Cutting is my life
& I do it with my knife
There're many reasons I do what I do
& In my poem, I'll explain them to you

The number one reason I do this to myself
Is because relationship problems jeopardize my health
I fall for guys too easy & too fast
I guess you can say, My heart gets harassed

Another reason I blame on my parents
They love my brothers more, and it's apparent
I cook, clean, & do all the chores
My brothers fight & fuss but I'm still not loved more

Yes, of course I get all I want
But love is really all I want to flaunt
I couldn't care less about physical needs
Love & Caring is all I plead

Another reason is school
Yes it really is uncool
But it's not just that
It's the drama, lying, and heartbreaks that unwrap

Drama from bitches hatin' on me
I know it's not true, but I can't help my sensitivity
They tell everyone a whole bunch of rumors
& when they see me cry, they get so much humor

Let's not forget; the people called my 'friends'
Greed is their seven deadly sin
They care about themselves; No one else
The selfish for their happiness never fails

But the hardest to deal with is the heartbreaks
Walking by him knowing he was a mistake
The worst part is knowing he doesn't care
Even with all your despair

Sometimes school gets so bad
The only emotion I feel is sad
I walk around so alienated
Ready to be home, where in my dreams bad memories are faded

See, many things get me upset
But my cutting really isn't a threat
I cut to cope
From depression, heartbreak, alienation, and loss of hope

It's not a lot; It's my body, too.
What about piercings and tattoos?
Cutting is just another body decoration
My own kind of creation

So just leave me alone; And let me be
Because I always will cut, indeed.
It's my life, my world
Even if you think cutting is twisted, whirled, and twirled...
Published: 5/3/2010
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