Crimson Moon

Darkness can't hide the red moon, nor the crimson streets...
She can cry at the soft touch of his
Remember his every soft kissable word’s
The soft feeling she felt when she was with him
He chased away the darkness at night
Covered her empty nights with color and love and utter happiness
But the night the moon turned red, and the sky bleed
Crimson blood washed the streets
Wolves howled to the moon
She could hear the cries of the dying
She knew in her heart he would not return
That her haven had turned into hell and she was alone
The devil was at her door
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
She was gone, before she could blink
Before she could protest, she was his
His hands covered in red, covered with her blood
The night the moon turned red she was just a distant memory of life.
Published: 9/30/2008
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