Dear Diary - Entry 3

Entry three.
Dear Diary,

Sunday (13.10.19)

This is my day of relaxation.

I'mma just kick back and chill.

I love to prank call strangers on the app, Wakie. I found it when I was looking for ways to call people internationally without being charged for it. I used to be addicted to Kik - but the app is shutting down this month. I should be upset, but I'm kind of relieved. A lot of shit happened on Kik - I'm ready to let that chapter of my life go.

Wakie is my new addiction now and it's so much better.

Sometimes, the strangers will automatically know I'm pranking them. Other times, it will take them a while, sometimes a couple of calls in, until they clock on.

I told my sister about this app, and she downloaded it herself.

Today, we were prank calling together. On her phone, she got a YouTube video of an ASMR girl talking, and on my phone, we called strangers. They listened to the ASMR recording - and were replying to it! It was hilarious. Sometimes, it felt like an actual conversation, other times it was so random and the conversation made no sense. All the strangers' reactions were so funny!

When we told them about the recording, some of the guys took it well. This one guy was so angry, he called us several names and then blocked us. That just made me and my sister laugh harder!

Ahh... I love those moments of when we're just being silly.

Then I got a notification from snapchat. Dylan was typing.

"Will you marry me?"

That was the first message he sent to me today.

Of course, I sent him a "WTF."

Then I got a video call request from him. I was a little nervous. First, I looked a mess. Second, what if I saw something weird? Third, my sister was in the room and I didn't want her asking questions about this strange boy.

Still I felt compelled to see what was up, so I went downstairs to my dad's storage room. No one goes there, since that room is cramped with my dad's work tools. Mom is always annoyed that he's dumped everything there, but there's not much she can do about it.

I answered the call and demanded to know what was up with that weird message.

He said it was the only way he could get my attention.

I asked him what was wrong with a simple 'hello'?

He said it was overrated.

Ugh. This kid. He's something else.

We spoke for a bit, until I quickly ended the call as my mom came into the room. She asked me who I was talking to. I lied and said no one.

She gave me one of her suspicious looks. I feel like she's on to me. Jeez, I'm so stupid. I should've said I was talking to my friend!

Anyway, I'm hungry now. I'm off to make a cheese and cucumber sandwich.

Don't be fooled - I don't normally eat this healthy.
Published: 10/15/2019
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