Dark Poetry

Every individual is made up of two elements - the light and the dark. As each of us fight everyday to keep the light in us afloat, darker emotions do grip us once in a while. These poems are all about the pangs to succumb to the elements of the dark and then emerging victorious to keep the good alive.
Dusk or Dawn, I Can't Tell
Based on an experience of mine.
In The Dark
Sleep paralysis.
The Madhouse Demons
The Madhouse Demons...
Massacre at Redburn Culvert
A sport? Not to the dead.
Have You Ever Been to a Mortuary?
A disturbing poem that speaks of usefulness of life.
Death It Be
Ending all nows.
See the Day Through
A political attack on the small percentage who like to think they control the world.
This poem was hundred percent written by me. If you have any questions regarding it or want to give me feedback please comment. I will be starting a brand new novel soon.
Just Another Scary Movie
Slasher movies.... They're all the same, are they not?
Paranoid Schizophrenic
Illusions of fear can be very real.
To the Man Seated Behind Me in the Theater
Dedicated to the man seated behind me during the Henry V production.
Dost Thou Apprehend?
You chose her... again.
within me
Inner feelings..
Shadow People
Just what are shadow people?
The Fear
Originally titled "The Fear is What Grows". "The Fear" is a poem that relates to the belief that true love casts away all fear, and the fact that true love comes once in a lifetime. I hope you enjoy.
Welcome To My Carnival
Conjuring 'Bilious'? The misery of indulgence.
Just some random bit of thought that popped in my head when I was at work.
What really happened to her?
Dark Enraptures
Just a little poem I wrote.
Demon Thief
I wrote this while observing my beautiful son enjoying his music on our deck on a day when his seizures and mini strokes were in check and he was once himself again..
Your World - My Space
Tells the story of a man struggling with his identity, and seeking to find true acceptance for all that he is and was meant to be. He is challenged by the outlook of race and ethnicity, but finds the strength from within to seek a...
This Piece of Flesh
Ever felt like burying your heart ?
Those Words I Said
A dream of despair.
My Torment
Possession is merely the excuse of the serial killer.
The Dark World
Dark and morbid...
My Aching Mind
I wrote this poem when I was in a very low place mentally.
A Murder of Crows
A poem about seeking fame, the long wait for it, only for the paparazzi to expose the life of the seeker.
Trapped in a Nightmare
Anxiety described through a nightmare.
The Carrier of Souls
A random piece of work.
Demons and Lies
Lessons learned through bitter mistakes.
Hidden Wonders - Daniel's 70th Week
This poem alludes to the Book of Revelation. More insight is gained into the great tribulation to come.
Cut Out My Icy Soul
Life is regret of what we could have been, and not of what we are and what we don't wish to be.
That Someone Who Bothered Me
A short poem, I think is one of my best poems. Read and enjoy.
Hidden Wonders - The End Times
Another revelation displayed through the art form of poetry, which collaborates in conjunction with my weekly Christian column- 'Advocate for Faith'. Check it out here on my profile.
Hidden Wonders - Chain of Deception
The first poem from my book, "Hidden Wonders," recommended to all readers/viewers of 'Advocate For Faith'. Devised to aid in the general understanding and further insight into the book of Revelation; enjoy.
Siren Dressed In Satin
A love captured in a spell.
She Calls 'Myself'
A poem of hatred, especially dedicated to mindless, despicable, pathetic bitches who walk this world.
Can't Escape
I don't really know what this is about. I just had the urge to write this.
Bittersweet Harmonies
This poem alludes to corruptive music and the negative influence it upholds in youths.
The Pact
When a man makes a pact with the Devil, his end days are fearful and maddening.
Late Night
How I feel late at night.
Beauty and a Beast
I hope you like it. Comments are welcomed.
Who Dares, Dies
I haven't posted in here for ages, I'm hoping my work has improved though. Here's a short poem I wrote this morning.
Please, Just Close Your Eyes
I was inspired by a friend to write this. Hope you like it.
Cemetery of a Schizophrenic
A poem about a wicked person, suffering from schizophrenia.
Murky Infinity
Break Free
I wanna break free !!!!
This Shell
Please read and comment.
Interpret this however you see fit.
A girl who's hurt.
Private Hell
A recipe for your private hell...
The Queen of Chaos
I am chaos... I am pain... I'll break your heart again and again.
Warrior's Death
The Shadows of Hell
I'm fully embedded in this hellish sea.
Portal Wind
An offer of immortality through seduction.
The Prize
Incubus steals a soul.
Silent Knight
If the deeds perpetrated during the night were a drop of water each, the world would be heavily flooded.
