Dead Man

A dead man only goes.
Darkness falls into the day,
This is what I take away,
From the dusk destroying light,
And foretelling the oncoming night.

Secrets lost and taken to the grave,
They fade out like a gentle wave,
Red river flows away and bends,
This is how a story ends.

Beg me to wait and stay with you,
I do my best to not say no,
But a Dead Man cannot stay,
A Dead Man can only go.

Life runs red away from the crash,
Life turns dead in the aftermath,
"Everything's nothing," my mind repeats,
As my heart slows its beats.

A chilling stare that goes nowhere,
Haunts you still, though you weren't there,
A hand so cold, it can't be real.
A body so cold, it cannot feel.

You beg me not to go again,
But a Dead Man cannot stay,
I have to say I'm sorry, my friend,
A Dead Man only goes.
Published: 7/2/2013
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