Dear Diary - Entry 4

Entry four.
Dear Diary,

Monday (14.10.19)

My right ear feels much better.

But now I've got diarrhea.

I woke up early this morning and I've been going to the bathroom ever since. It's half 2 in the afternoon and I've gone to the toilet at least five times.

Even right now, I feel like I need to go again.

I haven't eaten anything at all. I probably should, but the thought of food makes me sick to the stomach.

I don't want to go to the GP again.

Heck, I don't want to move from my bed at all.

My friends are all busy at college and work and I don't want to distract them. The only person that I can text is Dylan, who was relaxing at home playing Skyrim - a video game or something.

When he found out about my situation, he texted a very helpful: 'Well, that's a shitty problem. Literally.'

No shit, Sherlock.

Mom gave me warm water mixed with honey, which tasted undeniably gross. It should supposedly ease my upset tummy. She recited some prayers to God as well.

Update: So, it's seven hours later and I think it worked. I haven't pooped at all after my mom's treatment. She's always coming up with weird remedies, but it works. I dunno if it's a placebo effect, or if she's got magical powers. But, hey, I ain't complainin'.

I've been talking to Dylan all day. I added him on Whatsapp today. I normally don't add people on Whatsapp unless I trust them. I've had a bad experience when I added the wrong person before - someone who I didn't really trust and it backfired on me for months.

But I feel that I can trust Dylan, even if I haven't known him for long.

I asked him what his favorite song was.

"Savant - Fire."

I've never heard of this song before, so I listened to it and analyzed the lyrics three times. Then I sent him this text:

"You've been through a lot and you've seen plenty of shit in your life. There are judgmental people who have criticized you for simply being who you are. Perhaps you've even been bullied - and you didn't fight back. You're not a fighter, but you're a lover. And you're resilient. You don't let these things bring you down - if anything, you let them strengthen you. All the bad things that happen, you know it can either make or break you. You choose to let it motivate you.

You're a dreamer - you're not afraid to dream big. No matter how silly or outlandish the dream is, you believe you can make it happen. You've learnt to not give a shit what others think or say. You're a natural risk-taker. Even if you come across as a 'fool' to others, at least you're a proud fool that won't let anyone or anything hold you back.

In the past, I think you've worked so hard that you've burnt yourself out. This is bad for your mental and physical health. But you understand this. You know how important it is to work hard, yet to also have a good time. So that's what you've been trying to do lately - finding the balance between the two to make your dreams a reality."

I can only imagine the look across Dylan's face when he received this long message from me. He must think I'm crazy typing this horoscope-like essay to him.

Naturally, he asked me what this was.

I told him that the songs we listen to reveal something about our personalities.

I asked him to tell me, in all honesty, how much of his personality did I capture in the text?

He said it was "92% accurate" and that he felt "spooked." Then he asked, "Are you stalking me lol?"

After that, he wanted to know my favorite song to see if he could learn something about me.

"Maroon 5 - Animals."

After listening to that song, he said that it only amplified his beliefs that I was a stalker. That made me laugh.

Was I already scaring my new friend?
Published: 10/16/2019
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