Dear Kiddo

I just couldn't do it. I'm sorry.
I don't have the emotion to write on this page,
No feelings of sadness, excitement, or rage,
I don't have the drive to do what I do,
I don't have anything since I let go of you.

My feelings aren't here to help me right now,
They ebb and they flow as my head bows,
I'm lost to this world as I watch it pass by,
I watch this full world without a tear in my eye.

The pain hits me at random, while I sit all alone,
The aching that makes me keep checking my phone,
So lonely with friends, and so full in my head,
But I couldn't stay in a relationship half dead.

I broke my own heart and I try not to cry,
I'm left here to sit by myself as I lie,
I'll miss you forever, but the hurt would've come,
With or without me saying I'm done.

Now you will live the life you were building,
I couldn't fit in, and I just wasn't willing,
To sit here and wait like a lost puppy dog,
I cut myself off at the knees, and lie like a log.

Dear kiddo, I'm sorry but I just couldn't wait,
It's something that took me too long to debate,
You said it wasn't personal, but it was to me,
I wanted you too much to play, wait and see.

But always I'll miss you, as I watch all alone,
I watch the world pass me and keep checking my phone.
Published: 9/4/2012
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