Deadly Lust - Chapter 21

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Alexis' POV

"Alexis, you're pregnant."

I laughed at him. "Is this a joke? Did Lydia put you up to this?" He didn't give me an answer. I stopped laughing then said, "Oh my god, you're serious?" I asked standing up. "Listen, this might complicate things I can't have this baby I cannot be pregnant," I said.

He looked at me then said, "I can't rid of this baby. It's royal blood and I will be punished if I kill a royal infant."

"Liam doesn't have to know. You won't tell him," he refused. "What do you think I should tell Liam? I can't lie to his face."

"Tell him something. I can't tell him now. I don't want this baby royal blood or not."

"Wait here...". He said leaving. I sat down on the bed. Lydia came in, "Hi, so what's up?" She asked.

"Grant me the permission to leave this castle now please!" I asked. She looked at me then said, "Erhmmm, okay you are free to leave as you please. Now tell me what is going on?" She asked.

"Can I borrow your cell phone?" She handed it over. "Hey, do what you need to do to get here," I said after dialing Naomi's cell.

I looked at Lydia. She took her phone, "Okay, what is going on?" She got distracted when she saw the portal appear. Naomi stepped out. She had this crown on her head and a dress that said Royalty. Naomi was confused then said, "You revealed my identity, you better have a good reason for this Alexis." I held onto her. This time I had grip.

"Hold on what is going on?" Lydia asked once again. I looked at Allen. "Whatever you do 'Don't'." I said then stepped back into the Portal with Naomi.

I closed my eyes. When we got at Fred's house, he came to hug me. "Goodness, I was so worried about you Princess." I looked at him. He gave me that same look Allen gave me. "Oh dear... ". He looked at Naomi.

"Frederick Please don't," I said he gave me a nod then said, "Okay, I'm giving you that privilege," he said going into the kitchen. She rolled her eyes then said, "Let me guess, you're pregnant. You definably are your mother's daughter, no doubt about that now," she said.

I looked at her. I felt ashamed. "I tried blaming you for this, but I can't blame anyone but myself. I can't have this thing inside of me," I said.

"And I can't kill the next future heir now, can I? I can not also kill a royal Alexis. If you really want his baby gone, you need to leave and go to the human realm. Do it there, not here. Either way they won't be able to penetrate their needle into you and past the sack. Once a vampire is pregnant, no one can stop the baby's growth," she said.

I looked at her, "Okay, I'll do it. But where I feel secure. I don't want Liam snooping around and finding you." She smiled at me then said, "I will leave you there for 3 months. You have time to spend your last days there with your family back home before you become queen."

Fred came out then said, "Your majesty, you will surely be missed." I gave him a smile then said, "I will miss you dearly." I gave him one last hug.

Naomi took my hand and said, "Let's go." I looked at her than back at Fred waving my hand goodbye.


Lydia's POV

I looked at Allen. "What the hell just happened?" He looked at me then said, "I think the dead has come back to haunt us," he said being sarcastic. But he was hiding something.

"Spill it Allen," I said. He looked nervous. "It's doctor-patient confidentiality," I grabbed hold of the papers, he had in his hand.

"Oh my god. She's pregnant?" He looked disappointed. "She's going to kill it. I told her I don't want part of it."

"She can't do that it's royal BLOOD," I said.

Liam looked at me then at the empty bed. He looked at Allen. "What happened? What was the diagnostic?" Allen looked at Liam. Liam grabbed hold of Allen then had him up against the wall.

"Liam stop!" I shouted. He let go then looked at me.

"Alexis is pregnant and now she's killing the baby," his facial expression went to bitterness.

"Thanks for telling me." He said thanking me then walked out. I hated seeing him like this. I hated seeing him this unhappy.

"Liam, don't do something stupid," I said warning him. He just gave me a nod then walked out.

Allen looked at me and said, "She's carrying a boy. I at least scanned to know that much," he said as he left the room..


Alexis' POV

I rang the doorbell. My mom opened up then greeted Naomi with a bow. She looked at me and came for a hug.
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