinking.

These fun activities are very useful for children of all ages as well as older individuals. Thus, practicing these activities daily can make a big difference in the way you think to quite an extent, so make the most of it!
By Aparna Jadhav
Published: 10/5/2010
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