Cursed By Love

What I feel, daily. Will it ever end?
This pain. Does it ever go away?
Why can't it leave me in peace?
Why must I continue to bear this pain?
Continue to shed tears for him.
He who love not.
He who turned his back and walked away as I lay there.
Crying endless, wishing to see him one more time.
I am here dying but the cruel twist of fate is,
I know when I close my eyes tonight.
I will not die.
But live to open my eye's and continue to live.
I have not the courage to take my own life.
I am a fool to live but a bigger fool not to die.
For my life ended when he walked away.
But this I swear.
I will take to my grave.
For I cannot stand pity.
For I'd rather die in shame.
Than to see pity on their face's.
To hear their whispers.
Do you know that every night I wish to god, to forget.
And not to open my eyes one more time.
But wish to die.
A wish that I know that will never be granted.
A wish that is wasted with every breath,
Every tear and every pain.
Published: 3/1/2008
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