Dear Father Fix

About my dad.
Tonight there's been yelling
And I just sit here crying
Wondering why there still together
When they're relationship was built on lying

I hold in my anger
And keep my tongue
Everyday that I want to fight back
For something I didn't do wrong

People think that this life I live is just a bed of roses
But they have no idea the mountains I face
The perfect picture that we create
To hide what really happens in this place

I want to tell you
That your darn lucky for what you've got
And make you feel guilty
For everything you are not

You've ripped this family apart
More than you'll ever know
Just pushing us further and further away
We can't wait to go

Will I ever return?
That's up to you
Up to how much I can take
Of all the hypocritical crap that you do

So fix it now dear father
Or you may lose something precious forever
It can be done
You just have to try
Don't ever shout never.
Published: 8/12/2009
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