Dancing Around The Gravestones

This Halloween, perhaps our Glorious leaders should pay attention to their minions.... After all, we're supposed to be democratic!
Dancing around the gravestones,
Where the Kings of eons past,
Are laid in somber slumber,
To await rebirth at last,
These ancient regal warriors,
Shall rise from 'neath the soil,
To lead once more to victory,
From the misery and the toil.

Within the grip of Wormwood,-
Who's message is a lie,-
The seven puny leaders,
Prepare the world to die.
They follow to the False One,
And suckle from His Whore,
As they build the New Babylon,
From where they will wage war!

Their policy is to scorch earth,
To rape it of its wealth,
Their trade is non-negotiable,
They're too arrogant for stealth,
Conformity, complicity,
Adhere to them or suffer,
Advance toward your destiny,
It is your only offer.

The democratic principles,
To which they praise defense,
Are merely written scripture,
As conjured up by them.
Empty words that patronize,
And bring us to our knees,
In honor of the grandeur,
That hides their moral sleaze.

These power-hungry pawnbrokers,
These loansharks from Hell,
Will easily stab you in the back,
And never lose their smile.
They are dangerous beyond control,
And yet, they hold our trust,
We standby as they gain reward,
Whilst we pay the cost.

War looms on the horizon,
Armageddon's almost here,
The Horsemen of the Apocalypse,
Are spreading doubt and fear,
The world is spinning faster,
There is not much time left,
The end is nigh, so choose your side,
And prepare yourself for Death!

I chose the side of humanity,
Of sympathy and love,
I cast aside the liars,
Who'd have me be their slave.
My morals and my principles,
Far out way their cause,
My heart is strong, my soul is stoic,
And I defy Hell's jaws!

And so I find myself dancing,
Among the graves of Kings,
In a mist of myth and legend,
And ancient conjurings,
To raise the ancient Heroes,
Who've saved us in the past,
To destroy the Leviathan,
And to end all war at last!
Published: 10/29/2015
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