Dear Mother

My mother gave up her family for a worthless man.
You chose to betray me,
But even still, you cannot see,
The repercussions of your actions;
And he's gaining traction.

You will go down in flames,
Because you couldn't stop playing your games,
Of all the hate and discontent, you can conceive;
I will not be here to offer you a reprieve.

He will bring you to you knees,
I will be waiting in the trees.

Eventually, as he plots all along;
And you foolishly sing your ignorant song,
His dagger will find its way,
Without your breath, you will sway.

You will pray that he will let you loose,
I will be waiting just to offer you a noose,
Alone in your sins, you will die,
I might be compelled to offer a goodbye.
Published: 11/7/2016
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