Dance With Me My Fair Maiden

A haunting love poem.
Dance with me my fair maiden,
Dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat,
Forget the lateness of the evening,
The night's still young, let the morning wait,
Dance with me by the light of the moon,
Beneath the stars that sparkle and shine,
Don't wish the morning around too soon,
We should freeze this moment in time.

Dance with me my maiden fair,
Dance with the wonder of a wandering spirit,
Barefoot on the grassy floor,
This salient night should hold no limit,
Feel the kiss of a warm summer breeze,
As it gently ruffles upon your sheets,
Listen carefully to your own heartbeat,
And let your passion roam free.

Dance with me among the shadows,
Let no one witness the love we share,
Our secret stays among the ghosts,
Flirting around in the blankest stare,
I read your thoughts and you can read mine,
As we wander off to another time,
Where we're alone together to find,
A place where our souls can bind.

Dance with me my fair maiden,
Dance with me to a whispered song,
A song of love which is forbidden,
But how could love ever be so wrong?
I come to you in the dusty starlight,
To sing the song of a lover's plight,
Won't you come and dance with me this night,
Beneath the shimmer of silver moonlight.

Dance with me my maiden fair,
Dance with me this fine summer's evening,
Dance as we used to dance before,
A long time ago, before my leaving,
I've been watching you from a far regress,
Still enamored by your prettiness,
For losing you is the one regret,
That I cannot forgive myself yet.
Published: 1/29/2016
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