Dawn - Chapter 1 (The Beginning)

A 16-year-old girl named Mia is saved from death by a vampire named Roberto and is forced to live in the vampire world. Centuries later, Mia is feeling suffocated in this world and wondered if she will ever see the dawn and if she will ever be free from this world?
I hated this place; always dark without any source of light. I blew a long breath when my phone rang, my heart raced as I saw Roberto's number flashing, gulping I received the call: "Where the hell are you?" He said.

My hands trembled so hard I nearly dropped the phone, "I-I'm coming..." I said breathing heavily. "You better..." he said angrily and hung up. I sighed deeply but still could not get a grip on myself.

My heart was racing, and the only thing I wanted was to curl in a ball and cry, but unfortunately I could not... Roberto owned me and that since the day he saved my life. I remembered the horrible fire, the people screaming around me and Roberto's handsome face but that was all I remembered...

Years ago when Roberto saved my life, he erased my memory, fortunately he could not erase all my memory and I was grateful for that. He claimed to have erased my memory to protect me from painful and useless memory but still I couldn't help to doubt it.

Anyway, Roberto was in control of my life and there was nothing I could do to stop his control over me. To him, l was an object, a reward he won. Never any vampire had managed to transform and to bring a human in the vampire world, but he did and was given the title 'King of vampires' and I was supposed to be his mistress but he had yet to claim my love.

As the weather started to cool, I knew Roberto was calling for me, l breath in and out even though I couldn't breathe as I was a vampiresse but still I kept that habit. The only thing that made me different from the other vampires was that unlike them my heart was still beating and sometimes I wondered why...?! I moved in vampire pace to the mansion direction, Roberto would be awaiting for me there... I wanted to linger a bit more but lingering would only worsen my situation... As I moved, I saw a shooting star and wished from heart for the first time: "I wish to see the dawn and to be free from here..."
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Published: 11/3/2014
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