Dear Charlotte

Abandoned as a child by her parents, Charlotte grew up to learn a horrible secret about the family she never knew.
Charlotte dug her well-manicured toes deep into the sand as she lay back on the colorful beach, towel her thoughts devoted to her father whom she spent little time with as a child and even less as an adult. Charlotte’s mother was a non-factor in her life; in fact she felt no physical attachment to the woman who gave birth to her. Charlotte could recall holding her arms out to her mother as a small child and being completely ignored on several occasions. Her father more than made up for her mother’s cruel behavior during the years before she was shipped off to the boarding school.

As a child Charlotte was sent to a boarding school in Spain, where she would remain even during the Christmas holidays until she was eighteen and ready for college. She learned several different languages including French and English while attending the boarding school. Charlotte involved herself in every activity imaginable to take her mind off her father and why she was left alone in a strange country.

Growing up, Charlotte despised her father and hated her mother for difference reasons; it wouldn’t be until her senior year in college, before she discovered the horrible truth about her family and why she was kept away for so long.

Charlotte watched as the tide slowly made its way on to the beach, she imagined a perfect life where in she belonged to a perfect family that adored her and couldn’t live one minute without her. With the death of her father by the states' hands and her mother being committed to an insane asylum, the only thing she could do now was imagine the perfect family life.

Charlotte was rushed back to reality by the ringing of her cell phone which she quickly ignored. She had been on vacation since she got the news of her father’s execution and her phone began to ring nonstop. She was in no mood to deal with the emotional fallout from someone she long ago gave up loving. She had her own life now; she was a beautiful successful trial attorney with people in her life that truly loved her.

Charlotte headed back to the hotel and decided to end her vacation early and get back to reality.

When she arrived back in Catalonia, she made a beeline for her apartment in Vilanova del Cami, a luxurious 10,000 square foot penthouse located on the edge of a cliff. Charlotte owned several homes in Barcelona, but was most comfortable here in Vilanova del Cami where she literally felt on top of the world.

The only thing Charlotte knew about her parents was that, her father was a corrupt business man in America and her mother was his pill-popping cohort, but now she felt the need to find out who her parents truly were.

She went into her office and began to Google her mother and father, within minutes she was overwhelmed with a wave of newspaper clippings via the World Wide Web. Page after page stating what horrible man who her father was. Charlotte sat back in her chair, unable to breathe. She had no idea how the man she called father could be so cruel. He was accused of the most heinous crimes imaginable. Is this what drove her mother mad she thought - what was her involvement in it all. The news was too much for Charlotte to bear, it can’t be, it can’t be she recited over and over in her mind as she made her way to the wine cabinet.

Charlotte awoke the next morning to several empty bottles of wine and a massive headache; the 6 ft tall brunette stared at her desktop computer as if it was some evil monster. Charlotte read some of what was said about her father and knew she had to read everything to get a full understanding of who her father was. So she decided to spend the next few days scouring the Internet for anything related to her family.

Several hours later, Charlotte sat on the large sofa bewildered. In a matter of hours, her whole life was turned upside down, the people she read about on the Internet were murdering lunatics - were these the people who brought her into the world, was this where she came from she asked herself as she stared out the window and the tears begin to slowly fall down her cheek.

To be continued…
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Published: 7/23/2013
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