Dear John

Another letter.
If I could explain to you how I truly felt
If I could say what I really wanted instead of these pretty little lies
Than I could be free, I could be happy
But each time you are around, I lie, I pretend I forget who I am
It hurts me to lie to see you smile, while I am in pain
If words could truly express my emotions I would no longer need this letter
I never would half to say dear john as my start

I know what I am doing is wrong, but in the end you will understand
Pills are a cowards way out, rope is silent
I am scared of heights so free falling would kill me before I hit the ground
Poison leaves a bitter taste and death is supposed to be sweet
I want to taste heaven before I die

I know I will never see you smile like you loved me
I know one day when you read this letter, I will be gone
It will be too late to say goodbye, to start again
Perhaps in the next life I will be born happy
Until then, when we might meet again, I wish you goodbye
Published: 5/19/2011
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