Dear Aunt Nelly (1): Cheating Werewolf

Is my boyfriend really a werewolf or is he cheating on me?
Dear Aunt Nellie,

My boyfriend is... well, how I do it put it lightly? He's... different from other guys that I've dated. Of course, the previous guys had their own quirks to offer, so I'm not saying they were all the same. But they didn't behave in such an... eccentric way that made me... worry so much about them.

I've always known there was something off about my boyfriend, especially from our first date. It was dark and he walked me home. When we stopped outside my house, I looked up at him, leaning in for a kiss.

Then he licked my face with his long, wet tongue.

Needless to say, his action startled me. I didn't know how to respond. I just stared at him, gobsmacked, while my cheek was dripping with his saliva.

He stammered an apology and told me that he got too excited. He hadn't dated in so long, so he didn't really know how to act around me. I felt bad for him, so I told him it's okay.

Another incident happened during our third date, when I invited him inside of my house this time. He was sitting on the sofa while I brought out red wine for us. At this point, I really enjoyed being with him and I wanted to progress from our casual dates.

Then he asked me, "Can you play with my ears?"

I was, again, quite shocked by this specific request. It seemed odd to me. However, the previous guys I dated have requested for me to touch... other parts of them. So I didn't think too much of it, as I stroked his ears. He appeared to enjoy it as he nuzzled closer to my hands. I stroked his fluffy, tousled hair too, and he responded in a positive way again.

When our relationship got more serious, he would be in the same bed as me. Some days he might enjoy cuddling me. Other days, he would curl around my feet and sleep in that position. I was baffled by this odd behavior. I told him to lay next to me, but he'd complain that it was too hot under the blanket, and he liked the company of my feet.

I didn't question him too much, as he easily became angry and defensive. He was just happy when I let him be.

Sometimes when he got angry, it scared me a little. He would bare his teeth and growl, talking in that deep voice of his, and I'd feel the weight of his words crushing me down. His eyes almost became darker and menacing. I just knew not to get on his bad side.

However, he rarely got angry. If anything, he was mostly happy around me. Sometimes I think he was too happy, his eyes lighting up whenever they see me, and he would talk to me excitedly as if we've been separated for such a long time (even though we've seen other like yesterday). I've always found that sweet about him. The previous guys would eventually settle down into a routine, the excitement would calm down, but with him... it always feel like we're meeting each other for the first time.

He's always been gentle with me too. Yes, he's rough with other things - sometimes even breaking stuff because he's unaware of his own strength! I'm not surprised since he's been hunting a lot, and he used to partake in street fighting. But he handles me delicately, as if I'm the most precious thing to him, and he's scared of hurting me. I just love how he makes me feel special.

We eventually moved in together (in my place) and I was thinking this is it! This is the guy that I want to marry someday. Everything was going exceptionally well, until one day, he sat me down and told me something.

"I'm a werewolf. When the full moon is out, I'll be gone. Please don't follow me."

As you can imagine, I've had a million thoughts racing through my mind. A werewolf? Is he for real? Suddenly, a lot of his behavior made sense. The way he licked me, usually in his sleep. His desire to constantly hunt animals. Sometimes I'd catch him on all fours. Sometimes he'd want to be naked, thinking that clothes were merely an inconvenience. And how he was drawn to the forest in my area - pleading for our dates to take place there.

I don't actually think he's a werewolf. I believe he has some mental condition and he needs to get treated by a professional. When I suggested this to him, he was getting angry and defensive all over again.

At this point in time, our relationship was definitely being tested. I'd wake up in the middle of the night to see that he's gone. The bed felt cold and lonely without him. Looking outside, it's a full moon and I'd stare at the dark woods in the distance. I wonder what he's doing?

When he told me not to follow him, he seemed deadly serious. An expression that I've never seen on his face before. I felt uneasy with everything. So I decided to talk to my sister about this.

Then she said something that I, deep down, feared was happening behind the scenes.

"I think he's lying. What if he's actually sneaking out to cheat on you?"

I didn't want to believe it, but I couldn't deny that it was a strong possibility. In the past, I've dated guys who all shared a common theme - they were cheaters. I don't know if I'm attracted to a certain type of guys, or if our society is becoming more promiscuous, but I do know that I've developed trust issues over the years. It was like my past was coming back to haunt me again.

"He could be cheating on you," my sister repeated. "And he's trying to scare you with this werewolf bullshit, so you don't catch him in the act."

Now I'm more tempted than ever to follow my boyfriend in the night and see what's he doing. I know he warned me not to, but I just can't be kept in the dark. But I'm terrified of what I'll see.

More than that, I'm afraid that I might ruin this relationship. I know my trust issues ruined my previous relationships too. I can't deny that I scared some guys away into the arms of other women, due to my insecurities. I don't want history to repeat itself again.

So what should I do, Aunt Nellie? You're my only hope.

Please get back to me soon!

Love from,
Published: 3/15/2018
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