Ghosts II
What is a ghost?
Time Sleeps
The comfort of nothingness.
What if I Died Tomorrow
Sometimes I cry just to pass the time.... I want to die.
Whispered Words
When a love is lost, sometimes the ghost is left behind.
Express Train To Hell
A ghost story based on an urban legend.
A little ghost story.
Land of Nightmares
I was listening to the birthday massacre and this came to my mind.
Bitter End
No matter how arrogant we may be in life, we all share the same fate at the end.
Prey On Me
You can't hurt me anymore.
Impossible, Dearest
A poem of seemingly impossible love.
Ballad Of Agnes Sampson
The story of a witch's confession (North Berwick witch trials).
Behind the Black Door
A holocaust poem about the gas chambers.
Tales in the Nightmare's Drawl
An accumulation of dreams in poem.
The Poisoned Rose
Mysteriously gothic.
Lead Her Out...
Someone whom if you never listen to, everything goes right...
What is Wrong With Us
Life upset and problems with all that life gives us. Let me know what you think.
A Mourning Song
The dark sorrow of a deep loss.
Never Meant To Belong
Never Meant To Belong...
A Cruel Dream
A person finds themselves to be dead. But turns out it is just a dream or is it?
Dead Picture
Don't fight it, only will you suffer. (Please rate and comment on this and all my other stories)
If Only You Were...
Well, this poem's about hate... in one simple word. You know that one person who you'd gladly shoot in the head, the one you'd happily punch in the face (repeatedly), the one who could DIE for all you care! Yeah, you got a poem!...
The Fire Burns
I was in a bad mood last night when this was written.
Want To Be By Myself
Too much to explain..
Murder in the Dark
Just came to me in the middle of class one day.
The Reaper
He gets us all in the end.
Happy Ever After
Dull, dark and dreary, the story of a broken heart.
Raven in the Dark
Just a dark poem type thing I wrote last night.
Dressed in Black
Just a song that my friend and I wrote.
The Cemetery
A ghostly tale.
Dark poetry.
After The Silence Of My Breath
In this poem, I tried to picture myself working that path that we know not, but know we are going to walk through. A journey to the unknown... a journey everyone must embark on. Please do comment.
Lovely Nightmare
This poem is about a slightly crazed person's nightmare. They start making art with their blood from their wounds.
The Ugly Monster
This poem tells a story about a person who compares thee self to an angel. They feel as if they are ugly on the outside as well as on the inside.
The Demon in Me
Hidden temptations and shadows.
Death's Sweet Kiss
This just all came out of me one night.
My poems seem to be getting darker, I love it.
Shadow of the Forgotten
Lured and seduced by darkness.
A girl is blind and something comes after her. People hated her so they weren't sad at all in fact they were happy she died.
Silver Light
A girl is murdered in cold blood by serial killers (she was stalked before it happened she never had a clue)
Where I Stand?
This is just a short poem of how I wrote were I was filled with question and no answers a moment of darkness no way out!! Hope u like it... ")
The Great Faker
Depressingly dark.
Dark Life
It is a poem about life and death.
Beast Within
Embrace your dark side. .
Chains Of Torture
Dedicated to all the victims of domestic abuse, let's hope they find the courage to leave.
My Dear
A dark poem of love turned to hate.
Passing Reference
The longing for death to bring relief from the pains of life.
What is Left...
I wrote this when I was feeling lost and unfound.... Someone Loves You.
Within A Sentence Served
The all to tragic connection between alcohol and violence.
Burning Torture
Comments are more than welcome, just don't write 'Life is colorful' or something like that. I beseech you not to write that.
Empty Spaces
Loneliness can be an unreality with a sting like a scorpion. A poisoned confusing pain that hurts all over.
The Last Note
It is a poem about feelings.
Imperfect Puppet
Read and find out.
My Life in a Quick Version
This is a poem that I wrote about "My Life" in a very long poem when I was younger.
This is not a poem of a haunting, but rather a haunting poem of a dilapidated town.
Every Tear
What my tears really mean.
Deep Dark Dismay
A dark poem of loss and loneliness.
I'm Done With This
About me being fed up with all the ppl who r trying to tell me how to live me life... even if it is not right.
Drowning in the Pain
After the passing of my girlfriend I felt alone and I wanted to die this is how I felt comment and enjoy.
You are free to the world and universe.
The Day I Found Myself Dead
It's about an artist, who took his art so close to his heart, that it all ended up everything falling apart.
Hidden Darkness Revealed
Very interesting, dark, and deep. Read if you like darker writings.
Here It Comes Death Again
Death and how people feel...
