Dear Writer (Letter 5)

A letter to my crush, I have not, and definitely will not, be giving it to him.
Dear Writer,

I can't believe that this is reality. I truly can't. You know she has a boyfriend. She said, clear as day, that she would someday marry him. Doesn't that mean anything to you? It doesn't appear so.

I nearly cried when you said it. I nearly cried, but you didn't notice. I don't think she took you seriously, but it was so obvious. The way you got quiet. The way you stopped and looked at her. You told her you loved her.

Is this truly High School? You simply admitted it, right in front of us. You love her. You love her, you love her, you love her. Why? Why, of all people, why her?

I know I said that I'd given up, but it still hurts. If it hadn't been official then, I officially give up now. My heart just feels sick. But, at least I know just how useless it is. Maybe there's someone else waiting for me to change my mind. Just in this past week, I've finally let myself think. I've reached a conclusion... I'm surrounded by great men. There's Lieutenant, who is just plain attractive, with his broad shoulders and dark eyes. He is rather kind, at least to me he is. He's funny, and considerate, yet a respectable leader. He's also two years older than I am, but he is currently dating a Freshman. It's a shame that he's taken.

Then we have Aviation... Yes, he's friends with Code, but he isn't Code. Things just went wrong with Code. He didn't understand, he didn't care. I wasn't ready for a relationship and he pushed it. Aviation wouldn't do that. He has manners, and he's intelligent. He's very handsome, and my friends would approve.

I've found a new friend, too. Twix has been so kind to me. He's the only one who's recognized just how shy I am, and has tried to help it. He's done nothing but make me smile. That, and insist I join Awareness Team. I don't know, though. That might be too much.

So, I think this won't be so bad, now that I think of the fortune that surrounds me. I can make it through this. I don't need you. I hope you find a girl to live 'Happily Ever After' with.

Goodbye, Writer. And good luck in life.

The Other Writer
Published: 10/25/2012
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