Darkened Heart

Surrounded by darkness yet finding the hope within and moving on.
I awake to see your beautiful smile taunting me with your absence your memory's are haunting me.
I did everything I could what no one else would.
You left me anyway I held your hand and looked into your eyes I was able to see all of your lies.
You're the reason I'm lost in this darkened world my heart is decaying.
With a blind leap of faith I continue praying.

Trying to find the hope within the light that will brighten this darkened world.
A nostalgic breeze as your smile appears in my mind reminding me that you're not mine!
My heart continues to ache my soul is about to break.
Sorry baby I wasn't good enough to please you your smile just continues to tease me.
I miss our first kiss knowing that his are more important to you I can't take this!

It kills me inside these pain pills no-longer work the tears continue to flow.
I just want you to know I love you with all my heart which is why I must try to let you go.
Knowing he makes you happy i just hide the tears and smile even though I'm dead inside.
I'll let you go baby but I just want you to know ill be waiting for your return with open arms I'll keep you out of harms way.
Love you forever baby so don't forget that and ill gladly take you back.
Published: 12/9/2010
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