Dante Please....

For my Dante who left this world Sunday night, I haven't stopped crying since.
Every night since Sunday I have died a thousand times
My heart breaks with every ticking second
My breaths coming in grasps as I slowly die
My tears clog my throat
My vision blurred by the pain I am suffering
Ever since that night I haven't sleep
The darkness I crave has left me
I am no longer numb inside but full of pain
Of fears I rather not answers
My hopes of his survival is gone
It's been so long
It's been to long
My heart can't take this pain no more
I have suffered so much
All I ask for is little
To die as he did
To be able to see him in heaven once more
To be able to hold him once more in my arms
Just to hear him cry for food or love breaks my heart
To have to let him go hurts more than this knife across my wrist
I die every night that he is gone
My prays go UN answered my pain incurable
All I ask for to see him one more time, I'd rather die, then live without him.
Oh Dante please come home.
Published: 9/17/2008
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