Cute Tattoo Designs

There are plenty of cute tattoo designs out there. When getting a tattoo, it is important that one chooses a tattoo that he/she can relate to. After all you are getting inked forever. So take a look at some of these cute designs and pick one that 'speaks to you'.
What do Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie and Rihanna have in common, other than the fact that they are absolutely stunning? You guessed it right, all these women have a love affair with tattoos. There are so many cute tattoos that one can pick from, take a look at some of these tattoo ideas.

Cute Tattoos for Girls

This article is dedicated only to girls, to help them with some great ideas for cute tattoos. The design you eventually choose will have to depend on where you intend to get it inked. So take a look at the following tattoo designs, to see which design will look great where.

Tattoos on the neck look really elegant. They give the wearer's personality a tough yet gentle touch. I have a friend who has a beautiful tattoo on the nape. It is a Hebrew writing tattoo which spells 'Jehovah'. This tattoo captures her firmly grounded yet fun personality. There are many other options for neck tattoos for girls. Aside from experimenting with tattoo lettering styles and designs, you can also take some inspiration from Rihanna and consider nautical star tattoos for your neck.

Rib Cage
This is the ideal place to have a tattoo, if you would like to keep it away from the public eye. Rib cage tattoo ideas are many, ranging from flower tattoos to angel tattoos for women. You could also blend two or more tattoo ideas to tell a story that is personal to you, for instance, sun and moon tattoos to signify love affairs.

Back & Sleeves
There are plenty of sleeve tattoos for women but these should be carried out after giving much thought. For something gentle you can try shooting star tattoos but if you want a design that will stand out, then try a cluster of Celtic design tattoos. Many women go for tattoos on the back, some opt for tribal tattoos, while others who prefer something more unique would even get the faces of their loved ones inked. If someone has good designs of vine tattoos, then these tattoo too can look fabulous. As one can utilize so may elements to make a vine, almost like making a lucky charm.

Tattoos on the hips is a craze among women. Many women go for heart tattoos on hips. Tattoos on the hip tend to hurt less, so one can opt for more complicated designs as well. Hip tattoos for girls can include so many butterfly designs.

My sister has one of the most intricate koi fish tattoo that I have ever seen, etched on her ankle. The tattoo has beautiful detail and color. Ankle tattoos are ideal for those who just want a tattoo that is visible and easy to care for. An aster flower tattoo is another good idea for cute tattoos for feet.

Wrist tattoos are ideal for someone who just wants a small lettering or a symbol. Music notes are ideal on the wrist. Also a nice paw print tattoo would be perfect for the wrist.

These were some ideas for cute tattoo designs. If you are planning to get a tattoo then take your time to pick on a design that describes you or the emotion that you want inked, well. Otherwise you will have to spend a great deal of time exploring the many tattoo removing options, and no one wants that. Till then get inked and flaunt it with pride!
By Gagan Dhillon
Published: 1/13/2010
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