A Deep-Seated Animosity
I live for ferocity.
Over again and Again
The mere presence opens my wounds again.
Blood & Kiss
I am still in love with Him...
No More Lies
In a breath I said I will not tell lies but this to did not work some of you may be glad but I am still looking for you death...
Short Temper
All about anger...
Deception Of Love
Love betrayed...
My Fears
My fears are true...
My Scream
What screams from my soul...
Going Crazy?
Facts that scare...
Love for a fool who lies...
A small story...
The Bloody Knife
Every day a bloody knife takes a persons life...
Evil Little Girl
Death - Evil little girl causing so much pain...
I'd Do Anything For You My Love
It’s weird and kind of twisted in my opinion////
"Are You Looking?"
A woman held prisoner by her own fears.
The Taste Of Death
The taste of my death the taste of blood…
Suffering for no fault…
Dark Void
When you feel like there is no hope...
Pleasure & Pain
A game only me and you can play...Curious...Let's play...
The Ultimate Destruction
This is what destroys hope, kills joy, and corrodes the chance of a perfect society.
The Black Blade of Love
This is sort of what I felt when I was cheated on.....
Becoming A Shadow
What it is like to be consumed by darkness.
His lust is what killed her...
Knife (based on Lauren Sasel's Knife)
A poem about death and how gory it can be. It also talks about what a life like mine makes you think about when you are alone.
Killing Me Slowly With His Tears
His tears are killing me...
To know happiness is to know pain...
Unwanted No More
I feel so betrayed so hurt...
Hunting you I can smell your fear...
Bloody Kisses
Demon series - Kisses up and down each arm...
Demon series - His pain is a tale for all...
Blood of a Blade
Blades - Stroking the blade like your lover...
The darkness surrounds you in a deathly silent blanket of fear and nothing else...
Dancing To Death
Eternal darkness calling out to me...
I Miss You My Love.....
Silent night, walking all alone on the beach while bright moon...
Call me when you are alone....
You know your voice will make my day...
Sweet Embrace
Embrace the darkness...
Insult Yourself
Persecution of the people doesn't get them anywhere.
The Dark Bliss of the Unknown
This is the corroded soul of sin... could it be yours?
The Horrors of Sin
This is the horrors of sin, the corroding black reality, the terror struck when a crime is committed. The pain I have felt...
I know your pain.....
I know your pain in your heart...
Deaf not Dumb
Head injury...
I want to hug you..
When I am alone thinking...
Once darkness, sadness and loneliness has captured your dream, meanwhile another is enjoying you’re in pain…death will be a wish, you would eager it could come true. But in fact your soul, emotions and feeling have gone with no...
When I am alone.........
When I am alone, I think about you...
When I walk alone......
When I walk alone, I think of you my love...
It's A Mystery
The power of change...
Without you........
Always feel alone, without you...
My painful dream....
My bed and pillow will tell you about my dream...
Why, you have stopped talking to me....
There is a pain in my heart...
My love is lost.....
There is a pain in my heart...
Our love, within four walls....
I want to be alone with you within four walls...
Hmmm - You're screaming; half out of breath...
My painful dream.......
My bed and pillow will tell you about my dream...
My thoughts on you...
When I walk alone on the beach...
Alone Within Yourself
Have you ever felt you just wanted to die...
I am singing in the rain.....
When the clouds above me so dark ...
Again, left alone......
A year has been passed since I left home...
Wrote this when I was mad…
Dark Betrayal
I found a poetry generator that lets you choose what words to put into the sentences they have. I combined to of them and got this!!!
A Craving for Suicide
Obviously the title explains it!
I Don't Know You
It felt as if I were so alone there for a while...
In The Line Of Fire
...I ask you not to scream...
I don't know but I like it...
The Vampire Within You
This is my 123rd poem! Enjoy!!
Infliction of Pain
Hmmm.... it is what it is.
Something wicked this way comes
Darkness - It's dark and full of evil...
Haunting Ground
Grounds of darkness...
My Last Breath
I slowly slit my wrists...
Sleeping In Darkness
This is one of my personal favorites...
i think this is my favorite so far!
Your pain cut deeper than...
The Last Dance (In Blood)
My emotions come out only on paper. This is a long poem but I encourage everyone to read it.
Blood Will Suffice
Keep it dripping...
Tainted Blood
I just get depressed and write about this sort of stuff.
Icy Tears
Tears of pain of one girl…
A girl lost in her pain...
Beautiful Darkness
Young innocent girl…
Sharing The Pain
Love - He leaves me all the time...
Men who never learn...
Would I Betray You
Journey into public spheres with ardent hope and burning fever, would I betray you...