Crowded Crowns (9)

The meeting.

In the early hours of the morning, I woke up with a sudden gasp. After all the ale that I drank last night and the dancing I took part in, I was too exhausted to tend to the garden stone. However, the mysterious man's image did not stray from my mind. I replayed our dance over and over in my head. His stunning blue eyes had me breathless.

I let the sheets fly off me, dressing myself without the help of my lady's maids. I tip-towed down the cobbled corridors, hoping not to wake anyone as the sun was just beginning to peak over the horizon. I saw a few workers beginning as they did every morning. Sneaking past them, I finally made it to the stone, I spoke to my masked Lord. Indeed, there was parchment awaiting my opening. Sliding it from the stone, it was addressed to "My Lady".

Hiding it, I quickly returned to my room so I could open it. I was so eager to read the words that I about ripped it into two pieces. Sitting in my chair I read:

My Dearest Lady,

While I feel as though our moment was one that lasted for ages, I fear it was too short for my liking. I yearn for your endearing touch. I yearn for your smile, your long locks, your green eyes. Most importantly, I yearn for your presence which I have missed since you left me after our encounter at the Masked Ball. The worst of this all, is that I don't even know my fair maiden's name on which I can call you. Please, meet me by the yellow tulips at midnight tomorrow night.

Until I see your beauty,

I sighed and held the letter close to my chest as I was wanting to intake every word of admiration that came from it.

"My lady?" One of my maids called from the other side of the door.

"One moment." I panicked, quickly hiding my letter in a drawer. "Come in."

"Why," She gives me a skeptical look. "You're already dressed."

"Yes, I took a walk this morning. I wasn't sleeping well," I explained.

"You should have woken me and I would've helped you dress."

"Well, too late for that now. What is it that you needed?" I tried to get to the point of her arrival.

"I was going to help dress you. The ladies are watching the king, the prince, and your brothers do archery in the courtyard. Would you care to join them?" She asked me.

I told her I had other business to attend to and spent my day tending to my studies.



I was late to wake up. For the night before I spent many hours writing and rewriting my letter to this fair maiden. For, I had no clue onto who she was and I just needed to know her name. Although she made my world a little bit brighter, I couldn't help but be frightened by this new feeling. I have never been so afraid to claim a woman as mine, but with her, it was as if she were a delusion that would tempt me before disappearing, leaving me to look like a fool.

As I think of these things, I stroll into the courtyard where there were sacks with paint on them, creating targets for our arrows to pierce. I was the last to appear. I see all the ladies of the court in seats on the balcony.

"I must apologize for my tardiness," I bow to the ladies, letting my eyes scan across the faces. While many of them were pretty, it didn't have the same effect on me as it did before I had met my mystery lady last night. Aria was still a beauty, but I had no interest in her anymore.

"Let us start," Richard announced. We took our stance at the line when my father warned.


I focused on the smallest red circle, awaiting the signal to release.


With a thud, I hit the exact center of the target. The red circle reminded me of my own heart and the arrow was the feeling that consumed me when I first saw her last night.

"Very good, Prince Brom." Lady Aria claps, interrupting my thoughts. She didn't seem very interested though.

The rest of the day's activities included horseback riding, hunting, and feasting. I would consistently glance up to the sun, questioning when it would fall and let me be reunited with my lady that I adored. When evening came, the men sat around and smoked. After the last man returned to his chambers for a night full of rest, I escaped to the garden. I grabbed the candle that kept me company and crept to the garden.

Now, all I could do is wait.

A few minutes later I saw a small flame, make its way from the corridors to the garden. Standing, I watched it approach me, knowing it assisted a small figure.

"Hello?" Her voice filled my heart with happiness.

"My lady?" I asked the darkness, too giddy to say anything else. When I finally saw her face, it was as if I recognized it from a long time ago.

"Prince Brom!?" She hissed, shocked.

"My lady," I bow my head, getting on a knee to kiss her hand. "I must know your name, so I may address you." I pleaded her.

"You mean, you do not remember me? Not from when you arrived only days ago?" Her puzzled expression tells me that I should know her. Taking a long look at her, I begin to put together the pieces together. "I can't believe you don't recognize me."

"Sophia?" I come to realization. "How did I not when I have known you all this time. How did I not fall in love with you till last night? We used to see so much of each other, as children."

"Maybe, you were never really looking," her angelic eyes turned away from me. "You were always destined to be with Aria, anyway." She set down her candle so she didn't have to hold it any longer.

"But, my dear Sophia, you are the one who keeps me tied down to the earth now. I was meant to care for you for the rest of my days," I reach out and wrap my arms around her and she looks at me with careful eyes that I hope would trust me one day. "May I kiss you?" Her eyes brightened, and grew large and round. Without another word, I leaned forward and placed the lightest kiss on her lips, afraid that she might break under my strength.

"I must get back to my chambers," was all she said after the breathtaking moment we shared. Puzzled, I let her go. She grabbed her candle and scurried off, leaving me dumbfounded.


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Anne: I warned you all, I was coming back and I was coming back with a bang!

Spohie: Do you think he is faking it or is truly in love with Sophia?

CSGGG: I hope to continue that one soon.
Published: 2/11/2013
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