Criminal Instinct - Chapter Two

The Johnson's sentimental attachment to the diamond necklace sets Eddie's thoughts in motion. Frankly speaking, there were heirlooms worth thrice the value of that diamond necklace in the mansion... why then steal only the necklace set?
Both Eddie and the detective were silent during the ride over to the scene. Eddie looked over to where the detective sat with a sour expression adorning his face. Eddie figured that he was possibly mulling over his son Emanuel’s latest antics. The boy was constantly getting himself in trouble. Just last week, he broke an older kid’s nose at his high school, fighting over some girl. When Eddie heard about the incident, he laughed and congratulated Emanuel on being the victorious one in his first fight. To the contrary, Sanchez grounded the kid in a fit of rage, taking away his cell phone, computer, Wii and car privileges.

Eddie’s thoughts shifted to the case that awaited them. He wondered if he had ever crossed paths with the guy who robbed the family. It was possible given his history. He’d have to have a chat with Gokul and see if he knew anything about the theft.

Gokul Nair was the geeky-looking hacker extraordinaire. He often wore stuffy knitted sweaters over dress shirts, donned thick-rimmed glasses that magnified his eyeballs and parted his hair to the side, using way too much gel. This guy was the most inconspicuous and wealthy man Eddie knew. When Malcolm was not working as an app developer with Google and Samsung, he hid in his private residence in California adopting an entirely different persona. Gokul’s hacking gift was impressive but it was the ideas that popped into that mind of his, that made Eddie envious.

Despite assisting the police in their cases, Eddie would never have the heart to help them catch Gokul. Neither did he have an obligation to, seeing as his sources were not as important to the force, as the hardcore evidence. He had told Sanchez that he wouldn’t reveal his sources to him since day one and the older man had begrudging agreed.

Eddie was jolted out of his thoughts when Sanchez pulled up in front of a palatial residence. Just gazing at the mansion was a treat. Eddie whistled softly at the magnificence of what stood before him. Passing through the gigantic gates, the vehicle cruised along the driveway to rest at the mansion’s entrance. A pair of officers stood outside interrogating the household staff. Sanchez led the way into the residence, nodding his head at the officers as he went past. Inside, a senior officer was talking in a reassuring tone with Mr and Mrs. Johnson, the victims of the case.

"We’ll be sure to get our best officers on the case Mrs. Johnson. We understand just how much that diamond necklace means to you," said Officer Bradley O’Neil.

As Officer O’Neil comforted them, Eddie took a moment to study the victims. Together, they were the very picture of a stereotypical middle-aged wealthy couple. Mrs. Johnson wore an elegant black chiffon dress. A lovely freshwater pearl necklace adorned her neck and matching earrings hugged her earlobes. Her blond hair was cut short in a fashion that made one recall how Princess Diana once styled her hair.

Her husband, Mr. Johnson wore an elegantly tailored navy blue suit. He appeared as if he had just stepped out of a business meeting. There was nothing casual about how he carried himself. Standing next to his wife with a consoling hand on her shoulder, he appeared rigid in his stance.

"I would appreciate it if you could capture the thief or thieves as quickly as possible. I still can’t fathom how they got past security. My wife has had a terrible time with all this chaos. That necklace set was my mother’s gift to her and she really would like to have it back. I trust that you can help us."

Before O’Neil could respond, Sanchez approached them and spoke.

"We surely will Mr. Johnson. The NYPD is putting together a special team as we speak. In the meantime, I’d like you to meet Mr. Reynolds. He’s going to be helping us with your case. If you don’t mind, we have a couple of questions for you."
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Published: 10/7/2013
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