Adages and quotes about wife are bugging...
With every embrace and hug, girl sheds tears after marriage.
She has to leave all those with whom she lived till this age.
Mixed are joyous tears too as she begins her life afresh.
A new life with a new partner with whom will be shared her heart and flesh.
To his family is added one more life who loves him dearly from day one.
With all his erratic liberty lost, boy sheds no tears, but fears from within.
His arrogant, headstrong freedom seethes with rage.
Against its wish, the boy willed to lock it in an adorable cage.
His life partner dotes on this love filled lovable prison!
Being with him she turns pinkie crimson.
She prays for the cage to stay forever.
He feels suffocated and wants to be out, however.
May be he wants freedom only for a while.
He craves to lead an unruly life at least for a mile.
But responsibility has replaced independence?!
Surrendering her freedom and liberty, girl enjoys this dependence!
Care for family becomes his and her only concern.
He has a shaky concentration whenever he is lighting this lantern.
It is own family and children whose life he lights up.
But it is sad but true that he gets fed up!
Adages and quotes describe marriage as man's suffering.
Wives are depicted as devils and a monster in man's living.
They make 'marriage and man' miserable is the conveyed meaning.
Girl sees her true and honest image shattering.
She very well knows these are man's own writing!
Yet she feels miserable and low; how can they utter words so demeaning?
Her sacrifices, compromises, adjustments go unnoticed with deliberate effort.
She ignores man's attitude conscientiously being the actual protector of the fort.
Institution of marriage is stringently strict about morals.
This hampers boy's vices and actions, immoral.
No wonder that 'wedding ring' is considered a suffering.
Conveniently forgotten is the 'maid' gifted by the ring.
That 'maid' who is always there for giving and serving.
Is it that same 'maid' he doesn't prefer?
Is it that 'revamping' he requires?
Sorry, marriage does not allow this.
Sanctity and sincerity, it strictly follows.
Boy, you entered in to 'wedlock' open eyed?!
'Unlock whenever you please' will not be allowed close-eyed!
Adages, quotes and jokes mocking at wife are the cause of this composition.
With poem's due and heartfelt apologies for those husbands who are exceptions!
Published: 9/4/2007
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