Dating Statistics

Dating, though being a common practice these days, also has a lot of ill effects involved, especially when done online. Dating statistics reveal some shocking facts. What are they? Have a look.
The idea of dating for some includes the intention of knowing or searching for the right person, making new friends, and seeing if the vibes allow you to move on to the next level. But not all people involved have such nice ideas when entering into the game of dating! Yes, you read it right! Dating has become a game these days. Although there are people who are genuinely looking for love, but then you must also be aware of the risk you are putting yourself into!

Statistics on Internet Dating

Internet dating is increasingly becoming a popular choice for people who are looking for love and companionship. Here is what the statistics on online dating has to reveal.
  • Online dating service members include 40 million American users! That accounts for 40% of the single adults in America!
  • Compared to this, China alone accounts for 140 million users and India has 15 million users of online dating!
  • To become a member of online dating websites, some websites want the members to answer as much as 400 questions! Wow! That's more information than getting a driver's license!
  • 2% of the marriages held in US are a result of online dating services! If you are getting happy that you might be lucky to find someone online, the average courtship for online marriages is 18.5 months. Offline marriage courtship is 42 months.
  • They say that there should be no lies in a relationship! Well, as per online dating statistics in America, men who date online lie about their height, age, and income. And women lie about their age, weight and physical statistics.
  • Another shocking fact is that 1 out of 3 women who meet a man through online dating have sex when meeting the first time. To add to that, 4 out of 5 such women, fail to use protection.
  • There has been a $74 million loss to the porn industry and they hold online dating services responsible for this!
  • Speaking of the risk involved, 1 out of 10 sex offenders use online dating services to meet people.
  • Profiles which include the user's photograph attract two times the response as compared to a picture less profile!
  • Out of the people involved in online dating, 48% of the break ups are done through e-mail.
These were some shocking, yet important statistics which should be considered before you choose to enter into the game of online dating. Ignorance is not bliss every time! It's better to be informed rather than to suffer!

Statistics on Teenage Dating

Teenage is the time when most of the teenagers try to find their ideal boyfriends/girlfriends, through any means possible. Technology is most used and explored by this section, therefore, making teen dating the next highlight in this article.
  • As per dating statistics, almost 71% of the teenagers state that their partners have spread rumors about them through emails and social networking sites.
  • 68% of the dating teenagers say that their boyfriends/girlfriends have posted their embarrassing picture on the internet.
  • 1 out of every 4 girls involved in dating were forced to perform physical/oral sex on their boyfriends.
  • Approximately, 1 out of every 5 girls studying in high schools have been physically abused by their dating partners.
  • Most of the acts done in teen dating abuse occurs in one of the partner's home.
  • 20% of the teenage girls continue to date their abusive partners under threatening and constant fear.
  • 80% of the teenage population believe that verbal abuse is a serious issue in teenage dating.
  • 1 out of every 3 teenager claims to know or heard of some friend, relative, acquaintance who has been in a dating relationship with an abusive partner.
No matter how beautiful and attractive it seems to be in love and to be with someone, these statistics have revealed that not all are lucky to have a fairy tale story. Statistics clearly state that sometimes, dating the wrong person can lead to some fatal consequences.

Some other Dating Statistics

Here are some more interesting statistics related to dating relationships.
  • Do you know why people always flatter while impressing others? As per the recent survey, 51% singles believe that it's the best way to attract a person towards you!
  • Speaking of attraction, if you are a woman, you have only 15 minutes to impress the guy you are on a date with. Women however, take some more time to judge guys!
  • Relationships do have arguments! As per statistics, money tops the list when it comes to the reason for arguments and differences in a relationship!
  • If you love the bar, although very rare, but you do have chances to get a good date over the bar stool. As per survey, 2% of men and 9% of women found a dating partner in the bar.
  • When speaking specifically about dating statistics in America, there are 100 single women for every 86 men who are single.
  • Are you a member of free phone dating services? Do you know the mobile dating market is worth $550 million and if booming at the same pace, is expected to reach to $1.3 billion by 2013.
  • 72% of women claim to have an online romance as compared to 52% men, claiming that online romance is far more intimate than normal.
So, these were some dating statistics which reveal that if dating gets you love, it can also get you trouble. So test the waters before you jump into the river. All the best!
By Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: 10/12/2011
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