Dear Charlotte - Chapter 2

Charlotte discovers there's more to her family.
A small glimpse of the sun managed to find its way through the barricade of blankets and towels, Charlotte had been using to keep the daylight at bay. The weary young woman kicked her feet in frustration. Her sleep deprived eyes remained open, even after taking two Ambien and a shot of wild turkey. The very thought of getting out of bed and putting together some sort of meaningful day, caused Charlotte to sink deep into the comfort of her thick down blanket where she had been for the last two days, surviving on assorted prescription medications and her wine collection which she no longer cared about. Her world as she had known it, for the last twenty three years was completely turned upside down.

The phone rang saving Charlotte from her own miserable thoughts. She had let all calls she received for the last couple of days go to the answering machine which was now full. She slowly dragged herself out of bed, wishing the phone would stop ringing before she was able to answer it. When Charlotte reached the phone, she was greeted with a good morning from a raspy voice with an Italian accent. Charlotte listened intently as the man went on to explain the nature of his call.

The next morning, Charlotte awoke after ten hours of sleep in anticipation of her flight to America. The attorney for her father's estate whom she had spoken with the night before, informed her that she had siblings, and her presence was requested for reading her father's will. While growing up in a boarding school, Charlotte felt like all the girls were her sisters, so she never felt alone but the thought of having an actual sister or brother brought great joy to Charlotte.

Charlotte packed carefully choosing only her best attire, her face beaming with delight as she looked over her shoe collection, wondering what her sisters and brothers were like. Charlotte was pleased beyond measure, after being let down through the information she received about her father, the revelation of siblings cast a favorable light on the situation. After finishing her packing, Charlotte headed to the airport. The anticipation of seeing her sisters and brothers for the first time, left butterflies in her stomach. She remembered the Xanax on the nightstand and wished she thought to bring them.

Charlotte reached JFK international airport on schedule. The driver sent by attorney to meet her took the luggage to the car. Charlotte wondered why her brother or sisters had not come to meet her and was further surprised when the driver pulled up in front of the trump towers at 1 central park west. As Charlotte exited the town, she rifled of a series of questions which were ignored. The driver proceeded to load the luggage on to a cart as Charlotte stood there bewildered. When they reached her penthouse suit, the driver unloaded the luggage and spoke to Charlotte, "Get a good night's sleep, you're going to need it."

Charlotte awoke to a ringing phone. "Hello Miss, you have a 9:00 am wake up call." Charlotte replied thanks and pulled the covers over her head. She tossed the receiver in the direction of the phone missing badly. Before she could gather her thoughts, there was a knock on the door and she recognized the driver through the peephole.

"Yes," she shouted through the hotel room door.
"I am here to drive you to your attorney's office, I will be in the lobby when you're ready." The driver replied.
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Published: 11/26/2013
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