Deadly Lust - Chapter 27

Hi guys, you hate me I know... but I couldn't help that I fell in love. I had an amazing month this month.
Alexis' POV

I fought against the venom invading me but somehow it overpowered me. I felt like I was in forever darkness only seeing a small bit of light. I tried running towards it when I heard someone calling my name.


Was echoing loud bouncing off invisible walls.

"Alexis..." The voice kept taunting me making me spin around and around trying to find the source of this voice.

"Alexis..." I finally hear the voice at the back of me and spun around.

Suddenly, there was an exact replica of me. The darker side of me. She looked evil. The shadow hiding her eyes away from me.

"Who are you?" I asked her being fearless. I'm not afraid anymore. It's been long enough and I'm ready to face my demons so help me God.

"Oh dear, honey buns. You don't remember me, do you?" It asked testing me. But I seriously had no clue.

"What do you mean?" I asked her looking at her. Taking in whatever detail I could find.

"Hmm... she don't remember. Such a shame really but darling I'm the darker side of you. I only come out when well... you're in a tricky situation. Like with you and your transition. You were kind of traumatized and I took the opportunity too well, let you know I'm there. And giving Liam the ultimate gift obviously. Your virginity right."

I snarled at her. Twisting my lip before she actually starts saying something snarky again.

"We both are mothers. I'm willing, take care of Deklan and you. But he's our first priority right now. Go back. Follow the light."

She said before disappearing into black smoke and just like that she was gone.

I turned around and ran toward the light. It seemed soo far away but I'm willing to run as long as it takes to get back.


Frederick's POV

I have been sitting in the living room for about an hour right now. Everyone enchanted by Baby Deklan.

Happy that he's okay.

I smiled at them and remembered my own family.


"Daddy!!" Shrieked Octavia. Her twin brother chasing her with some melted ice cream. It was a hot summer day.

"Titus stop patronizing your sister." I said amused.

My wife Olivia came out from the kitchen and sat down next to me. Kissing my cheek but I turned my head in order to steal a kiss.

"Thief." She said playfully.

I gave her a chaste kiss on her forehead.


I stood up from my beach chair and went over to Octavia who has fallen from the tree house.

I looked down at her. As she lay on her back.

"Titus did it!" She said pointing up at him. He looked down as he climbed back down.

"Sorry. But you started it." He said before sniffling.

"Titus, you need to be more careful okay. But Octavia you can't just start a fight without the other person fighting back." I said and picked her up.

Olivia came over to us and took Titus' hand and said, "C'mon let's make you some lemonade juice."

"Yay!..." Hey, both exclaimed loving my wife's lemonade."

*End of flashback*

"I'll go check on Alexis." I said standing up from the couch heading upstairs.

She seemed to be not breathing. But somehow there was another heartbeat coming from her.

I stared as she began to stir in the sleep. Waiting for her to wake up.

I heard her gasp and sit upright with her eyes wide open.

"Welcome back Princess Alexis." I said smiling.


Naomi's POV

As I held the baby in my arms, my head started throbbing. Someone was using the portal to here.

I frowned. Then the door burst open with the castle guards.

I prayed it not to be that ruthless king. Also Liam's father.

Everyone stood in front of me covering me away from the guards. But instead of the king, his heir Liam walked in.

I sighed and saw his eyes immediately fell on Deklan.

I gazed down at him. He seemed to be wide awake. And eyes roaming each and everyone. I frowned at what he was doing.

"Is that..." Liam said walking over to me and dropping down in front of my feet.

He looked up at Deklan, now on his knees. Tears streaming down his face. I could not believe a royalty was bowing for a 4 hour old baby boy.

I watched Fred coming down from upstairs.

He had his arms behind him because they were still stained with Alexis' blood.

"Your highness." Fred said with curtsey. I watched Liam sniff the blood and stood back up.

"What did you do to her?!" He yelled.


Alexis' POV

After Fred told me to clean myself up, I ran into the bathroom and rinsed off my face and dried my face with the towel. I heard things. Smell things that was miles away.

I looked into the full view mirror and saw my stomach flat completely, like I never had Deklan at all.

I took out my loose-knit jersey that hanged of my shoulder and a jeans with black boots.

I heard heartbeats downstairs.



And a few not-so-familiar ones.

I walked downstairs slowly sniffing out everyone. Deklan was okay in Naomi's arms.

I came out from around the corner. I saw Liam holding Fred's neck ready to twist it.

I watched him until he let go of Fred turning towards me.

I smiled at Liam and immediately walked over to him throwing my arms around his neck. He didn't hesitate to sneak his arms around my waist.

I felt a stray tear roll down my cheek and I could feel wetness on my shoulder.

I pulled out of the hug slightly. Looking up at his dwelling eyes going over my features. He sighed but at the same time he sniffed the air.

"You turned." He said before giving me a kiss.

I kissed him back with more hunger, anger, fear that he might be a figment of my imagination.

Our lips rolling over each other. Fighting for dominance. But I pulled away from him when my father came into the front door.

He looked at the scene and clearly he gave Liam the approval look. I smiled at my father.

"You made me come here to the human whelm. It's dangerous being here." I heard Liam say. "But I had to get you away from here before my father does and harms you and our son."

My stomach fluttered at his acceptance of Deklan. Being and calling him his son. I couldn't have asked for anything else. I was happy but I knew that this wasn't over.

That darkness will always lurk around every corner and I had to keep Deklan and Liam safe.

I crashed my head into his chest resting against his cold chest. But the coldness didn't bother me anymore.

I turned and saw Naomi smiling down at Deklan.

"Naomi, I forgive you. For now." I said walking over to her. She handed Deklan over to me.

I slightly brushed his hair out of the way. He looked so cute.

"Mom, dad... I need to go with them but I promise occasional visits for to see how big Deklan is." They gave me a nod.

"Emily, you're packed right?"

She gave me an excited nod. "And the birthing video is all set. He can watch what he missed soon." She said pointing to Liam.

He looked at Deklan.

"You want to hold him?" I asked him. He looked at me stunned.

"I have big hands. I'm afraid I might drop him." He said holding out his arms. I shook my head and bend his arms towards him.

I placed him gently into Liam's arms.

But this one moment was special between the two of them, so special I had a tear roll down my face.

Deklan moaned in his father's arms but nestled closer to his chest.

I was shocked to hear Liam's heart kick start back up again.

I looked back down at Deklan falling asleep in Liam's arms. I turned to Naomi and gave her a nod.
Published: 9/29/2014
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