Cutting Myself

This is about my pain and what I do to end the pain inside, even for a second...
I cut myself to fell pain
So I don’t have to hear my parents yell
Or my mom being a bitch
I cut myself to feel alive
No one truly loves me
No one cares for me
So what do they care
If I cut myself over and over again
Everyone doesn’t know the cutter within
They just see the kind simple person on the outside
Parents’ thinking my anger is just normal
Thinking yelling at me will solve it
But it doesn’t, it just makes things worse
Classmates don’t see me in pain
Teasing me, laughing at me
Thinking I’m nothing
Thinking they are better than me
That is why I cut
Mostly to forget my pain inside
Even for a second or two
Published: 2/10/2009
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