Cute Outfit Ideas

Your choice of outfits describe you as a person, well mostly! People tend to form an opinion about you by looking at the way you dress. One has to be very careful when it comes to choosing the right outfit. This article will give you some ideas for cute outfits.
"I used to do kickboxing, because I liked the cute outfits." ~ Monica Keena

No doubt kickboxing outfits are cute, but relax! You don't need to do that to get some cute outfits. I believe as girls we all have the sense of which outfit looks cute, which looks sensual, and which looks vulgar..., the only thing that we tend to lack at times, is the sense of mixing and matching essential fashion accessories and color combination to get that overall WOW look! An ideal 'cute outfit' should be a perfect combination of color, trend, accessories and suitability according to your body type and complexion. So let us have a look at the various ideas on outfits that would give you that gorgeous and cute look.

Cute Outfits for School

High school is the time for showcasing all the fashion clothing that you have in your wardrobe (the best stuff)!! Not only will you get a lot of admirers in school, based on what you wear and how you carry yourself, you will also have lots of criticism and mind you, serious competition! Keeping all this in mind, you need to be very careful of what to wear, especially at school. Mentioned below are some ideas that would do the magic for you. Although, make sure you have the body type to carry it off.
  • Mini skirts and shorts: They look very cute on girls that are lean and slim. Team it up with a nice well fitted (not too tight) t-shirt and a nice belt. Choose footwear that goes with the look you want to give yourself. Flats work great for a casual look, even canvas shoes look great on them if you want to give it a sporty cum casual look. Use your moods to choose the color combinations that go well with each other, giving the outfit a cute yet WOW look.
  • Leggings and Tunics: Team up plain colored leggings with some nice colored or cute print tunics to give it a gorgeous yet cute look. If you want you can add a mix match colored scarf and twist it around your neck to enhance the overall look of your outfit. You can team it up with footwear with two inch heels or close-toe flats.
  • Suspenders over cute t-shirts: Suspenders look great on bright colored t-shirts. Team it up with shorts or mini skirts and wear a pair of flats. You can also hook the suspenders up with capris pants with a well fitted t-shirt on the top.
  • Jeans that Are In: Jeans never go out of style, but the design surely does. So be well aware of the latest trends and team up your pair of skinny/shredded tight fitting jeans (that's the trend now!) with nice waistcoats and cardigans. Be careful of the color combinations as they play the trick here!
You don't have to follow the set trends girl, you can always experiment and create a fashion trend of your own. The key is that you need to have the ability to carry it off in a comfortable and stylish way. And of course, with so many fashion magazines and journals, we can never go out of style.

Cute Outfits for Going Out

When you are going out on a special occasion, say a date, a party or an outing, you know that there are thousands of eyes looking at you and judging you by the way you dress. Especially for girls, it is very important to look your best! You never know when your beauty mesmerizes your prince charming towards you. If you already have a prince charming, looking your best for him is a pledge that you should take! Mentioned below are some outfit ideas for girls when they go out.
  • Frilly Patterns: Dresses or outfits with nice frilly patterns and designs always look cute. If you are wearing a one piece dress, frills on the sleeves or around the bottom look great. Team it up with some complementing jewelry and accessories along with a nice pair of footwear, a handbag coupled with a classy hairdo and makeup to impress your date.
  • Bright Colored Outfits: You don't have to be frilly all the time in order to look cute. Wearing some simple bright colored outfits will also do the trick. Now by bright colors I don't mean the 7 colors of the rainbow! A simple straight well fitted trouser or jeans, along with a long bright colored tunic with some nice beady patterns and designs would look very cute on a casual outing. Team it up with some nice jewelry and a designer handbag with stilettos.
  • Cute sleeveless outfits: If the weather permits, outfits with cute designs and patterns look very cute, specially the bright colored ones during summer. Spaghetti formal and informal dresses would look very smart provided your body type is lean and slim, or if you're comfortable with pulling this outfit off. Always consult your friends so that you know if they look cute or vulgar.
  • Jeans: Jeans has managed to come up again in this list, as I told you earlier, they will never let you down! Skinny or straight jeans with a well fitting t-shirt is the standard choice to wear when you cannot think of anything else. Ripped jeans with cool t-shirts or hot pants with t-shirts can be considered a good choice for a concert.
Hope the aforementioned ideas helped you in coming up with a unique and cute style of your own. Remember girls, outfits do just 50% of what is required, the rest 50% is your attitude and your smile! All the best! :)
By Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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