Dark Lady

Woman of the Night... Dancer of the limelight... Glass frames ignite.
The way you move is a mystery...
I don't want to solve...
I just want to be involved...

Never thought I'd be on the phone with you for 12 hours when you called,
Do your dance, Dark lady, hard to handle,
Do your romance, Dark Lady, light your candle,
Dark Lady, never let me leave your trance.

In it for all the wrong reasons,
You're a problem but my zest for life,
Your robbing made me leave our strife,
And then I came back almost losing my breathing, death in sight.

Catching hands just to be with, she got scars to prove hot,
She could lose you with a stare and I can't stand,
Her sultry sound will make you feel too sweet.

Let's play wherever we may,
I never cared where we were as long as you stayed,
Let the pieces fall as they may,
I will finish with this wreck even if by the end there's nothing of me left.

On repeat,
Put me in a spiral went through heaven and the wire,
Made me feel like a sire between linen but fed me to the fire...
I've been the bad decisions of many, you've been the worst decision of more.

Published: 1/19/2018
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