Cruel Death

A poem cursing the cruelty of death.
When we put on black,
And hang red clothes on our cars,
What do you wear?
Do you put on your party clothes?
And hang balloons on your car?
I ask you, Death.

Up and down, we sweat,
Then we make them,
Uptown to downtown to feed them,
Job to job to educate them.

I mean, it's a huddle to make a person,
But you, you just sneak in one day,
And destroy what we made in years,
I wish you were tangible,
I just wish you were tangible.

Let me just ask you,
When we cry, do you laugh?
When we sing the dirges, do you sing praises?
When we eat Githeri, do you go for chicken?
And when we curse you, do you get cursed?


By Emmanuel Oriedo in Memory of my dad, Dr. Hannington Ellys Oriedo.
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Published: 12/1/2014
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