Crowded Crowns (10)

The Reality.

My heart had been melting more and more as the days past in the company of Brom. I knew I was to marry him, but the idea of Cole had always swept my mind. Although, it was nothing but a mere daydream and nothing would be able to happen, I could at least dream of it.

"-Bridger, you can't be serious," I heard King Henry's voice from a room nearby. I stop near the door to listen in on the King and my father's conversation.

"Henry, I think you could have a little understanding in this situation," Father calmly responded.

"Bridger, I think you should be the one with a little understanding. You want your daughter to get married and have a nice home and income? I can give her a king, a castle, and the entire country. Listen, we have been friends since childhood, so I will be honest with you. My son shouldn't even be looking at your daughter. I should be setting him up with the Princess of Italy or Portugal, someone to have a good alliance with. But, my people want to see my son on the throne with someone like them, otherwise there will be an uprising."

"So, now you're calling me a peasant?" My father used his voice that indicated his eyebrows were raised.

"No, but you know the seriousness of the situation," the king heaved a great sigh before I heard the scratch of a chair. The king sat and continued, "My son and your eldest daughter are now of age, the sooner they get married, the sooner this deal is locked in and assured."

"I want to wait, just a few more weeks before we force the marriage upon them. I want to see how they interact. I want to make sure she is happy," Father leaned back in his creaky chair.

"Since when has happiness ever been a part of the equation?" The King laughed.

"If you had a daughter, you would understand," Father released the tension with his words. Turning away from the door and continuing my walk, I thought of his words. In the beginning, it seemed as though he was doing this deed for his own honor, however now I realize he truly does care. Maybe if I convinced him I wasn't interested in Brom, he would let the issue go and I could lean my way towards Cole.



"Where do you think you are taking him?" Cole asked as I thought I would get away with it.

"Excuse me?" I turn around innocently, gripping the reins to my horse tightly. Cole dropped his scrub brush into the bucket of water and walked across the barn to the door where I was escaping.

"My lady, what are you doing with this horse?"

"I am going riding," I tell him as if it were nothing new.

"You know as well as that it is against rules to let you go riding without a guard," he says in a very belittling way that makes me upset.

"That's why I am going riding with her," a voice answered from behind me. We looked to see Brom walk in and grab a saddle off the shelf.

"Brom. Yes. Brom is taking me riding today." I answered as a follow-up to his cover for me.

"I thought we weren't meeting for a while. Turns out, I'm a little late. I'm sorry to keep you waiting, my lady." Brom apologizes.

"Not an issue. I was early, if anything," I play it off as a real response.

"Okay," Cole looked skeptical before nodding, "Have fun you two."

Once we were in the clear ocean of green grass that went on to what seemed to be the edge of the earth, I came to a slow, steady trot and Brom joined me. We looked over the magnificent landscape when I asked, "Why did you lie for me?"

"I thought I could help you out and let it work for my advantage at the same time," he gave a crooked confident smile beside me.

"I didn't need your help. I don't need you to do things to me for your own amusement, either." I try to show that he didn't faze me before he mentions the unthinkable.

"Like kiss you? No, I just flat out enjoyed kissing you. It wasn't only my amusement." He chuckles to his own humor and I try to turn away to, he doesn't notice my red cheeks. "Do you want to talk about the other night?"

"No." I shake my head, slightly embarrassed. But, when his serious tone approaches me next, I have to look at him.

"Do you want to talk about the future?"

"No," I shake my head again. Pausing, I took in the view for one more second before kicking my horse into a full run.


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Published: 2/3/2014
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